World of Warships – Iowa 0.5.6

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Iowa on Islands of Ice moves to support destroyers around the B point. We get found out by enemy destroyers and must avoid incoming torpedoes. A enemy cruiser shows a little bit too much side, I move to take them out. We eventually move to cap B point and fire on enemies attempting to defend. Hope you enjoy the game and have a wonderful day!

Tier IX American Battleship Iowa Replay


  1. Stock iowa is so frustrating to use because of 20 sec rudder shift and
    somehow a floating citadel when broadsided

  2. 34.6 knots on a battleship?! Damn that is insanely fast.

  3. That moment when DD players get close to a BB thinking they will have an
    easy devastating strike. FeelsGoodMan

  4. top 3 ally captains all over 2000! (with or without cooperation?) ty for
    posting! : )

  5. Who’s actually been on the USS Iowa? Cause I have, and it’s pretty cool to
    be on.

  6. Nice game. Shows what aggressive BBs can do; shame there are so few of them.
    Little surprised that when you know you’re going up against DDs you don’t
    switch to HE; yes there’s the occasional opportunity shot at a BB, but that
    will still do damage and almost always lights fires, so about the only
    picky thing I’d say is you could have deleted those DDs more quickly with
    If you KNOW your next shot or 2 will be DDs, and killing them is the
    priority, it makes sense to use the rounds that will do exactly that. Using
    AP but saying killing the DDs you know you’re going to encounter is the
    priority is contradictory.
    I know I’m being picky, but imagine how much more you’d have done in
    fires/wrecked modules with those same hits with HE instead of AP.
    Different if you’re largely expecting longer shots at CA/BB, but again I’d
    maintain for some of that battle at least you’d have done even better with

  7. I would like to see you play the Hiruyu Notser. Especially in a game were
    you get matched against Tier VIII and IX ships, I have no freaking idea how
    to be useful and make a profit under those circumstances the amount of
    targets you can engage is very limited and I usually don`t do more then 60
    K damage. Going air superiority mode is not an option for me because it`s
    so freaking boring.

  8. those shot groupings look sexy. also aim for the front mags of the NC they
    are super weak! i found this out when i 1v1d an NC in my new mexico.

  9. The night is dark and full of terrors

  10. how is this thing faster than cruisers

  11. She’s a sweet ship finally. Keep them coming.

  12. Andreas Petersson

    Nice game Notser! 🙂 love your videos as always mate 🙂 Gonna enjoy it now
    with some popcorn and boiled water xD

  13. We are going to have some german BBs this year???

  14. Felipe Canevarolli

    Hello Notser 🙂 I have a question, so why you have 5 consumable repairs and
    your top speed is 34.6-Knots ? Maybe Elite Status?

  15. I always look forward to your videos as you are always entertaining Notser.
    well done

  16. How do you get the AA range to show up on the mini map? I’ve looked through
    the setting and I can’t find the option for it.

  17. Der Wahre Hunter

    its funny how many comments cry about the Izumo xD, i would always prefer
    an Izumo over an Iowa


    Is the iowa very bad in stock


    Is the iowa very bad in stock

  20. Should have shifted to HE for those destoyers.
    Would’ve gotten you the kills earlier :)

  21. Brian Lock (神通)

    Nosty, where is torpedo boat Fletcher and Gearing

  22. you are so fun to watch, happy to found your channel. thx for the great

  23. Brian Lock (神通)

    Tactical beaching

  24. Brian Lock (神通)


  25. Brian Lock (神通)

    Tashken, torpedo boat? what, I miss something

  26. Νίκος Μπρέστας

    Try changing the aa module with the secondaries module. Then the ship’s
    secondaries range goes to 9.1 klms and the aa rating stays at 95. With the
    B and C hulls.

  27. Brian Lock (神通)

    Why people still play Kagero and some still play shimy

  28. Notser used derp driving, its super effective! :)

  29. wtf is there any point of playing cvs nowadays if every foking ship has 100

  30. Notser your now a legend how you doo it ?

  31. тwιlιgнт ѕcι-ғυrry

    Do Battleship Yamato on

  32. See you should always pull a Notser every game, I have missed them.

    On a side not, I am on the NC and I was really struggling with it. Mostly
    because it felt like it fired like a sawed off shotgun, you sprayed and
    prayed your rounds. Now though, now it actually feels very accurate and I
    like the ship so much more. I am averaging about 50% more damage than I was
    doing. Just because my shells are now finally going where I am aiming which
    is a nice change. :)

  33. So going to do another Hipper game? Since it got a turret firing arc buff
    in patch 5.6.1

  34. 10:05 ouch! I have done more AP damage per salvo against broadside North
    Carolinas than that in my Kutuzov – from about the same range too! OF
    course I get basically 8 to 12 hits per 12 shells fired every salvo too…

  35. I wonder, what is the AERIAL Detection range of the Iowa with that build?
    Cause that 12.2 surface detection range is making my Molotov and Kutuzov
    jealous, to which I must tell them “Soon, my pretties, soon. Your captain
    will have that skill and you shall not be detected on the surface for,
    like, 11 km!”

