World of Warships – Indianapolis Review – What Armour??

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I go over her strengths, weaknesses, module and captain choices. I also provide a few suggestions on how she should be played. The Indianapolis is a cruiser with New Orleans guns, but has very little armour. This means she plays the support cruiser role, very much like the Molotov. However, I believe that the armour of the Indianapolis is bugged right now, so as that situation develops I will update you all with another video. Anyways, enjoy the review 😀

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  1. Baronvoncookie Yumyum

    When will it be available ichasegaming and do you know how much she will

  2. Ha! Chase has only fluctuations from 30 to 200 ping, try living in NZ.
    Minimum of 180, often up to 350 ping…

  3. 17:46

    Actually, that was AP, Chase. Did you see the red numbers afterwards? All
    HE damage is yellow/orange, while all AP damage is red. So even all that
    angling didn’t matter against the Myoko.

  4. @iChaseGaming when will the Indianapolis come out to the public?


  6. Well, you have my subscription. It’s good to see new ships and features
    from NA server in first-hand, ’cause on RUS cluster all these new tips come
    in really slow. Btw, greetings from Russia, my personal bear and some KGB
    agents who always watching)

  7. Tomáš Mráček

    I think there isnt any bug. Values of armor are nice but layout is much
    more important! USN pre-war cruisers were poorly protected.protected

  8. 0:12 – 0:42 + Imperial March = Awasome :D

  9. I notice that in many battles a ship will run off into map edge or island
    and stay there.
    Since 0.5.5 three times now my client side has crash. This may have happen
    to the USN Pensacola.
    Thanks for the video reviews. They really help.

  10. Whats your toughts on spotting damage. So many matches players just sit,
    snipe ( In any class ) and ignore objectives. A bonus to ships and aircraft
    that activity spot which resulting in damage may work. I’m not sure this
    game needs another ship that sits at range, ton of those all ready.

  11. almost got in The end, but youve hided just before i made The shot kkkk

  12. Even Pensacola can not be cit-penned from a DD with HE shells. If that is
    indeed the case with Indiana – must be a bug with her armor.

  13. Błyskawica is stronk Polish ship, it should detonating all with one shot :)

  14. SeaTehNoobWorld

    Discretion is the best part of valour!

  15. hereLiesThisTroper

    I heard that the Indianopolis was once captained by Nicholas Cage. Is this

  16. what a OP ship with her Pensa’s guns but better armor

  17. That’s a damn shame. She is supposed to have similar levels of armor as
    Cleveland and New Orleans.

  18. As another Treaty cruiser, and especially a pre New Orleans, the armor is
    probably functioning right. Could save a lot of this video time by saying
    simply “Play it like the Pensacola”. That is the most similar ship in the
    game, aside from turret layout. She’s a stepping stone between the first
    Treaty ships like the Cola to the improved New Orleans. Northampton,
    Portland, and New Orleans to an extent, all suffered during the war. No
    newer class cruiser was lost past these treaty ships. But quite a few
    Treaty ships went down or lost their bow to torpedos or gunfire. Astoria,
    Vincennes, Quincy, Houston, Chicago, Northampton, and of course Indy all
    sunk. Minneapolis and New Orleans herself both had their bow blown off.
    Fragile ships compared to what followed.

  19. Gareth Fairclough

    So. The ship right now is unforgiving, but is it as unforgiving as the

  20. Gareth Fairclough

    OOOOH yeah, now that armour is bugged. I know there are flat weak-spots on
    the ship, but the damage you took from that one HE volley was crazy.

  21. Gareth Fairclough

    Regarding the armour, I think it would help if we had an in game armour
    visualisation tool, much like the one in war thunder.

  22. You can get really good AA with the US ships if you want. I have 68 overall
    AA on my Pensacola.

  23. did no one notice the mini submarine near the plane catapult?

  24. What dose RNG mean?

  25. I don’t think we really needed another paper mache cruiser. The Atlanta
    already has that role covered, after all.


  27. So basically a pensacola with better concealment.

  28. The “Indy” is a VERY sexy ship and a damn fine one at that. Can’t compare
    them to the Pensacola’s because she’s a Portland-class. The configuration
    they also put her into the game as, is her late war configuration 1944/’45.

