World of Warships Insane Molotov Action #WoWReplays #ROTD

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Great gameplay as always from Crysantos!

WoWs is a free play game! If you haven’t already signed up for an account please use the link below to play and support this channel at the same time.

Want to send me a replay? Upload them to

**Intro Music**
-Extreme Music – Combat Ready (Epic Hybrid Rock Action)
-Switch Trailer Music – Retrograde (Aggressive Electronic Rock)

System Specs:
Intel I7-6700K @ 4.1Ghz
512Gb SSD Dedicated to Games
2 x nVidia GTX 960 in SLI Configuration
BENQ RL2460H Gaming Monitor

Want to talk to me offline? Send me an email at Give me at least 24 hours to respond as you can imagine I get a lot of email.


  1. what is this crosshair

  2. Dem guns, love me some Molotov – Jammin made me buy one…

  3. damn, that was tight. that myoko at full health was a tough nut to crack –
    I eat them up when even health in Shchors but damn – this was good. WASD
    rules, as well as Crysantos

  4. every morning? (it’s evening in europe then) well, jammin you are
    fangirling :)))) Not judgeing,not judgeing i’m also a big fan of
    Crysantos.I’m a terrible player but i must brag that i shot a few shells
    from my svietlana in Crysantos last week-end cuz he showed a little bit of
    skirt there :)))

  5. havent had a win in 2 days, losing a whole tonne of cash. is there a way to
    change servers? im stuck with people who cant speak english.

  6. wow Gathenhielm_1

    I agree Jammin, That div plz nerf.

  7. Haven’t watched this video.. Yet 🙂 but pretty sure I watched this on
    stream, great game!

  8. This Myoko was like the worst shot ever lol

  9. This Myoko was like the worst shot ever lol

  10. Great ship for ranked. GG. Here is a Equal great and Close match in
    Molotov The end is epic

  11. Jose Mercado (OIF1VET19K)

    Im trying to figure out what addon he is using that showing how much damage
    he is doing in the upper left hand corner.

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