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The events of todays battle left me so confused and bewildered my brain shut down while trying to think of a title. So if you can come up with a one, be my guest.

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System Specs: Core i7 4.3Ghz CPU, 32GB DDR4 RAM, nVidia GTX1080 8GB GDDR5 GPU, running at 1920×1080 resolution


  1. Yay!!! That bloody boat game again!

  2. *Insert random comment here*

  3. Oh mighty gnome over Lord I have but one request from a loyal minion. I can’t help but feel that the kv2 has been getting a lot videos where as his fellow brother the mighty Godzilla ( kv 5 ) has been left in the dust. Kv5 misses the day of ramming tanks to death or falling on top of them from a high cliff and squashing them like little bugs so would you do kv5 a tiny favour and give him the spot light he so dearly miss from a loyal minion Ryan ( console peasant ) one of us one of us

  4. Title of the video should be
    “No War Thunder,
    (╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻ FLIP THAT TABLE.
    ┻━┻ ︵ ヽ(°□°ヽ) FLIP THIS TABLE.
    ┻━┻ ︵ \(‘0’)/ ︵ ┻━┻ FLIP ALL THE TABLES!”

  5. Papa Jingles, where is out bloody *World of Greeks* episode, would be a shame to have a misthios sent to sort it out…

    • +captain0080 Even when hardly anyone watches the videos for a specific game he has still continued to post videos of said game.

    • +Michael Aagaard thats true but those videos were almost an hour long, i can see how it could get frustrating to capture, edit the footage, add commentary, then render the video and upload it to youtube for (brace for hyperbole), two or three guys to watch it and thats without considering people whinning about him not playing other game. Still, he will most definitely upload more of that game but im willing to bet they will be shorter made using select clips.

    • It’s in the bin, where it should be! 😛

    • +captain0080 He also said bugger you lot I’m still going to post them in Mingles on Monday

    • +Falkirion i feel bad for him, he really liked the game.

  6. I am not surprised that the Kongo managed to evade the Kamikaze torps for pretty much the entire game.

    If you look at the Kongo’s behavior, you will note that he changes his course every time that the Kamikaze finishes his torpedo launch and switches back to his guns. I’m pretty certain the Kongo has the priority targeting skill and watches his target number indicator switching from 1 to 0 and back to 1. Every time that happens, he uses his WASD hacks.

    PSA to IJN captains: Every time you switch back to your guns after a torpedo launch, you advertise to any enemy worth his salt that you’ve sent a torp spread their way. If you’re in no immediate danger, *stay in torpedo launch mode,* even after you’ve launched your fish.

  7. The Acasta doesn’t have Hydro

  8. What’s that lazy title ? Migrating to console peasantry already has effects it seems ^^

  9. oh , this replay from ASIA sv , that explain everything

  10. I like how Jingles is moving away from wargaming and exploring the wider spectrum of gaming. It’s nice to have variety instead of sticking to bloody MMOs.

  11. Now Jingles, you are not a filthy console peasant. You are among the highest order of gamer: the Multi-Platform Royalty. You can enjoy the range of games available, not just those for a specific operating system. A step above even the PC Nobility and the Console Aristocracy. Rejoice, for no matter what level you stand at, you are still far greater than the Mobile Gaming and Fortnight Serfdom.

    • Want to stick to one platform? Fine
      Want to use multiple platforms? Better
      Only gamers I don’t like are the console peasants and PC elitists who think their platform is superior in every way.

    • Yes this. I mostly play PC, but I do have a PS4 too. I have enjoyed Zero Dawn, Destiny, Red Dead all on PS4. Also enjoyed GTA5, FF15 on PS4 before they came out for PC. Don’t forget all the sports titles that never make it to PC (except FIFA and now Madden). So ya it’s not filthy console peasant unless it’s your only system.

    • ​+seaniam81 A Console peasant is a person who thinks his console is superior to PCs and backs it up with bogus claims. Everyone else who just play on consoles are just regular gamers. People who play on PC are regular gamers. People who play on PC and use it to make themselves superior to console players are PC elitists (aka dickheads).

    • +Solo Wing Borders He gets Celestial Lions.

    • Wanna hear a joke… RTX

  12. Actually Jingles, HMS Acasta doesn’t have Hydroacoustic Search. I have the ship and I could confirm it.

  13. all is explained at the end – it’s the asia server

    • I play on the ASIA server, and I approve this comment.

    • You cant communicate in asia cause all you can see is box.

    • Asia has tryard noobs who use all the skills to NOT DIE but not play well either so that’s why you get whole teams who literally haven’t left base and are shooting at a pushing team

    • I do hear about the rumours that ASIA server players are lacking of courage, but I still cant believe what I just saw.

    • +galliman123 Holy shit this. I played on the NA server since beta but recently switched to Asia server because I live in NZ and my friends recently started playing WoW on this server. Literally my entire team save for myself and one cruiser puttered around in or near our cap. Our destroyers were hiding behind the cruisers who were hiding behind the BATTLESHIPS. It’s a sad day when one has to scout for the team in a South Carolina.

