World of Warships – Iowa 0.5.7

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on Estuary with the brand new modules in 0.5.7, we move to assist the assault on the western flank. A enemy shows up and we test out the accuracy of the guns. The team finds a lot of success in the west, I move to defend our eastern flank from the enemies. Some cruisers try to catch up to our carrier, but I’ve got 406 reasons why this isn’t a good choice for them. Hope you enjoy the game and have a wonderful day!

Tier IX Iowa Replay


  1. Play Hatsuharu pls


    Why it feels like its impossible to earn money in this thing earn 138k
    still loss 20k like how is the iowa repair this expensive

  3. I went home and tried this right away on my Iowa, worked pretty well. So I
    decided to try it out on the Montana, wow. You should do that next.

  4. Hello Noster
    Dear freind how been you and ur familly.
    I am out of WOT chat game. I am play WOWS Cince 056 patch not more, , al
    this team kill aa guns to pink.
    So long not fix i am don`t play wows. How far change in Atago atlanta?
    noster or same ash old one.

    I am play most AW Amored Warfar, on moment many giveaways on alienware site.

    have a nice day and cheers from holland.

  5. i cant wait to get the Iowa im only about 80k from it now, but im way short
    on the credits lol

  6. Wow that module is gonna make the Yamato even better…Especially with the
    reload module..

  7. This has got to be one of the most beautiful man made machines.

  8. They tried to improve the upgrades, but now you will still just pick a few
    all the time and ignore the other upgrades. Why dont thy just make it
    simple? Either better reload or better turret traverse. Either better range
    or more accuracy. Something like that.

  9. Destroyer Inazuma

    Good game. Makes me want to grind the IJN BB line and try out that accuracy
    module. Is it available only from tier 9 or can I put on a tier 7 Nagato?

  10. To me the Montana is still better than Iowa, it’s only because you can
    fight tier 7 and 8 ships, which are more vulnerable, that she looks like
    she’s so powerful.

  11. Hey Notser your posts are only getting better. I want to add a shout iut
    for another utuber, Valkyrist. Another source of thoughtful tactical
    guidance. Please keep up the great work.

  12. Superb game Notser! Finally I decided to buy the Mikasa, and that ship is
    excellent against 1-2 tier cruisers. But the main battery dispersion is so

  13. The Iowa is sooooooo fast

  14. Notser could you please do a video on the Myoko?

  15. i love this ship

  16. Notser too OP must nerf!! ; p great Iowa build and game : )

  17. One/two shotting cruisers is fun, but it’s not very impressive to watch.
    It’s just what BBs do. I’d have rather seen the Iowa duking it out with
    other high tier BBs at short/medium/long ranges. Preferably in a close
    match- bulldozing the enemy is great, but as a viewer it’s just not very
    entertaining when you see the win coming so early.

  18. MajesticDemonLord

    Hey Notser – I’ve recently unlocked the Montana – and want your opinion on
    Modules with latest patch: – Main Gun build or secondaries build – I play
    quite an aggressive BB so am not sure

  19. Play the Montana with the same upgrades and captains skill Notser

  20. Notser, for the arkansas beta, would you suggest the 11% accuracy buff, or
    the reload speed module?

  21. Have to say that’s the most active match I have seen at the Iowa level in a
    good while. Nice.

  22. Finandi Amartyadeva

    Make Arizona gameplay..pls

  23. All I want to know.. is.. how many battles do you have till you get one
    like this one.. because I don’t mind saying that seeing every video you
    have where you always kick arse. and maybe you do.. is very depressing for
    us mere mortals..

  24. anyone else think the iowa is a bit to powerful now…?

  25. Michael Page (Gothicmace)

    I also vote for a module build vid as well….woots.

