World of Warships – Indy Send-off

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Last 2,600 mission before patch, Indy game worth sharing through all the struggle. Hope you have a wonderful day and I’ll catch you next time!

Tier VII American Indianapolis Replay – Discord Server


  1. I thought akizuki line was continuing in 7.7… my disappointment is immeasurable, my day ruined

    • I am aware of all this, but I still prefer to have IFHE for that 32 mm pen, it will make these shells much better. It is just a nice change for the new people who do not have IFHE commanders at the ready.

    • Just_Some_Random_Tryhard_Gamer

      Splashy Thing well we shall see whether or not that 32mm pen is worth spending 4 points on it.

    • Yeah, I agree with you! Testers could play this ship a month ago and they couldn’t finish it yet, really weird, but I guess, they don’t want it in clan battles until it’s not released for a while for more data

    • @Splashy Thing, you’re right, before the next Patch, you took IFHE to damage 19 mm targets like most dds and superstructre of bigger ships. With the next patch you take IFHE with the same reason why light cruiser take it, to do damage to ships with armor between 25-32 mm… and there are a lot ships with armor at this range, just look at the Zao, Des Moines or bows and sterns of bbs

    • Just_Some_Random_Tryhard_Gamer
      It is. Tried it a while ago, and it was penetrating almost everything.
      Like 50 pens and 15 shatters while I was fighting a BB

  2. There is an rpg term for this. Glass cannon. Can do lots of damage, but can’t take it.

    • Sir Raint, Knight of Silverwing

      Indy is tougher than the glass cannons though. Nurnberg, Fiji, Shchors are the real glass cannons in my opinion since Indy can bow-tank cruiser’s AP unharmed.

  3. It seems contributors are on “How good Indianapolis” mode working hard…Well, its a pretty mediocre ship.

    • Indi is absolutely bonkers. It doesn´t suit everyone´s playstyle but if you can make it work, it pretty much smashes everything.

    • It sits well between the Pensacola and New Orleans – if that’s your style of play, then it can be a good ship. It has better gun range than all of the US-CA unless spotter planes get involved. It has Des Moines range radar for 25secs (2 shots, and maybe a good guess after it expires). It’s one of my best win% ships, and played 3rd most often (behind Minekaze and Kamikaze R) – I like it. Sure there are games were you get noticed early by a 12+ gun BB and deleted in 1 salvo, but they’re not all that common.

    • Cap'n Black Jack Honour here’s mine from 3 days ago. Not a cc and probably never will be. But it’s a video done out of “love” for the ship.

    • Cap'n Black Jack Honour

      And I doubt there’s a conspiracy, and more likely it’s the mission ended and they wanted to feature the subject of the mission.

    • Now I’ve only played a couple of dozen games in the Indi, so I know that’s not a lot of experience to go by. A have a winning record in this ship; probably between 55-60%, but I never felt that I did more than support my team. I didn’t carry a single game or break 100k damage even once. I totally identify with Notser when he fires on the Konigsberg and doesn’t get a devastating strike or even seriously cripple it and so takes a ton of damage before his target goes down. I don’t know how many times something like that has happened to me.

      Wargaming had better do another promotion that rewards you for playing this ship, because I don’t feel any need to do so again. I do so much more damage and have much more fun in the Duca d’Aosta, there’s really no need to punish myself by playing the Indianapolis. (And the Duca d’Aosta is even more flimsy than the Indi.) Strangely, I have also been doing better (meaning higher damage per game) in the Pensacola, though my win rate in that ship is probably only 50-51%.

  4. Check out the bid jingles posted about an Indy game it was a great game

  5. i really like the Indy, one of my best cruisers 😀

  6. I don’t mind the Indy I just find that it becomes everyone’s favourite target as soon as you get detected. I’ve lost count of the times I’ve seen my priority target warning hit six or more as soon as I fire.

    • Yeah I get that too – though it happens more frequently when 6 friendlies have yolo’d out in the first five minutes, and the enemies have nothing better to shoot at. Though I find tier VII battles, there’s generally not enough folks experienced enough (and it’s played rarely) to realize what a danger it can be – I have noticed being a prime target of Atlantas, who generally seem to be more aware of her capabilities. Other than that – you’re just another US-CA, with long range 8″ heavy duty AP to fling around.

