World of Warships – Intense RANKED SPRINT match

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Here is one of the most intense sprint games I played. There were few more ofc but I’ll need to dig them up and I’m in the rush now and this is the 1st I came across so that’s the one you’re getting 😉
Enjoy and have fun watching 😉


  1. looking forward to a great game…..1st comment

  2. Progress in this mode for ranked sprint is so dependant on your team going for the caps and not kill all getting a bit pissed off by the save my star damage hunters who seem happy to declare the game lost at the spawn then farm and stay at max range

    • You aint fucking lying. I rage for the same reason. The lack of objective-focused gameplay on the NA server is insane. I had to go Minsk only on this second season because with Epicenter game mode, all the fucking idiots are out in force, going for kills only and straight ignoring defending the team’s DDs or focusing on captures and defends.

      Ive been forced to open water gunboat/speed tank to draw out the belfast/flint/atlanta meta this go around and kill them from range + spot for the team since everyone seems to immediately smoke up and wait for someone to risk leaving smoke for spots. It’s enfuriating.

      I vote to delete the “save a star” shit. It encourages hating your own team and saving yourself vs assisting in caps and saving teammates out of binds.

  3. I ranked out yesterday, playing almost exclusively with Atlanta and Mahan 😀

    • Wow I wouldn’t dare playing ranked in an Atlanta. XD
      I have two kinds of games in Atlanta which are about 50/50 – I either die immediately, or last the whole game with an insane score.
      I can be sure which one of the two I’d pull off in ranked.

    • Atlanta in current ranked sprint works fine, as long as you focus on what the enemy DDs and radar cruisers are doing, and hug ALL of the islands as much as you can 😀

    • @MetallicaLife4 Yeah, that is pretty much how I play her in Random as well. But for me it all boils down to luck and what I run into. And in Ranked there’s much more at stake, so I’m afraid it would be quite frustrating. For ranked I really like the british cruisers. Still squishy, but at least I have some range and smoke to work with and I feel a bit safer. What I’m trying to say, I guess is that I suck. XD
      I love the Atlanta, it’s great fun, but I wouldn’t call my win rate in her “reliably decent”

    • @Chris you rlly should try her. Her DPS and concealment are great, it’s just that you need balls of steel from time to time xD

  4. GA is the postal abbreviation for the state of Georgia here in the US, in case no one answered your question

  5. Belfast and Nelson did good too 🙂 Hope you gonna play some TaB today 😀

  6. Sinop has been the OP ship from this mini ranked. Far more than Belfast and Nelson. I found Ashitaka a good all rounder. Deals consistent damage though the 25mm upper side and bow makes it fairly vulnerable to penetration damage. I ranked out last night.

  7. This Belfast was the MVP this game. Pulling 3 BBs away and even killing one of them while surviving for so long.

    • Except the fact that Belfast may have well been AFK for the first 10 minutes and missed every single shot on enemy DD’s. Flambass was the only one shooting enemy dd’s

    • Flambass played great, but the game winning move was when datisit took out the shiratsuyu with his nelson. That changed the ENTIRE perspective of the game. Flambass immediately went from “How da fuk?!?!” to “I think we can do this.”
      If the belfast has done anything against the DDs early on the game may have been a ROFL stomp. Basically the belfast had to man up because he was just a little pup in the early match.

    • Dude, that Belfast was useless for half of the game. If anything, Nelson was the most helpful.

  8. Tier 5 to 7 are my favorites, the ships are in transition and the players can be any skill level.

    • John Parrish t5 sprint was so enjoyable and fun for me when the first season came out. No radar and very few had hydro. It was a DDs safe space except for the T5 Italian BB that thing dominated and gave some of us DD players a hard time because the guns were so accurate

  9. Very good match of all of your mates but what in the name of god did the Belfast he could kill all of the enemy DDs in the first mins.

  10. That was a nail biter.

  11. If only Nascar had engagement rules like this. Cheers!

  12. Hit Rank 1 last night, most of it in a Mahan. I know what it feels like when your teammates ignore the DDs you’re dueling and the enemy team doesn’t.

    • I was playing in a BB and my team sat at F1 while I tried to get over there and got focused by 6 of them. They all sat behind an island. Got 2 enemies before I died, though.

  13. Saved at the last second from being a dirty kill-stealer. HAHAHA

  14. Thanks for the awesome videos, the great Flambino

  15. Jimmiar Reltherford

    Flambass. I don’t know if your chat told you or not/ if you even care but “GA” is the state abbreviation for the state of Georgia in the United States. Example: I live in Tennessee or “TN”

  16. Ive encountered you today in random..we have been in same team.. you played sigfried;)..

  17. I been having ping problem this month that is causing in bad battle plays.Is there anything I can do to fix that promble

  18. LOL FLambass playing like a noob, allows himself to get spotted by a BB, shoots torps at a BB that’s just beginning to accelerate knowing he’s going to MISS.

  19. played all the way through the first sprint with Hood and did great but it took me way longer with Hood this sprint because of epicenter i think. i played all the way up to rank 2 and then switched to my Sinop because i had a shitty game in the Hood in didnt want to wait and i won super easy. Sinop is so strong bro

  20. Beautiful torp evasion at the beginning. Learned something there

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