    Many of these cruisers were begun as light cruisers and later redesignated
    to heavies. In many cases these ships did not fair well in combat action
    due to a few factors, inept commanders, tactics and the fact they had armor
    befitting a light cruiser, of which, the armor of these cruisers would make
    a light cruiser cry. lol

    In the early actions in the South Pacific, IJN rounds went through one side
    and out the other before they even though of exploding. Hence, why you have
    severe cruiser losses early on. Quincy, Astoria, Atlanta, Chicago,
    Houston…etc. just to name a few. They were put into situation they were
    ill equipped to handle.

    The treaty-cruisers are a nightmare to research and learn about. So, much
    was changing, both with tonnage limits, designs, construction…etc. and
    getting all the bureaus to agree as well as the admirals in charge at the
    Navy Dept. was another nightmare altogether. Amazing we even had a Navy
    “somewhat”… “sort of”… “not really” ready for WWII. lol

    The “Indy” had a single hangar bay with dual collapsable-sliding doors. One
    starboard and the other to port. Her aircraft compliment was a maximum of
    four SOC aircraft. She had two steam catapults initially and they removed
    one to add to her wartime AA capabilities.

    The Portland’s have more in common with the Northampton’s than they do the

    Chase, do you think Wargaming will ever bring the best damn class of
    cruisers ever built into the game anytime soon? The Brooklyn’s? :D

  29. Where do you even get this ship?

  30. Hey ichase, I’m Drakomis. You had a good match, and thanks for the pep
    talk! I’ll do my best :)

  31. Whatever happened to the HMS Cambletown? She was never released on the NA

  32. loved the star wars reference

  33. How surprising…… the new premium USN ship is garbage ….

  34. Well, I would surprise me if they’re not going to something to improve the
    armour if they want to sell this thing ;)

  35. Pity about the armour as I really wanted this ship and use my 17 point

  36. This one is definitely a buy for my fleet. A historic ship, not only for
    being Spruance’s flag ship when he commanded Task Force 58 (The American
    fast carrier attack group) but for also being the ship *in Robert Shaw’s
    voice* that went to the island of Tinian and delivered the bomb, the
    Hiroshima bomb.

  37. Chase i think that you didnt get citadelled by HE exactly but rather
    penetrated by many shells. Deck armor is probably thin on the ends 16 mm
    too so i guess 203s will pen that easilly. Therefore i assume it wont be
    fixed. My guess idk…

  38. i like the paint job in the ship

  39. why all the prems. i am tired of prems. give me something els. fuck WG

  40. I looked it up and the IRL Indy only had 127 mm belt. So WG put thicker
    belt in the game but it doesn’t seem to work.

  41. USN line IS playing your teammate like sacrificial jizos…

  42. isn’t this like a molotov, USA version. kinda like a Murmansk and omaha?

  43. isn’t this just a molotov US version?

  44. Chase, do you know when this ship is ging to get released?
    But what I have seen, and heard from you I think the armor is bugged.

  45. ….german ship next?

  46. Actually those are Pensacola’s guns, not NO’s.

  47. RollerCoaster47

    Definitely will be buying this ship. Jaws is one of my favorite movies and
    Quint’s speech on the Indianapolis and the aftermath of its sinking is a
    truly fantastic scene.

  48. She is just an upgraded Pensacola…I would play her the same as I play the
    Pensacola, which is a good ship if played right. I don’t like your capt
    skills you picked, concealment is the last skill I would pick on the
    average cruiser and most certainly on this ship.

    You really left that cruiser you spawned near in the shit…I would have
    been cursing you for bad play for that. Always hate peek and booers. You
    are in a ship, not a tank. I think your a good player but not in cruisers
    as a rule. This is your worse game I have seen you play so far, you were
    right not charging their cap in the end though. Good thing your a good
    shot. Good video, thanks

    PS -have a good Victoria day weekend!

  49. Der Wahre Hunter

    okay before I watch the video: I think it will be a bad ship= because usn
    prems are always bad or get nerft to death (aka sims) xD

    and the biggest question is still: will we someday get a t8 prem usn ship xD

    .:after I watched the video: yeah looks as bad as expected =)

  50. yea it would be nice to get that x-ray armor and module view already

  51. Bas Groenewegen

    Ichase you are still the best reviewer out there, keep up the good work

  52. How can I have access to “training” button?

  53. 13:01 indianapolis can be citadeled by destroyer HE.

    if that is not considered glitched then dayum. WG better fix it i dont want
    Mutsuki and farraguts citadeling my wallet warrior machine.

