World of Warships inspired by Warhammer 40,000. Official Trailer

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The 41st Millennium is hitting the World of Warships universe in a unique celebration that will bring you special themed warships—Ragnarok Ignis Purgatio; special Commanders—Justinian Lyons XIII and Arthas Roqthar the Cold, with their own unique voice-overs; and much, much more!

Keep an eye out on the official World of Warships website. Your first port of call for new ship releases!

If you’re a console player, check out WoWs:


    • Dear Customer service

      Thank you for listening to us players. Now I hope some more features can be added to the game which are as follows:
      1. Chinese UI has been added to NA client. However ship names in battle are still English. It would be great if the names can be displayed in Traditional Chinese as well.
      2. Please improve windows/side scuttles/portholes on the ships and windscreen on airplanes so that they are transparent. For example: USS Iowa and USS Montana have solid bridge windows.
      3. Research Bureau ships are almost impossible to get. Please make them purchasable with free XP, coal, or even doubloons in store.
      4. AA guns do not move. Trajectories and tracers do not look like they are in real life.
      5. About the following ships:
      a. Please increase the range of secondary guns on the Shikishima to 11.1 km as well as her main guns’ accuracy.
      b. Increase Ägir’s secondary guns’ range to 11.1 km, making her secondaries a special feature.
      c. Georgia and Odin have poor amours. Please make them more durable.
      d. Mainz needs repair party.
      e. Bismarck’s secondaries have low rates of fire. Please increase the rates of fire to the level of Massachusetts’.
      f. Divide USA BB line and make one new line of BBs focus on secondary fire.
      g. Please add more ports, such as: Kaohsiung of Taiwan, Shanghai/Tianjin of China.
      h. Restore Manual AA skill. Current AA on a BB doesn’t pose a threat to enemy planes, which makes BB players very hard to maneuver.
      i. More ways to acquire steel for COOP players. Make it available in store if possible.

    • Long live the Emporer

    • Must these vessels be purchased or are they unlockable?

  1. Since you have the rights, create an actual game based on 40k.

  2. strange that its literally the same ship so we now have 5 amagis in the game but w/e

  3. We are one in the emperor and the will of man

  4. Drive me closer I wish to hit them with my Secondaries.

  5. The Kremlin Of Mankind

  6. they hyped everyone up for months and then it’s literally just 2 copies of one of the most powercrept ships in the entire game XD

  7. By the blood of Russ where are the space Marines!?

  8. I think you should have given the skin to a ship like the yamato or somthing

  9. $51 a piece for some tech tree ships with fancy camo…no thanks.

  10. “Yes my Lord Inquisitor, these are the heretics that dare copy the mighty Imperium!”

  11. Wow, this was actually incredibly well presented. I’m not huge into Warhammer but I was definitely drawn in. Well done WG!

  12. The Emperor’s Light shall burn away the Chaos infestation and forge a bright future for His faithful! Now hear us, denizens of the damned realms! We are the Emperor’s wrath incarnate! We are the sword and shield of the Imperium of Man! We are the Imperial Navy! All hail the God-Emperor upon His Golden Throne in Holy Terra!


  14. Can't talk - busy purging

    While the enemies of the Emperor still draw breath, there can be no peace.

  15. Interesting concept but far to pricey right now, especially with the economy in the tank right now, cant afford to spend on digital ships at the moment.

  16. Meanwhile at Tau HQ:
    *Attaching floaty wings to a Crisis battlesuit*

    Meanwhile at Ork HQ:

    Meanwhile at Eldar HQ:
    *Lots of heresy, space magic, and makes a boat that is powered by bullshit*

    Meanwhile at Necron HQ:
    *Makes boat extra spoopy*

    Meanwhile at Tyranid HQ:

    Meanwhile at Dark Eldar HQ:
    *RULE 34: THE BOAT*

  17. in the grim darkness of the far future, there is only gibs us more money

  18. Just a panzer crewman with wifi

    We have the emperors blessings….and his walet.

  19. 50 bucks for a reskin tech tree ship that’s really not that good to begin with, I mean, really WG? You have this chance at a great collab and this is the best you could come up with?

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