    • Sir Raint, Knight of Silverwing

      I think because Indy is rather sluggish than Atlanta. Both ships sport radar but it’s easier to kill Indy because its bigger detection range & guns that reloads slowly.

    • Indy is quite a match against most cruisers if played correctly. She doesn’t stand up well in a 3v1 engagement or against hidden US-CLs throwing HE over islands. Against BBs she can rip up broadside targets, BUT any BB (except Scharnhorst) can citadel her from ANY angle, if a BB has enough guns all it takes is 1 salvo – particular worries are New Mexico, Fuso and Lyon, and pretty much any BB tier VIII or over.

      She cannot hug islands like the Atlanta, but from her max range, with a rudder module, she can emulate French Cruiser play quite nicely.

  7. Indy could use a small heal IMO

  8. >sends a 150k indi game
    >doesn’t get featured
    >is very sad

  9. Jingels and notser with a infianapols video today. Hmmm….

  10. How to play nurnberg?

    • Hassan Tahir play kite mode

    • AlphaNapalmBravo 22

      Hassan Tahir 15 km away because I hate HE spam from that 15 some km away

    • The Nurnberg is great IMO, first lesson is not to be afraid of using AP – I’ve actually citadelled a New Mex with the Konigsberg, which has the exact same guns.

      Second lesson is that your armour exists purely to arm shells. PT is mandatory, and dive around like a madman if anything greater than 0 pops up. DDs can citadel you if they’re lucky.

      Play conservatively, and you should be fine…

  11. Day of the Indy I guess: Jingles has an Indy video today also?

  12. While you’re correct on the saving of repair due to expected torpedoes, one trade-off you fail to mention every time is your ship, when on fire, loses concealment values. Sometimes this is upwards of a couple of km… I see so many BBs tooling about on fire because Notser says save it. Thank you Notser, as that makes them a heckuva lot easier to find and sink.

    • DaKillerChipmunk

      “I see so many BBs tooling about on fire because Notser says save it.”
      That’s not the reason. They’re on fire because they used DamaCon on that first single fire. Only 1/20 BBs actually sdaves Damacon. And that’s me being generous.

    • Sir Raint, Knight of Silverwing

      Yeah it’s wiser to save the damage control for flooding & multiple fires. Concealment value went down due to fire? BBs have high detection range by default so it doesn’t really matter since BBs are actually supposed to bait the enemy fires from your allies.

  13. Just saw the game on Jingles’ channel…and now you. So much mid-tier fun! Thank you for bringing some diversity.

  14. Someone plz donate an Indy to me 🙏🙏🙏
    I missed the Indy marathon by one mission :c

  15. I like the Indi

  16. Cap'n Black Jack Honour

    I got her awhile back, and couldn’t do much with her. Left her in port, and started taking her out a few weeks ago for the missions, and all of a sudden, I’m doing great in her!

  17. Thnx for doing this mid tier stuff, have recently got the indi but can’t do good damage in it, I think I am too much used to the German and French cruiser playstyle.

    • Sir Raint, Knight of Silverwing

      Indy’s playstyle is close to German heavy cruisers actually (minus torps & hydro). HE against angled battleships, AP for all others (unless you have HE loaded when you see a destroyer).

    • Ok, I’ve got Algerie and Yorck recently and therefore I’m so used to the kiting and dodging in the light cruisers, thats much less in the heavy cruisers

  18. The Indy is a great cruiser. Not OP but fun to play and a good captain trainer for me.

  19. Robert Pettigrew

    Got the Indi from mission and have been enjoying it (I am fine with US cruiser play anyway, normally more aggressive but needs must 🙂 ) Find her fine vs other cruisers and OK vs DD’s but really painful vs BB’s (only the Scharnhorst can not over match you including all tier 5) but I feel that is the norm with US cruisers.

  20. Awesome kills! As usual, your shooting was very good. One or two low shots don’t matter much in the grand scheme.

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