  54. Polish ship always get citadels. Polish ship. Stronk Ship!

  55. Bolaf Moonshouter

    “Japanese submarine slammed two torpedoes into our side, chief… just
    delivered the Bomb, the Hiroshima Bomb. Eleven hundred men went into the
    water. The vessel went down in 12 minutes”

  56. how do you get it

  57. Needs a radiation symbol painted on her somewhere.

  58. João Gonçalves (johngoncalves10)

    Is the Indianapolis the same class as the USS Houston?

  59. – “You were on the Indianapolis?”
    – “What happened?”
    – “Paper thin armor bro!”

  60. This is a very historic ship:

    She was flagship for Admiral Raymond Spruance while he commanded the Fifth
    Fleet in battles across the Central Pacific. Her sinking led to the
    greatest single loss of life at sea in the history of the U.S. Navy. On 30
    July 1945, after delivering parts for the first atomic bomb to the United
    States air base at Tinian, the ship was torpedoed by the Imperial Japanese
    Navy submarine I-58, sinking in 12 minutes. Of 1,196 crewmen aboard,
    approximately 300 went down with the ship.

    The remaining 900 faced exposure, dehydration, saltwater poisoning, and
    shark attacks while floating with few lifeboats and almost no food or
    water. The Navy learned of the sinking when survivors were spotted four
    days later by the crew of a PV-1 Ventura on routine patrol. Only 317

  61. i really wish WarGaming would go with an extreme low graphics setting so
    ppl on a budget with college laptops can actually play.

    minimum recommended processor is 2.5 or 3, ive got 2.4 boost lol

  62. First Saipan…..then Texas…. And now Indianapolis?!?!? I predict the
    future! What’s next? Arizona?

  63. What a huge ugly ship

  64. well pensa gets wonky armor too and is more visible with worse guns isnt

  65. beautiful measure camo at last…should replace the type 2 camo monstrosity

  66. 21:00 so… basically wasd hacks……?

  67. Noted, all 3, US T7 cruisers are shit, got it.

  68. I saw one of these when i was in my amagi a week ago

  69. If I had to choose between the Molotov and the Indy, I’d still take the
    Indy. Better AA, even if it’s nothing special – better maneuverability –
    better concealment than the Pensacola – better main gun range than the
    Molotov – hard hitting AP with what looked like very tight groupings in the
    video – the option of radar (even if it is short lived) or a catapult
    fighter, and defensive fire or hydro search – and potentially far better
    armor if it is bugged and gets buffed. In short, if both the Molotov and
    Indy are glass cannons, and the main guns are roughly equal, then I’ll take
    the Indy for the advantages it gives in other areas. I learned how to do
    the “Pensacola Two Step” to avoid fire, I imagine the “Indy Shuffle” will
    become another popular dance routine.

  70. SHe was crap in real life as well She was designed as an Antiaircraftscreen
    for Carrier task forces thus all the armor is Waterline and Down:

  71. Hopefully the armor will get fixed. Seeing first hand what DD HE can do to
    her has really dampened my hype about her. I want to buy her, but I cannot
    in her current state. Great video again Chase!

  72. What are those penguins in your thumbnail? It’s a conspiracy!!!!

  73. So basically its a Nurn or Konig. Lol poor Germans

  74. iChase, I am really, really, really dissapointed that you didnt put your
    epic ram in this video, I watched it live, and I was really hoping it would
    be like the closing scene of the video. 1 Job u_u

  75. Thanks iChase 😀 this ship looks so great, my wallet is ready :D

  76. Is your Internet laggy due to your computer hardware? I say this because on
    my laptop, the ping is a fine 30-ish but after a few games when my laptop
    starts to heat up, the ping sometimes jumps up to 400 for a few seconds
    every minute or two, resulting in a very laggy and very frustrating game.

  77. Honestly veerrry tired of World of Warships but still watch these reviews
    etc :S

  78. They are only releasing it because of that movie thats coming out in a few
    days… Wonder how much money WGing made just for this… Fuck this shit

  79. Catalin Raducan

    So now the guns that shoot 924 he damage 90 % of the time are phenomenal.
    Poor ship, a sting from wg, and a very, very poor review.

  80. USSEnterpriseA1701

    That armor oddity explains why my Nagato secondaries wrecked an Indy back
    on Friday the 13th. Bad day to drive a ‘bad luck’ ship I guess. To be fair
    though, he was one of the last survivors of his team and had been doing a
    decent job.

