World of Warships – insane random battle with the soviet cruiser Petropavlosk

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Hello boys and girls. I hope you are all doing well. Today I present you an insane battle that I had on stream a few days ago. The soviet cruiser Petropavlosk is extremly strong. Will it be enough to carry the team? Thank you so much for all the support! Stay healthy and safe! See you later on stream!


  1. Question is. What did they do wrong. I was thinking that they should have gone in bow in. And maybe aim better? 🙂

    • The three going around the corner? Showed to much broadside. If that had been my Georgia I’d have moved around at an angle, let the secondaries and my bigger guns witthe Petro down. Maybe try to break his turrets. Richileu should have maybe pushed harder. Stalin should have angled after the first salvo didn’t hit him. At the End, Richi could have gone for the ram. Tier VIII BB vs Tier X Cruiser is a decent trade.

  2. Send this replay to Jingles, he’ll lose it =D Great gameplay as usual! Keep it coming!

  3. Gg I like this ship, it’s one of the best potato smasher in the game imao 😂

  4. I’ve got so many questions about that stream goal…

  5. lol super carry 7 kills still lost, what does it take to win the game. awesome gameplay 😀

  6. we all know where area 51 is.

  7. Major Disappointment

    WoW Trenlass had the RNJesus on your side taking on the 2 bbs and the Stalingrad nice good game. Thanks

  8. All Terrain Custom's

    My new fav cc. I can’t stand the Cv hater anymore. Trenlass has better content now. Im glad I did not surscribe to “That other Guy”

  9. There is no bias here just keep moving!

  10. I saw this battle while you were streaming. Totally epic! GG trenlass!

  11. That Face! and smile lol makes me chuckle every time! GG Mate

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