World of warships – Influence of Mrs.Flambass

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  1. gg mrs f such a help

  2. you should have touched it…lol yes, you killed the Yamato

  3. My wife loves to put stuff in front of me, specially food because she is a chef when i am playing i die every time lol.

  4. Lol not married but the gf dose this to me constantly

  5. Anyone else thinking Theres a disturbance in the force

  6. ahahahahahah this is the best thing ive seen on the interweb in a loooong time!

  7. Haha comedy gold!

  8. Every girl should stand by her man, and you hate her for it???? That girl is a DOLL and you should buy her something nice for beeing so mean to her. Now to you Mrs doll, STAY THERE MORE cus we LOVE hearing him whine :))))))

  9. Jesus Christ the ear piercing screams…

  10. See, this is why you need to share your chocolate with Mrs. Flambass!

  11. Well, at least Flambass got another It’s Just A Flesh Wound in the end.

  12. Yes you killed Yamato. In detailed report if there is a little sunken ship icon next to your damage score on the ship it means YOU killed it. surprised a superunicum like yourself didn’t know that or are you just trolling us?? Anyway love your channel.

  13. Keep your eyes on the ship and off Mrs flambass ?

  14. satan od žene 😉

  15. Real funny…

  16. Mrs Hans strikes again!

  17. Death By Wifey !!!

  18. You will touch her silky hair?? This is the silky hair you are looking for.

  19. Your Woman sounds Awesome!!!!!

  20. “SHE GETS ME FUCKED” well thats the point of girlfriends isnt it?

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