  81. im waiting for a USS new jersey premium ship

  82. Pompílio Souto

    Still gonna wait for the upcoming updates to decide weather or not I’m
    buying it. I’d like to to replace the Atlanta and I don’t mind a support
    role (I love the russian CLs) but with those weird citadel angles I’ll wait
    and see.
    But thanks for the preview Chase and I’m looking forward to any updates 🙂
    Also, one question: for now I have an 11 point captain for US cruisers with
    AFT, but I’m thinking of switching it for Demo Expert and maybe using the
    AA mod to compensate. Does this sound like a good idea?

  83. falloutmaster233

    Northampton from battle stations pacific!

  84. Im still going to get. Loved playing the Pepsi but ya, it sounds like the
    armor is bugged. Getting a cit on a cruiser with a tier 7 DD HE round, ya
    thats Omaha armor there.

  85. Was this the ship that was sunk by a torpedo. Condemning her crew to shark
    attacks and dehydration over a 3 day period?

  86. I’m really tired of glass cannon premium ships. That motif (paper) doesn’t
    fit the US mantra.

  87. The armor values might actually be correct, the Washington naval treaty put
    a limit on tonnage for cruisers, and it was the same for both the light and
    the heavier cruisers.
    So the light cruisers somehow had more armor then the heavies, which
    skimped on the armor to fit as many big guns as they could.

  88. playernameistoolong

    but it will get hit by a random torpedo

  89. Sometimes I wonder why some people evaluate such ships only from a wargame
    These ships were designed and built under the limitations of the Washington
    treaty. All such ships have mostly been compromised to match the tonnage
    limit. Don’t forget, the ships not only needed speed – protection –
    firepower but also sea worthiness, effective range, scouting capacity (e.g.
    IJN cruisers), many of what statistics will and cannot be not be considered
    in such a game.
    Obviously step by step (class by class) they ships have evolved a bit or
    more. Having no actual combat experience until WWII.
    I am quite impressed how the game developers incorporated much of that into
    this gorgeous game. It obviously will result in many cons for wargamers.
    Still that is reality.

    Even if important in the game hence for a WoW player, I find the analysis
    commenting on this ship’s astern not having enough protection from enemy
    fire a bit funny.

    P.S. I do miss the Deutschland class rom this game.

  90. Lobbing items over rocks – did they fix the reticle bug of blasting trees?

  91. “I have some of the best RNG in this game” ??

  92. Frost Zeustastic

    She sits high above the water… so i think she would be a citadel magnet

  93. how come they give the US tier 7 instead of tier 8 premiums, It would be
    nice if there was a tier 8 USN prem

  94. Well, I hate the fact that WG keeps adding premium glass cannons into the
    The premium ships are available to all paying players, which means in most
    of the cases they are not as skilled as the other players, but the glass
    cannons need really high skills to master.

  95. Bad luck ship.

  96. “sacrifical lamb” lol. you don’t have to swim faster than sharks. you just
    have to swim faster than the guy next to you

  97. …Yeah, I’m not impressed. It’s a very sexy cruiser, but in terms of
    stats, it doesn’t seem very intimidating compared to the other tier 7
    cruisers. Radar is a nice touch, but not enough. An armour patch would make
    it more viable, but nothing special.

  98. Really just bump down one tier the New Orlean and sell it as a premium. How
    fucking lazy Wargaming can be?

  99. That midship is ugly. Both aesthetic and mechanically.

  100. Indianapolis was a Portland Class Cruiser, the class before New Orleans
    hence why the guns are similar

  101. Tanker Dude (Tank3rDude)

    Yes!!!! Yes!!!! I have been waiting for a US premium cruiser that does not
    use the derpy guns of the Atlanta or Cleveland.

  102. I recommend a movie called “Mission of the shark” 1991 movie about U.S.S.
    Indianapolis last mission

  103. So upset that both of my favorite ww2 ships (Atlanta and Indianapolis) are
    some of the worst ships in the game ;-;

  104. Iowegian Immigrant

    When can we buy it from the shop?

  105. that Star Wars reference though we can’t resist Firepower of that magnitude

  106. Looks like New Orleans with Pensacola turrets, also plays like a New

  107. +ichase gameing can you reveiw the royal navy cambeltown

  108. Flamu says it kinda sucks. It looks sexy though

  109. 5th view? 40 seconds ago? wow that was crazy

  110. holy crap im early
    only 2 views

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