    And that BB has 12.2! I mean at least the Molotov has the excuse of not
    being able to mount the concealment module, but Kutuzov with it, and camo
    is 12.7!

  36. Nick Giangrande

    Im addicted to your videos <3

  37. Oddly I had HEARD that the Montana is now the second most accurate
    Battleship in the game, but upon checking the dispersion stats, it would
    APPEAR that the Yamato is still significantly more accurate!

    So, I don’t know EXACTLY how the accuracy of these ships has been buffed,
    but I do understand that they are now supposedly very accurate, even though
    the stock dispersion stats look to be the same as before, or at least close
    to it, and still greater than the equal tier Japanese BB that supposedly
    less accurate now since the changes… It is all very confusing!

    So did they somehow buff they WAY in which the shells of USN BBs disperse
    now, or did they introduce dispersion “tiers” as it were, so that if you
    are aiming at a target within say, 13 to 15 km, that you only have 1/3 the
    dispersion you would at 20 to 24 km – as an example, is that what has been

    I honestly don’t know but would like to in any case! Especially if the
    Montana is indeed now the Second most Accurate BB – then I definitely want
    it! Because I KNOW it got a speed buff to 30.5 knot, so between that speed,
    and having accurate guns, that would remove ALL the issues I have,
    personally, with actually playing Battleships in general!

    I am too “spoiled” as it were, by playing Cruisers and Destroyers where the
    guns are so accurate that missing is most often your own fault in some way,
    as opposed to many battleships where you can aim perfectly, only to bracket
    another battleship RIIIGHT in the middle, where it is widest and the
    citadel zones are! (see my last battle in my New York where I should have
    totally deleted a Kongo only to have the tables quickly turned, all because
    NY dispersion was – and probably still is, so horrible that perfect aim is
    nice, but rarely matters!)

  38. Dick butt Nick butt


  39. Another Notser video, another special snowflake that can’t accept their own
    ineptitude and blames it on Notser. Pathetic.

  40. Thickwarrior512

    Notser how come my chat box on my screen covers my ships on the top left

  41. Joseph Lupinski

    Notser, while the game play was nice you really didn’t sum up or comment on
    if the changes really helped to improve the ship.

  42. i still find manual aa mod is more usefull than the 2.3 km of concealment
    and you can run torpedo detection captin skill which you really need as the
    iowas torpedo bulge is pretty useless compared to yama. helps a lot with
    tier x carriers and tier 8 and 7 planes just wont even make it through

  43. I got a question for every one!
    Yesterday i played the Nürnberg (Tier 6 German cruser) and i got not a
    Single citadel. Am i just bad, got the German ap nerved or is the Nürnberg
    just weak?

  44. The reason why Japanese Navy is better is because they knew that the
    Americans could bring a superior number of ships that could outnumber the
    japs almost two to one. So knowing this the Japanese would build superior
    armor, speed, guns, and size. But once the US cracked the japs naval codes,
    they were able to out perform and tacticly dominate after 2 key battles.
    Those battles where Midway and the battle of the Coral Sea, they
    significantly alter the course of the war strictly because the Americans
    were basically king of the skies and ocean. Then the Japanese threw away
    Yamato and Musashi in dumb ways, the equivalent of sailing down the channel
    of Two Brothers map.

  45. unlocked izumo but only 2m in the bank >.>

  46. Im using aspect ratio of 5:6 to make the ship larger and bigger.. why not
    use it too notser? :D

  47. John Luedke (Jason)

    Hey Notser is there any point in upgrading the range of the secondary
    armaments on the American battleships?

  48. I love your channel :D

  49. TheHardstyleMusicz

    Funny, I just literally finished a game in her, did 136k damage 😀 screen shot here of
    final result :p

  50. Gareth Fairclough

    @7:50. That’s the Kagero for you. It’s a goddamn ghost.

  51. you really chase three DD with AP rounds?

  52. Gareth Fairclough

    Yaaay! He remembered his modules this time! :D

  53. “wont overwhelm armor like a Yamato or Izumo” Izumo? What?

  54. Eating Flashbang

    Iowa looks so good and is way better than Shitzumo!

  55. Sry if this is bad English, but are you using the highest graphic options?

  56. I might continue, with the grind, even though I been focusing at the
    Japanese line..

  57. I don’t like playing against this ship

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