World of warships – INVISIBLE torps

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Ever got torped by torps that do not exist or are not shown at all??? No???


  1. Glad to see my own experiences confirmed, invisible torps do exist.

  2. You have just entered…The Twilight Zone….. *queue music*

  3. Torpedo Beats .?? WG says NO

  4. 3 torps and 4 torps volley. Suspicious

    • Yeah but 1 could have easily clipped the island for all I knew at the time

    • Sods law the awol torp is the one that was nearest the ship out of all of them Hans must have been on the wrong bridge wing not to see it coming. Next time tie the bugger to his seat on port Bridge wing so he can’t donder off :p

  5. Just_Some_Random_Tryhard_Gamer

    Flamu got done by an invisible torp…

  6. Well, since the last two updates, I got hit multiple times with surgical accuracy while the game shown me as undetected. I even got 3 cits and DS once in my Hindenburg, while I was shown undetected and of course without anyone targeting me. When I asked in chat the one who killed me whether he fired randomly or he had a target, he said that he spotted me all the time and he was happy that I didn’t do anything to change course. So, maybe these are some bugs in the game, but I don’t know whether they come from an overloaded server or some graphical settings which provide wrong infos. In case anyone has ideas, do tell. And thank you for proving that I’m not a totally gone mad idiot.

    • The same thing has happened to me several times since last patch. But, I have also been hit with invisible artillery as well.

    • that happened to me on iowa too.. i was hidden, fleeing low HP for about a minute and then suddenly from 16km a ROON shoot me while hidden and hit me, i try to maneuver he somehow still hit me and cause 2 fires so i repair and he still shoot at me and another fire. hidden the entire time. this game doesnt make sense

    • Yeah, I think it’s their dumb arsed rendering effect ballsing things up. The indicator says you aren’t spotted but I think there’s a much longer delay than there used to be between your client thinking you’re hidden and everyone else’s client thinking the same. There’s the same big delay the other way when a ship is spotted. What makes it worse is I’m convinced the time it takes a ship to actually appear in the game has no consistency. Some ships pop up shortly after appearing on the map like they used to, some take an age and even have time to have a salvo half way to you before you get to see them. WG have to get that shit sorted as the jokes wearing thin.

    • MoA-Reload… Thats it. For me its only sometimes and then few seconds but it is rlly annoying because it often means salvo or no salvo.

    • There’s definitely something off about rendering lately. DDs with identical concealment are spotting me but aren’t rendering on my client for another ~.2km. It reminds me of the client side visibility changes in WoT update 9.16.

  7. L2deepwater m18

  8. Okay, so I watched this a few times. The z-23 and yueyang are up north, so it’s the yugumo and shima that are down south with flambass.

    we saw the shima torps and the shima get killed. then we see the first volley of yugumo torps, then a pause, then a 2nd set of yugumo torps. the timing lines up with the IJN torp reload consumable. also, the torpedo dispersion for yugumo is wide and sloppy, another reason you can see that both these volleys came from the yugumo.

    on to the “magic invisible torpedo”… based on the spacing of the 2nd yugumo volley, it looks like (from flambass’s pov) the most left torp of the lead launcher should have hit the edge of the landmass and yet for some reason the game continued to read that torpedo as active.

    the coding for the visual effect of torp traveling through water worked as intended and disabled the visual effect, since, it hit the landmass, however, the “math” coding for the torp trajectory and hit/no hit values seem to not have functioned as intended. thus, you get an invisible torpedo. Since there was just a patch, this sort of coding issue seems to be the most likely culprit.

  9. I’ve eaten a friendly gearing torpedo that went right through an island before. I believe that there’s been a bug with torps going through islands for the last few patches, and it looks like that’s what happened here.

    • XpliCTPaiN nah yesterday i was caping the enemy base with clev and cv torped me with 100% 8 torps (semi angled) but still 2 if them magically vanished

  10. As we can see WG is implementing invisible torpedos. CCs has gotten them and as invisible as they are. flambass didn’t see it coming

  11. the mysterious ways of???………..Hans!!!

  12. that’s some serious bullshit!!! :O :O

  13. Cant see torps, Tirpitz got nerfed, again?


  14. Hans was on torpedo watch but was checking facebook!

  15. yes there is a problem with some torps.
    i got my radar up on missouri but torps from tirpitz popped up 1 km in front of me,had no time to react or dogde and was hit by 1,yesterday evening on eu.
    there is definitive a problem with torpsmechanics now!

  16. Hey Flambass I once had a torpedo launch 90 degrees from where I was aiming. It was from a twin tube launcher, one torp went the right way and the other got lost. It never happened again so I don’t know wtf that was all about. Dispersion? Maybe? IDK.

  17. Maybe they are buffing torps and not telling us…

  18. well looks like your PC registered that torp hit that island front of you (which happens due to server lags) but in server that torpedo was very close and escaped that island and hit you… or what else can it be? Submarines uppcoming confirmed? :v

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