World of Warships Intro 3.0 Test

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As you can see, I’m taking my time off very seriously! Threw together a new intro for World of Warships as the previous ones are getting a bit old. Let’s see how many Chinese TV stations try to claim the copyright on this one!

Music used: Fight the Power 3 (Sting) by Victor Ohlsson, used under licence from


  1. Thumbs up!

  2. Finally, it looks awesome

  3. Looks very nice indeed

  4. Keep the old one

  5. DieSturmgeschutz

    i ThOuGhT yOu WeRe TaKiNg A bReAk

    • DieSturmgeschutz

      As a follow up, if my gnome overlord reads this, I feel you should know that it is beautiful, *please don’t give me more hours in the mines, please*

  6. Supreme fatty Kim Jong un

    Mr jingles I claim this footage as property of North Korea. You shall be sent to one of the many luxury education camps of North Korea.

  7. Visuals get an A+, but the music gets a “meh”.

  8. I dunno, i really like the old intro where you have the two Kongo sailing side-by-side and laying into each other with secondaries. This is more generic, less personal to the types of replays that grace your channel.

  9. Angry Nerd Gaming

    Use whichever one will get “claimed” less.. 🤞🏻

  10. Much better than old one but too long

  11. My eyeballs are pleased

  12. Music is not very good, and the visuals feel like they belong to that bloody plane game

    • graphics were blurry and weird, I agree, but what is good music according to you?

    • I’m not sure, but this music feels very similar to the ones used by CptBeardface. If the current music isn’t available, at least pick something similar. It’s iconic by now so changing it feels like a step in the wrong direction

    • Agreed keep the old music.

  13. And the intro is not good. The music suggests something goofy or funny, the images show epicness and adrenaline. So no match. Also, both the music and the images do not fit your style of commentary.

    • Goofy or funny? What?
      It’s a rock song in a neutral scale you can nod your head to. You could show a convoy of Harley drivers to this music.

      Out of serious interest: are you watching a lot of gameplay compilations?
      I wouldn’t be surprised if this ran during an incredible play where somebody decimated the enemy team to underline what a “rocking move” that was.
      You found it hilarious (probably for a good reason), in turn completely misinterpreting the mood of the song.

    • Omega Alpha you’re a dumbass.

  14. 22emporerpenguin

    Salut from the salt mine!!!

  15. that dragon on IJN shells looks awesome!

  16. NICE.
    Now if only someone could answer me wether you will ever reupload the rest of the Why You Heff to be Mad – Videos, that would be jolly nice

  17. If I might offer some feedback :).

    Honestly, this is put together fairly well however it feels like the kind of intro a small newcomer would throw together… in the sense that it rips cinematic footage from one of Wargaming official trailers or whatnot. I don’t mean to sound harsh there either, it’s done well… however I think you could get far better planning some scenes using in game assets with your own spin and music attached. Similar to what you have now, just a little more up to date.

    I’m sure there are some talented individuals who could help with it. Your WoT intro is epic now with the TOG’s etc and I think it would be a step back to resort to cinematic footage from Wargaming.

    Keep up the good work and enjoy your “break” Jingles :).

  18. Ingame footage is way better and you have plenty of replays to get some juicy stuff from.
    Music something better than this, this sounds generic.

  19. Eh, as the leader of the Righteous Canadian Copyright Association, I demand that we claim this video. I throughly apologize, but this video is now a part of the R.C.C.A.

  20. Need more explosions…someone call Micheal Bay

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