World of Warships – Inventory

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I just wanted to make a quick video that discusses the new system and why you should care about it. The inventory allows you to sell modules, flags, consumables, etc. that you don’t need anymore. Most of it isn’t relevant, but the modules will allow you to sell stock mods on ships. You can reclaim a large amount of credits if you have a large amount of ships. Hope this was helpful and have a wonderful day!


  1. Someone gone lazy
    and playing the new Soviet DDs

  2. I got over 20 million credits back from this. best bit of this update

  3. Interesting , i didnt realise old module upgrades could be sold. I’ll have
    a lot of credits sitting being useless

  4. you should also be careful because some ships have a more firepower based b
    hull then the c hull is all about aaa so you may need to keep the b hull
    for random games and use the c hull in competitive

  5. Johannes “Jojo” Siemers

    Yes. Did that today and got me 40 million credits to invest in new ships.
    Bought the New Orleans and hate it already. :-)

  6. teru “fi” faye

    I’m a cheap captain so this inventory update is friggin’ helpful ;D

  7. got 48 mil from mine nice update

  8. Pffft…. same company that developed WoT forgets to implement good
    features from said game into WoWS until 20 patches later in open release gg
    wargaming 13 / 10 IGN

  9. Because I don’t use as many premium consumables as you do I have about 50M
    credits, so yeah, good feature, but not so important for me right now.
    You’re a good player, you should consider dropping the premium consumables
    from your low tier ships in random battles.

  10. We can sell our camos?! Holy crap! This means I can get rid of the 2000+
    ocean soul camos I got over christmas from those damned boxes!!!!!!!! YES!

  11. epic, got like 20 million out of this already and i haven’t sold the stock
    ship modules yet xD

  12. Markus “IceY” Eisenhammer

    I remeber when they implemented this in World of Tanks. Was like Christmas
    with all that Credits back then :)

  13. Notser, do you know why I can’t open the inventory and the clan? The
    loading icon rotates forever on my screen.

  14. Fuck yeah. Went from 4m to 19m credits after selling all my shit.

  15. Notser your Oleg video got featured on the WOWS Homepage, Congrats :)

  16. I like that outro, idk if its new but i just noticed it.

  17. hey notser some of your content was on the world of war ship web page sweet

  18. Although I’ve never run short of credits, this is a great way to add
    credits when I go on a binge buy. Thanks for explaining this system.

  19. if you did sell say like on the hipper the c hull does that mean you now
    have to grind the experience to get it again?

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