World of Warships – Insane Luck

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A sent this replay to me, I was blown away by the immense amount of fortune he enjoyed for the game. Hope you enjoy the game and hope you have a wonderful day!

Tier X Replay


  1. Hey Notser! Thanks for the vid. ?

  2. All skill no luck

  3. If everyone were that lucky then it would no longer be “luck”.
    Having said that, is was pretty extreme, wasn’t it? 195k damage, 7 kills.
    Nice comment on non-premium consumables. Pity you didn’t make the logical follow up point that selling in-game power (and it’s disguised pay for power, hiding behind premium account status and premium ships) is a shitty game design principle.

    • Steeltrap Thanks, bye the way I have lots of money over 40 mil just forgot camo and on shima I don’t really value the consumables that much

    • *michael amadori* no destroyer should ever go into battle without premium smoke at least. 22.5k silver is a small price to pay for having more smoke more quickly when you need it. :p

      *Steeltrap* premium consumables can be equipped with silver (credits), which have nothing to do with paying real money. When you select them, if you click on where it gives the doubloon cost it will give you the option of changing that cost to 22,500 credits instead.

    • Steeltrap it’s free you can use credits to get premium consumables

    • I knew but thank you

    • That’s why it’s “disguised” pay for power. Let’s go through it.
      Do premium consumables give significant in-game advantages? Absolutely, no question.
      Does the fact you can pay using in-game credits mean there’s no “pay for power” element? NO. Why?
      What’s THE limiting factor in gaming? Time.
      Assuming two players have the same amount of time to play, the one who plays with premium account and/or premium ships earns significantly greater income. It’s considerably more than just the +50% income, because the costs are fixed (other than consumables; more on that in a sec).
      What does that mean? It means equal game time of equal quality will give the premium user significantly greater income. Which means they can use premium consumables.
      What’s worse is the one using those consumables is likely to perform better.
      Assume both use them. The premium player makes significant income, to the point their income will likely exceed the non-premium even if the non-premium DOESN’T use premium consumables. And if the non-premium does use them, the differences in nett income become even more stark over time (especially when it comes to purchasing higher tier vessels).
      In other words, and in every practical sense, premium account and ships gives greater access to premium consumables which also means greater access to significant in-game power even when skills are otherwise identical.
      Given similar game time available, premium accounts and ships = greater access to demonstrable in-game power. Hiding behind “but everyone can buy them with credits” makes no difference to the true situation.
      It’s even worse with premium ammo in WoT, because that is even more grossly distorting of balance and performance.

  4. Random Video Generator

    Gimme that luck i need it for the 90k torp damage kappa

  5. So….. how many lost did he receive after this match? XD

  6. I smell Duke of York mission done

  7. What a jerk!!!! LOL
    I hope he bought a lotto ticket.

  8. Ehh… this guy gets a game like this, with a Shima without at least a camo(!!!), while I get teammates who manage to lose with a Mahan and Gadjah Madah against a King Gearge V in a 2v1 with double points lead and 3 mins left of the game… there’s just no justice in this world…

  9. no camo and no premium consumables… i would report this guy straight off the bat

    • jadeddragoon buying premium consumables, at least the essential ones, is the first step to improve your in game performance.
      In almost every game they’re super important factors.

    • Yes… the first step… before learning your ship. Before learning the map. Before understanding penetration mechanics. Before learning when to use HE or AP. Before learning which ships have radar and hydro. Before learning how to angle to reduce penetration. Before learning where to aim to get citidels. Before learning basic tactics. Before learning how to disengage without getting killed. Before learning how not to make yourself an easy target for torps. None of those things are _nearly_ as important as being able to stop your constant flooding and burning from the endless litany of he and torps you keep taking 30% more often as you derp around the battlefield. Not to mention being able to repair the damage from all those citadels you keep taking… exactly the same number of times because you die before you can use all of them anyway. Sure. That’s not absurd on the face of it. Not at all. /sarcasm

      Every single match I’m in, every last one… I see people who could have very easily have started playing yesterday for all the skill they demonstrate. And this includes all the way up to Teir 10… in ranked… in clan battles… all of it. And without fail they are the ones screaming at everyone else when they die pointlessly… uselessly… in the most obvious display of lack of skill possible. All the premium consumables in the world will not make up for that.

    • jadeddragoon no before you go into the game dumbass ?

    • Yeah… nice job distracting from this being a conversation about what impacts winning matches and how much it’s impacted by each by pretending this was a conversation about the order those things happen in. I’m sure no one will notice.

      Or did you actually lose the thread of the conversation that quickly? I suggest fish. It’s food for your brain. You may need it.

    • jadeddragoon there’s no conversation you’re suggesting premium consumables are not important but that’s just wrong.

  10. Michael, you were blessed by RNJesus, but well done!

  11. Looks more like a Tier 5 match.  LOL

  12. Dude was lucky, but has the skill of a tier 1 player. No camo? Really? Cheap ass!

    • michael amadori excuses!! 😉

    • Hush child… it makes it more amusing…

    • noobtotale you can go fuck yourself kid

    • cabill197791 is getting cut on his own edge

    • Wow… I did NOT expect “go fuck yourself kid” <:) Is it just me or do you really have a short fuse? Your maturity levels must be over nine thousand if you can use profanity. Then calling me a kid? LOL. Yes, he was EXTREMEMLY lucky, and yes, the no- camo adds to the irony, but the fact that the player who submitted the replay himself, went out of his way to tell YOU of all people that he forgot to put a camo on, you should just leave it as that: but NO. You went to flame him, then flame me. So I would like to quote a rather immature kid on the internet, "you can go fuck yourself[,] kid".

  13. The Force is strong with this one.

  14. I have stopped playing this ship due to the fact that it has been nerfed into the ground mainly by buffs given to other nations and the super poor concealment of it torpedoes.

    • The concealment change to torpedos was a nerf, but the strength of newer lines is more aptly defined as a powercreep as it’s an external addition of new content that’s affecting the ship’s overall strength.

  15. Wow! The smell of the ‘evil eyed’ deep green jealousy is palpable here *Notser!* Feed on it baby! I’ve never EVER seen luck like that either! I think I just turned green too now!

  16. If this guy gets this luck for all my misfortune as of late, I’m glad for him. GG, carry them moar! 🙂

  17. “The Force is with me I am with the force the Force is with me I am with the force the Force is with me I am with the force….”

  18. That Crazy Tank Guy

    I’m actually proud to say this player is a member of my clan

    He is INSANELY skilled, and im very proud to say he wants to and enjoys being apart of my clan

    And I can honestly say, this was his pure instinct, hes an amazing player and a fearsome opponent

  19. That 3.5s reload on the guns would actually make shima pretty viable in the current meta. Too bad meaningful buffs to IJN ships simply don’t happen.

  20. To send you videos, do i need to change the file types first? Im having trouble converting them at the moment even after following tutorial vids step by step.

    Btw Michael congrats on that superb win definetly some luck there but also a lot of skill too.

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