World of Warships – Iowa Action Hero

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Iowa on moves to support the team around the epicenter. We engage a couple who show too much side while moving to the western flank. The enemy has a couple battleships that move forward, my team counters but I’m not willing to commit to the assault. The enemies just had too many ships to make a aggressive push that early. I push controlled against the enemy ships, the fights are intense and enjoyable. Hope you enjoy the game and have a wonderful day!

Tier IX Iowa Replay


  1. notser from your last few videos it seems like people are complaining a
    whole bunch

  2. Surprised you didn’t compliment your Gneisenau. 1,900+ exp in a tier 9
    battle in that thing with 6 main guns is pretty good, I’d have thought. 3
    kills could be ‘kill secures’, but someone’s got to kill the enemy.

  3. Hey Notser, you should gather a bunch of containers and do an opening
    video! Good battle!

  4. So, you dedicate hours at a time to livestream your game sessions, and now
    people want you to dedicate ~more~ hours out of your life to capture other
    upload-worthy matches and then record commentaries, too?

    May RNGesus frown mightily upon them, and may the Matchmaking Gods always
    place them at bottom tier!

  5. Greetings from Poland Notser.

  6. I love the Iowa so much! My great uncle served on USS New Jersey, so the
    Iowa has a special place in my heart.

  7. with 6X2 2,99 inch guns 14 X 4 bofors and 48 hs 404 the us navy made from
    the Richelieu the ultimte nigntmare for the nippon planes even the 3X3 6
    inchs gun was be able to destroy the planes 12 + 9 + 54 + 48 =123 AA gun
    for the Richelieu class But only 2X4 14 inch gun

  8. Iowa and Montana citadels are modelled incorrectly and sit too high above
    the water. All other ship citadels stop at the spalling deck, which is at
    the waterline, but for some reason WG stopped iowa and montanas and the
    armored deck

  9. J Manuel Villarreal

    Pata1985 here, I was close to get a in game compliment 🙁 Nice vid.

  10. Not everyone has time for the streams. I’m glad you show your highlight
    games from the stream sometimes because I don’t catch every single game.
    Even when I do see a replay there really is no reason to complain about it.

  11. I really like the tier 8-10 USN BBs but I just cant stand the grind up with
    all those slow ships!

  12. Terrymbel Cambel Cuel

    well its been a while since I watch notser. what is it the last time,
    Mogami? well, I hope I can watch your stream in twitch again 😀 (after I
    got my free time of course) good luck with your channel!

  13. You stream at 4:00 am here in where I am. It’s okay if you upload video
    that came from your stream because not everyone can watch your stream.

  14. Every time you say the British cruisers suck I get this sad feeling :(

  15. They should add the 1990s version of the Iowa to the game…ya know, the
    one with Tomahawks..

  16. Other players are the new islands :P

  17. Notser, how do you feel about Iowa and Montana right now since the german
    BBs have been here a while now? I’m on NC right now and enjoying it much
    more than I ever thought I would in Ranked, but not sure Iowa is going to
    ‘feel’ like an upgrade. Based on the stats, and the inability to cit a
    german BB up close, I still feel like US BB accuracy with Iowa and Montana
    should be improved further than they are now… Opinions anyone?

  18. Pitty, there was not a CV 😀 Would have liked to see those damn aircraft

  19. LeonaTimberCompany

    Running into islands got old so Notser took to plowing into teammates :)

  20. The pounding you took from 9:30 – 11:00 was while trying to finish off the
    f. der grobe transformed me into Rain Man during the smoke detector
    scene… lol. There were 4 ships shooting from your right flank and I was
    sure you’d steer left showing them the stern. In any case, you didn’t need
    the health after the solid heal and the game was great! The Iowa is my
    favorite BB with its speed.

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