  26. Michael Page (Gothicmace)


  27. Not all German cruisers have 6km torps. Not including t1-3. Roon and
    Hindernberg has 8km

  28. Tirpitz has better torret traverse

  29. Still upset the Mm is not as it was before those idiots modified it.

  30. Fast moving battleship game , most of the time battleships are boring as
    hell . , good work .

  31. The Mogami does as Mogamis do.

    I still feel like that ship is bugged as far as the citadel is concerned.
    You just eat cit pens with that bucket from every angle compared to the
    Ibuki or Myoko…

  32. MeKanism Lastname

    Should I go down the US BBs? I’m at tier 4, and I’m mainly focusing on IJN
    BBs (tier 7)

  33. Great as always. Keep them coming.

  34. hey Notser would you say if is worth it to use the acceleration module on
    battleships instead of the rudder shift?

  35. Show us if the Mogami 155 can be made usable again please!!!

  36. Der Wahre Hunter

    the Izumo need’s only 40s for 180° vs Iowa’s 45s for 180°

  37. Everythin' Bunky

    While I appreciate the changes in 5.7, not being given the option or choice
    to switch out modules for free has really pissed me off. Modules have been
    placed in that I don’t want, and modules that I do want will cost me. Sigh.

  38. I did 145k dmg in a kongo yesterday and got 3k xp ?

  39. lee christmasgaming

    i understand wargaming want to try and make the high tier USA Battleships
    even with their Japanese counterparts but arent they just screwing over the
    cruisers since that’s what american battleships hunt?

  40. Thats a major upgrade for the american line u have any news if they will
    buff japaneze also?

  41. North Carolina and Iowa are OP.
    No disussion, they are OP, plane and simple.
    Want to compare? Go and check my stats;

    I would like the Amagi to be better, but …

  42. Would you recommend this build over the AA?
    Also, nice video you got some crazy shots there

  43. MY NC is so much better now. It looks like the turret traverse mod might
    make the 155mm Mogami might be a good build again with it. Also a bit
    curious why you stuck with rudder over propulsion on the upgrade. Thought
    you might try the new 50% acc and dec upgrade to see how it worked on a BB.

  44. This review is perfect, straight into the game play while discussing the
    ship. Not sitting in port just what feels like rambling on on about the

  45. Even more reasons to get the iowa, it the start i already knew it was the
    best battleship,
    but now i really want it.
    I am just at the new york and i love it
    Wyoning 79% winrate, 917 average exp, 28 battles
    new york 86% winrate, 1116 average exp, 7 battles
    I can’t even imagine how great i will be in the iowa
    iowa= best battleship in all tiers

  46. i want you play JPN BBs Noster, i think JPN army is so weak after very
    Updates… is WGM nefts everything ofJPN again??

  47. I thought you would go speed boost instead of rudder shift module. I would
    like to see that build as well.

  48. Will you ever come to EU server? I would LOVE to penetrate you.. 😉 (like
    in Nine Inch Nails – Closer)

  49. Nice game as usual. Play more battleships please :D

  50. Alright alright, I’ll get back on the NC grind and finish up my Iowa. Looks
    like the build you’ve got here is a real winner Notser.

  51. hey notser great videos! What software do u use for recording and editing?
    Ur videos look so good!

  52. Finally the Iowa seems to have the characteristics it should have had from
    the start.
    No doubt they’ll nerf it…
    Meanwhile, I’ll try asking again:
    Can you PLEASE consider showing the stats as you do (speed etc) with the
    BASE, UNCHANGED stats in brackets? Would make it clear just what
    differences you’re getting with modules, crew skill and flags.

  53. I just can’t believe how helpful I find your videos! I’m watching this one
    for the second time, it’s so information dense. J Great work! Thanks for
    spending your time to help us improve our game. I could see myself moving
    up to the NC over the summer. Are there any perks with the new modules for
    a tier 8 ship, or are they only for tier 9 and 10? Thank you.

  54. man, I wouldn’t have known the Iowa was this good from playing last night.
    I must have wrecked around 7 Iowa’s last night in my North Carolina.
    players think that just because they’re top tier they can sail broadside.

  55. тwιlιgнт ѕcι-ғι_vocαloιd

    Do tier 1 XD

  56. Alessandro Calame

    Did the North Carolina get a dispersion buff?

  57. Tommi Ridanpää

    Are you going to do a build video on the Tirpitz?

