World of Warships – Interesting Times

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There’s an old Chinese curse you may not have heard of. “May you live in interesting times.”


System Specs: Core i7 4.3Ghz CPU, 32GB DDR4 RAM, nVidia GTX1080 8GB GDDR5 GPU, running at 1920×1080 resolution

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  1. Great work as always. Apart from the new Carrier video…

  2. I’d say that your presence on youtube is making our times somewhat interesting.

  3. 2 minutes, 129 views. Do you people just not have anything better to do!?

  4. “Getting blacked” eh?

  5. The last time i was thid early, jingles performed a Jingkes Landing with a Sub at the botton of the sea.

  6. Jingles, sir Topem Hat is a character from Thomas the Tank Engine…

  7. Internet Entity

    Because, as a well educated child, I actually read the Rev. W. Awdry books I can tell you that Topham Hatt is the proper name of the ‘Fat Controller’ from Thomas the Tank Engine.
    You’re welcome.

    In other news the Royal Navy Light-cruisers have sailed into WoWsB if anybody cares to know.

  8. That Akizuki lol, the number of times I have seen someone rage and they end up bottom in the rankings

  9. I conclude, that Flamuu has inadvertently become a MEME that will last for eternity, or at least as long at WoWS lives…

  10. Nazamroth Industries

    Reminds me of the time I still played WoWS…
    DD telling me to delete the game, i end up as 3rd, he ends up as last after winning the match-start suicide lottery….

  11. James Pridemore

    Almost always, the loudest player in chat was the soonest dead and lowest on the leaderboard.

  12. “May you live in interesting times”, I instantly thought about Rincewind from Terry Pratchetts Discworld, that is the ultimate curse for him.

  13. “The Dunkerque has basically made that island his waifu, he is hugging it like a body pillow”, 6:50, that is not only the quote of the week, it also demonstrates an exceptionally deep (and possibly unhealthy) knowledge of anime culture 😉

  14. As a fellow 1st Gulf war vet I couldn’t help but smile at your comment Jingles, the war was very much the same for me lol

    • A lot of laying around on the deck in battle dress, sweating our asses off.

    • Thank you for your service!

    • Michael Mitchell

      I dunno my dad had fun playing with the black and green scorpions. Hated the nightly SCUD raids at Dhaharan though.

    • agreed, was in during GW1 and it was a snooze, manned a Outpost on a base nestled safely in Canada. No iraqi Republican guard could possibly get through our wire. 🙂

    • Jim Rinkenberger

      The SCUD raids sucked. The cheek strap of my gas mask broke during the third attack oh Dammam. Not the best night! Most of the ground war was a spectacle to behold, especially the MLRSs at night.

  15. Love the use of Pope Flamu I hope that photo becomes a regular meme

  16. Jonathan Schmidt

    Define interesting: Oh gawd oh gawd, we’re all going to die! -Firefly.

    Yeah, I’m going to start wishing the interesting times curse on child molesters and people who talk in theatres.

  17. Flamu is officialy a meme

  18. So i had a game in my tier 6 or 7 jap destroyer were i was spotted,…. enemy battleships did not pay attention to me and i ended up getting unspotted between 4 enemy battleships… i sunk them all full hp for 170kish dmg 5 kills and the funny thing is i was telling them in chat okay your alabama is next… and they still were not paying attention.

    • it’s playing online games that made me realize – the bar for being smart is a *lot* lower than i thought it was when i was younger.

  19. Another Gulf War Vet, and my favorite curse to boot, (which I learned from my late father, whose birthday was march 10) but I was a ground pounder, Recon, I felt that curse for a few days! You brought quite a smile to my face with this one today!

  20. thank you jingles, i never thought you would upload my game.

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