World of Warships- Iowa- American Brutality (227,000 Damage)

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here showing off the buffed and how in her current state she is without question the best in concert with her sister Missouri. I show off the concealment game and her great penetrating guns to great effect.

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  1. Nice game with the right way to play BB not snipe from 20km+,and something else i played the Missouri for the Yamamoto mission (get 2000000credit) so easy 3 games and done it, 10 games with Missouri and i done the credit mission 3 times and the 30k xp mission and i got it,and got a crazy amount of credit earned, i know it’s supposed to be more a CL mission but I got only a New Orlean
    And what are you thinking about Nelson, does it have the same credit earning potential?

  2. Risheen Mukherjee

    North Carolina gets 11.8km detection with full concealment. Damn, that’s awesome, especially when paired with those 406mm guns. One thing I could never understand and this is about RN BBs – why is it that for almost all the lines t10 ships are less stealthy than t9 ships, but Conqueror has 11.1km concealment and the Lion has 11.8? Why does a larger ship with more guns have better detection?!

  3. I used NC longtime but never continue grinding with ıowa until citadels lowered. I put NC captain to baltimore and worked for des moines. I love des moines it worth it. now I bought Iowa and used stockhull until yesterday, my build very similar to urs and that stock ship felt like wow. Those guns hits the spot you want. Im not sure to upgrade fire control range 21 to 23km since its increases dispersion. very satisfying ship with good concealment.

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