World of Warships – Insta New Year Nail Biter

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Happy New Year folks.

Let’s kick it off with a WoWS video that was SUPER CLOSE.

It’s a ranked match I recently played and since ranked is currently active, perfect.

Having new “season” every week or so is perfect fit for me I gotta say.

I play WoWS less now than I did before and this is perfect bait for me.

Get into WoWS for 2 days, rank out, leave, come back next week and do it again xD

Enjoy and have fun watching 😉

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  1. 32 seconds old. That’s a first. XD

  2. It had been a long time to see Flambass playing world of warships. I wish WG stop being retard so Flambass can enjoy the game like he used to be.

  3. That’s my fav steel ship…hey flambass why don’t you form your own clan name flames

  4. New haircut looks nice! Great vid

  5. I really feel bad for that shima lol

  6. This match was a must my friend still gives me the chills

  7. Well Done

    I mean thats how i like my steak

  8. Well played Flambino =)
    yesterday i decided to play some ships after weeks of absence. Took my JB for a ride and oh boi how i wish to do some illegal action to some …..
    The enemy team had a FDR, i was dead within 4mins, even though we have been 4 ships together. Like srsly WG, what the actual fruitcake -.-

  9. Michael D. Uchiha90

    LOL that Shima Player was good. He had second most base EXP and he wasn’t even on the winner team.

  10. This video is an excellent illustration on the phrase: “Snatching victory from the jaws of defeat.”

  11. Cruiser with torpedos suiciding against BBs.
    BBs giving full broadside not getting punished.
    BBs sailing in a straight line and eating torps that might even been spotted already.

    I see nothing has changed in the new year.

  12. I’ve noticed a lot more recently you click and click and click and the fucking guns just dont fire

  13. 11:27 The law of equivalent exchange. Kinda

  14. The Mino and Nevsky donated their citadels to your cause.

  15. Well but he was still spotted when he was behind the island. I don’t think the yoshino could see him from its position tbh

  16. Both of those Yoshinos played really well too, better than the shimmy I thought

  17. Guillaume Boissel

    *Slow clapping*

    Impressive man!

  18. The impact a good individual player can have solo random has diminished in this game to the point there is no longer a point.

  19. Kudos to the friendly Yoshino who knew the value of running away from the enemy and not try to win harder.

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