World of Warships Intro 3.0 Test 2

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Still got nothing better to do, still being crap at taking time off. Another test intro for World of Warships. Most of the negative comments on the previous version seemed to be due to the choice of music, so I’ve gone back to the old soundtrack. Also people felt that the CGI was too generic so this time it’s more in-game footage and I shaved a third off the length. See you what you think

Music used: “At The Front” by Johan Hynynen, used under licence from


  1. *waiting on test 4573179*

  2. yep yep if you didnt notice this is about SHIPS

  3. I think this is a better go at it. That music is pretty iconic for your WoWS vids. Plus this is shorter, more to the point, instead of dragging it out.

  4. I do like this one better as it still has that lovely tune as always 🙂

  5. Much better and authentic

  6. Holy mining minion! World of Warships video??? Again!! That makes it twice over the annual limit. Jingles, that heatwave is damaging your schedule.

  7. I like it better than the first one, although I’d have the action set a little differently… however I can hardly call you out on it since I wouldn’t be able to put my thoughts into reality I have no idea how to record stuff!

    • If u use chrome u can download screen recorders in the chrome web store
      Or u can use a YouTube Downloader (somewhat illegal but a lot of people do it)

    • Yeah it’s better than the first one but the action but the zoom and cut is a bit jarring.

  8. The last bit was meh, if you keep the clip running when the dark fade in, it would have been much better. non the less its a good intro too.

  9. need some detonations

  10. Still kinda liking the original/current

  11. More of a fan of that metal intro…
    Not gonna like the video just for that reason (in short, dislike it)

    Otherwise this is also good

  12. I like this one, got the original music, Hopefully you don’t get “Claimed”, One thing I liked about Original Intro was the Torpedo ending 🙂

    • dgeneratio1 I do not know why but “death“ into start of the Video seems fitting because it got this grey effect

  13. Giuseppe's Gaming

    Looks good, but i would replace or remove the very first cut. It feels repetitive with the second, as it’s basically the same scene with a hiccup that feels a bit strange.

  14. I like this one better

  15. Dear jingles… If you need a new intro just say so… We all know you are crap at video editing. That’s why you gave me the Sims remember?

  16. That zooming in and zooming out is weird , it gave me a headache

  17. I would change the “ship happens” to a grey close to the title color of the game, other than that its fine.

    Also what’s wrong with the old one?

  18. Three videos in one day! Jingles you spoil us.

    • (This is a joke comment because Jingles is having time off and two of the three videos are short 20-30 second intro edits; the other being a Mingles with Jingles video. Hope you’ve caught up, now back to the salt mines with you!).

  19. WisconsinAnglerTV

    Toss it, most of the scenes look too similar to the others. Each scene should have a different TYPE of ship doing a different action, launch torps, fire guns, launch planes, blowing up… etc. In short, it’s generic and uninteresting. The fade to black also should not be there. All this is of course my opinion take it for what it’s worth.

  20. bringabongalong1

    meh, like the first one better

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