  58. STOP shilling for the US BBs and show Izumo&Amagi for once

  59. Pavithra Gamage (Sanket)

    why you selected faster gun turret traverse ? in my opinion use AA accuracy
    upgrade to second slot is it good???

  60. Damn that was a quick one, beautifull ship though

  61. Really enjoying your video’s, keep up the good work.

  62. what are your pc specs ?

  63. I have Iowa unclocked, just saving up the silver. Can’t wait. It looks like
    a monster now. :)

  64. Nanchisan Nanchisan

    What do u think guys?? Buy the NY for the NM or sabe for Fusou??

  65. Started Playing WOWS last month. Managed to work up to the Atago. Mind need
    to rethink what Battleship I want to go after….. What would you say,
    Notser? Yamato or Montana?

  66. So what weakness does the Iowa really have? I’m thinking of the Izumo and I
    can’t think how it has anything over the Iowa…. :/

  67. Tomáš Mráček

    You are not correct Notser. IJN battleships have strangely better turret
    traverse. Except Yamato. For example Izumo has 40sec in stock;-)

  68. Ultimate Shifter

    That accuracy, damn, what’s the dispersion of your Iowa’s guns now Notser
    with this new modules?

  69. IOWA going strong,can’t wait to get it.But again-what’s weak in your
    hands,Notser?”And concealment again!”-my favourite line,lol.What are you
    always saying for 1st module-“reduced …chance” what?!We are as ever

  70. Mogami in 0.5.7 incoming?

  71. 15k man!! Congrats! 20k here we come, although, that will probably come
    like next week XD

  72. Notser Respect the New Orleans. plz I know you have a lot of ships. I’d
    like to see your build. Thanks.

  73. Arturo Quirantes Ros

    14999 subs XD

  74. So propulsion upgrade for DDs and rudder shift upgrade for BBs, so what
    should CAs pick, propulsion for more drifting or rudder shift for more

  75. Wow this Iowa feels fast, 33 knots and that turret traverse. What if you
    swapped that rudder shift for the propulsion module? That would make it
    stop and accelerate so fast.

  76. Before i was gonna watch this video I KNEW THAT THIS BATTLE WOULD BE
    SUCCESSFUL… as usual notser.. as usual….

  77. Question. In terms of making your armour the most effective, should you
    point the bow straight at the enemy? Or should you angle it a few degrees
    off 0?

  78. congrats on 15,000 subs notser! :D

  79. What a waste of heal 7 secs before end… :)

  80. Tirpitz. Tirpitz has better traverse.

  81. Question about the economy system Notser How is this possible? Just played
    my Nagato did 122K damage we win and I finish third on my team with 1600
    Base XP. Yet I lose 8000 credits on the game! I take position in order to
    tank in the end game like you are supposed to do in a BB to protect a
    couple of cruisers and yes I die but we win. Why are you punished when you
    play the role you are supposed to play?

  82. Do you have last known position turned off?

  83. Are you going to do a module build vid for various classes in 5.7?

  84. Nice one, Noster.

  85. time to buy back my colorado!

  86. John “SCHINDIESL” Schindler

    You just bullied the team in that Iowa. Great game.

  87. That_Unknown_Guy

    RIP main battry upgrades ;(

  88. Omg last time i came this early my girlfriend left me

  89. The Iowa seems a bit overpowered as of this patch.

  90. Eating Flashbang

    I fucking love the Iowa

  91. Douglas Troop (Azeiel)

    holy crap those guns are like lazers now. I am definitly looking forward to
    that build. I’m curious though how well an american bb secondairy build
    would do with the changes to the upgrade modules.

  92. YESSSSS The IOWA that dispersion thou is looking like it’s giving the
    Warspite a run for it’s money ?

  93. BIA World of Warships

    Hey Notser :)

  94. yea man, i hate seeing friendlies waltzing in the opposite direction of all
    the caps we need to be heading towards. I get it, it’s easy to sail away
    from them, but owning all the caps in that direction, most people would be
    better used pressing on objectives, with the right force and strategy of

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