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After nearly ten years of (almost) coming up with a new video title every day, I’ve finally failed. I’ve got nothing. Inspiration eludes me, which is a shame, because this battle deserves a good title. Let’s see if you lot can think of something.

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  1. Holy moly… last time I was this early, Mingles with Jingles had a theme tune thR hadn’t been smacked by copyright…

  2. getting creative with the titles i see…

  3. Insert title here… Jingles, are you running out of witty title names?

  4. Such a early upload. West Coast USA here and normally the Gnome Overlord uploads at like 3 am my time. its only 1 am now.

  5. At this point you should just name all your videos, “generic funny video title”

  6. Lovely to see this after a long day in lockdown. Thank you Jingles.

  7. Dammit, I’m trying to sleep. Stop uploading at odd hours of the night, Jingles! My East Coast ass is too sleepy to keep up—

    Oh, alright. You’re lucky I’m dealing with a bout of insomnia tonight!

  8. Title suggestion: This is fine.

  9. I wonder if this is going to get taken down when he realizes the people in the salt mines forgot the title

  10. no NEED to thank you our the Gnome Overloard. Still: Thank you for the Extra Effort and this wonderful PBR screen!

  11. Here you go Jingles. Title: “How do you say ‘that’s a paddling’ in German?” (Answer: “verprügelt.” If you pronounce that right you get promoted to First Sea Lord status).

    • ‘Das war ein verprugelt!’

    • @Abercrombie Blovs if you say THAT, you don’t need to worry about the pronunciation …

    • bit off topic, but if I’m not mistaken “that’s a paddling” in Spanish is “Ay, caramba” 😛 I know, I know, salt mine here I come

    • not quite …german has no single word for the meaning of getting your arse whooped with the paddle …its requires nearly a full german sentence to describe the punishment style that created a stuck up stiff lipped empire…i would tranlate it with “den Arsch versohlt bekommen” 🙂 ….even though the original meaning of “paddling” is almost the exact same word in german “paddeln” but that just refers to the manual propulsion of a small boat using paddles and not to a headmaster thrashing the exposed buttocks of a juvenile deliquent with homoerotic pedophilic furor.

    • @The Infidel I rarely meet one more capable of vomiting so much vocabulary.
      You know, in a good way.

  12. The Louvre called they what to replace the Mona Lisa with your masterpiece.

  13. “the extremely low health Smolensk”
    That’s a Thunderer.
    Jingles? What…
    What’s the shovel for… Jingles?

  14. The title should have been “bullying a conqueror”

  15. Could’ve named this one “Definitely became hot” :p

  16. “This title intentionally left blank”

  17. 10:29 Actually, more often than not the reason for people doing crazy shit in and around the channel is that they hope to end up featured by you.

    That’s right, it’s all your fault :P.

  18. “A bit of a buff cycle”. This ship is so insanely overpowered it’s just maddening…

  19. Actually, Jingles, this is the THIRD time in those ten years you’ve failed to come up with a title and used “Insert Title Here” as the name of your video, once for World of Tanks, and twice for World of Warships!

    No no, don’t bother yourself getting the shotgun, I know the way by now.

  20. “Two Siblings and a Hindy”

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