  14. Matheus Rondel Leite

    Maybe the enemy player had a lag spike. It may happened

    • +JackG79 If it is a boxing match my money is on her. She’ll mop the floor with you. LOL. Seriously, Jack I was just kidding around. Sorry if I offended you.

    • could have crashed.

    • +Timothy House just yesterday i got a casual random lagspike, but i never returned to the game… the spike was an epic magnitude, and when it fell off, i was out of the game, WoWs was telling me that due to technical issues i am transfered to another server -.-
      So, yeah, failling because WG want´s you to is out there.
      And lagspikes or the total lost to the connection, are a thing i get recently on a regular basis. Only in WoWs, other games or normal usage of my PC isn´t affectet. It only occures when I am playing WoWs :/

    • Happens allot

  15. Also: the explanation of what the Acasta was doing is easy.

    Look at the enemy team score. They were literally 10 seconds from victory when the Kamikaze entered the last cap. It’s pretty obvious that, when the New York died, someone in his team did a rule of thumb calculation, and said in chat “Hey, Acasta, we’ll win on points. Don’t risk a fight, (who knows, he might just torp you with a blind shot or something equally absurd) just run away.” So the Acasta runs away.

    Turns out we had a minor miscalculation and the Kami manages to flip all three caps JUUUUUST before the reds can get to 1000 points. At which point the Acasta says ‘bugger’ and tries to reach the nearest cap, to claw back those 8 points they’re missing. And fails to do so in time.

    To be fair, the Kami would have lost the game if he had been 10 seconds slower, and we’ve all had that one game where the only surviving player in our team pushes the enemy when he doesn’t have to and snatches defeat from the jaws of victory. The Acasta played conservatively. Nine times out of ten, that would have been the right choice. The Kami was just *really* lucky with his positioning…

    …and lucky in general, frankly. The Kongo could have blown him out of the water with that last shot.

    • Can you please not use “retarded” as an insult? -_-

    • +Enioch I disagree, since Acasta the only thing that had to do was to spot Kami, he had 2 choices, or an ambush behind those 2 islands in A, even with proxy spot HE travel a lot faster than a torp, and 54 hp is nothing, or look for Kami full speed as soon he knew he was spotted. Acasta only needed to land 1 shot on kami. Kami needed to spot Acasta to shoot her torps, Acasta can be spotted for like 5 secs and then make a sudden change of direction, avoiding torps (Kami’s torps aren’t that hard to avoid specially in a DD) and look for the Kami in the cap circle, 500 mts is not a huge distance specially in DDs. But I think that running away was never a good idea.

    • Gremy and Kongo all the way.

    • A sound explanation ! The other is he on high alert had to get the brown bear out, takes a bit of time. Other ideas ?

    • Unpopular criticism that’s going to be met with “don’t like, don’t watch” ahead, but… Jingles is just rapidly flinging himself lower and lower on my list of favoured commentators. Recently, he’s been going on a massive bent, antagonising and railing against players who either do what would be the “correct” thing to do 99.9% of the time, or at least not a “wrong” thing to do. He also shows off how much he gets wrong all the time, and I don’t mean just misnaming something, but out-and-out wrong on mechanics and tactics.

      The Acasta not having hydro is a big one. Another example (or multitude) would be the fact that in dozens of WoWS videos before this Jingles rails against people engaging the enemy when running away would guarantee victory only to lose, but now he’s railing against a guy for not engaging when running away would, if the Kami had been just a few seconds slower, guarantee victory.

      Meanwhile, the Kami gets passes across the board from Jingles, aside from some throw-away “eh could have been better” lines, despite repeatedly proving he’s a sub-par player who got ridiculously lucky (welcome to “torping on the marker”, here’s your host, Kami player _who has reached rank 5 in previous seasons_ for gods’ sakes). Lucky in his positioning, lucky with his torps, lucky he didn’t get blatted by the Kongou, lucky the Acasta played a little too safely.

  16. Well, he was on 992 points so you can’t really blame him for thinking he can win on points just by flipping a cap. but that raises the question, why didn’t he just go for B?
    Edit: title suggestion for the video “Glue”

    • Had him been in a Minekaze or Podvoisky, he’d win with his speed. But an Acasta can’t outpseed a Kamikaze. A Minekaze would have capped the other point at the same time Normsky was capping his, so resuming the points countdown and winning. British destroyers can’t do that since they don’t have speed boost.

  17. Acasta does not have hydro. He miscalculated and thought score would not flip but it just did. By the time acasta realised this it was too late. There is your title “Gross Miscalculation”

  18. I can hear RITA in the background!!!!!!

  19. This is probably the worst Kamikaze captain I have seen in a long time. No self awareness of his detection range, blowing out his torps the instant they reload without picking his shots. Always firing his torps directly at the indicator with no deviation or prediction of target movement. Bad play and got lucky.

  20. 1, Acasta got stuck or had lag
    2, There was huge timeluck when they actually missed each other in B
    3, He was already in corner of the map when he realised he has to do something
    4, He was simply brainless sailing from island to island without knowledge (tier 5)

    all options are possible and not that surpricing as you present it 😉

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