World of Warships Iowa – BEST Battleship! Iowa Tier 9 US Battleship

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  1. It’s called zig-zagging, used by captains to throw off the aim of gunners
    and torpedoes, and it works better if you could have dazzle camo on ships
    as it would brake the out line of the ship

    Plz stop calling it serpentining 

  2. Mongi Shikukutu

    See you on the battlefield baron! Open beta is released everybody xD

  3. Joe Blankenship

    Battleship Texas I just want to see it in action

  4. Hi Baron,
    I see you have a special meter by the corsair that measures the distance
    and how long shots will travel.

    I also want to get it. Is it something in the options, or you installed a
    mod? For some reason I can’t find it.

    Thanks in advance!

  5. Zao plz :-)

  6. Its a bit stupid question, but how can i tag enemy plane squads for my AAA
    guns, like baron did before he attacked the carrier.

  7. good day baron, i just have installed World of Warships yesterday and I am
    used to wargaming but i’m still getting wrecked. and you are like the
    master of this, you take out 3 ships per battle. i cannot get any kills. do
    you have any tips to give me (and maybe other people) to win a game and get
    any kills? thanks for the support

  8. I’really like to see an USS Atlanta game play ans strategy video, please.
    And Thank you.

  9. The Mighty Mo

  10. Best 1HP ever !

  11. friend me on warthundr my name is codmaster please friend me so I can join
    ur events if u make me squad ples

  12. Baron I don’t know y but when I try to get into a tier IV battle I face a
    whole team of bots but then I see u play with people online and I really
    want to face better opponents I’m just wondering if there’s something in
    settings to help me

  13. GrayAndAnime OwO

    you gotta do the Cleveland for the 4th firing so much freedom

  14. Midway or Zao 

  15. Louis Hay-downs

    Use an Aircraft carrier

  16. Des Moines tier 10 cruiser pls :D

  17. Des Moines pls

  18. That Ryujo was a great tactician. I salute you. You bring honor to your

  19. I want to record world of warships too do I need something extra to record

  20. Joe Ayres: Musician

    +BaronVonGamez IF you look in either way and press ctrl+x you’ll lock you
    guns to that direction. so you can free look whilst your guns are turning.

  21. Atlanta 

  22. 223frankthetank

    play the warspite for all the lads

  23. Play the Yamato the 46cm beast

  24. uss missouri

  25. Hey Baron if you hit left shift it will auto matically put you into scope
    mode instead of taking the time and scrolling in if you didn’t know. Love
    your videos huge fan keep up the good work.

  26. There’s secondary’s?

  27. Can you do the modern career

  28. Terrence Guevarra


  29. Fusion Coil Production

    America is not all about oil china uses more oil then the us

    • TheWoodstock2009

      +Fusion Coil Production China is more than 4 times the population of the US
      tho,that might give you a slight hint as to why 😉

  30. St. Louis because merca

  31. How the hell does he already have a t9?

  32. So what would be the best strategy for the tier 9 battleships? I was
    thinking mainly objective defense if you can work with a team…

  33. USS north Carolina !!!!!!!!!!

  34. USS north Carolina is good as the lowa

  35. Fernando Flores de Anda

    Play with the Midway tier 10 aircraft Carrier.

  36. Jeff Pilkington

    Do the Zao. Baron please do the Zao.

  37. @ 3:30 or so Baron , you ate more than 1 torpedo. Or it was all that
    torpedis, you gave people, karma, just bitch slapped you back for it all.
    With Nuclear Torpedis!

  38. Iowa’s cannons are no match for RJ’s distinctive silhouette.

  39. how do you keep the range up and health bar numbers? mine only come up with

  40. RemusKingOfRome5

    That Lady has a fat butt, enough room for another turret.

    Great battle

  41. Midway needs some love. Take her out on a spin baron.

  42. Ethaniel Currie

    I just started playing it’s so fun do you have any tips on how not to die

  43. I would normally say that the carrier broke Baron’s ankles, so instead I’ll
    say that the carrier broke Baron’s rudder with that move.

  44. Wow. Just wow. That carrier player is a genius.

  45. Jonathan Chesnutt

    How the fuck is the Iowa a tier 9, they were still active in the 80’s

  46. Edwin Barnelius

    Play Midway plz


    Am I a bad person ’cause I hate Baron just a little for already having an
    Iowa to sail? Just a little? 😉 I can’t believe you sailed that beast down
    that narrow channel… not a careful choice. :p

  48. Uss miss

  49. Iowa is in Alabama right now

  50. this beta is a waste of time now. all your progress is lost when it goes
    live. fuuuuuck it

  51. mark brandenburg

    Zao or gearing

  52. agree re great enemy CV feint lol

  53. Norbert Ladányi

    St. Louis pls

  54. How to carrier 101

  55. Robert M. OrtizJohnson

    Who ever thought of that was pretty smart

  56. Robert M. OrtizJohnson

    Every 30 secs ha then I yell shots shots shot shot shot shots shots!

  57. HDMerdoc Gaming

    Des moines

  58. Midway or South Carolina

  59. Play Napoleonic wars

  60. That’s funny the carrier said he was in J4 HA! epic ruse

  61. play the MIDWAY! i was talking to World of Warships on Facebook, told them
    i watched you and PhlyDaily and slickbee. they wanted to know who i watched
    on Youtube.

  62. i started playing this game since 2 days. fucking awesome!
    But can someone explain how you lock an anemy target? so you can see how
    many km away he is, how many km you are aiming…
    (noob questions probably)

  63. Maybe some Kuma, for its high rate of fire?

  64. Play the Zao next!

  65. Incendium Studios

    I need a windows computer. I have a MAC!!!!!!

  66. DES MOINES!!! 

  67. You can hear the tension when he’s scratching his facial hair

  68. diogo magalhaes


  69. diogo magalhaes

    ghost carrier

  70. bro after yesterday and 9 hours of me playing this game i understand
    finally lol i understand.i knew it would be fun but not how fun it really

  71. time to sail out the beast. The Zao

  72. the planes seem a bit weak

  73. what cruisers are best us ot japanese

  74. xXx_Sp0d3rm4n_xXx

    how do you enable these extra hud options around your mouse? i dont have
    the km or time to hit numbers

  75. Can the next ship be the u.s.s Missouri 

  76. Squash CS:GO and DayZ content

    World of warships vs world of tanks?

  77. Lelouch Vi Britannia

    Now thats the Japanese Carrier art of war…. lool Baron, you got totally
    juked there…. same with your Atago…. damn well played for that Carrier

  78. this game should have a german tech tree too they had a lot of good ships

  79. MONTANA pls!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  80. The Iowa class battleship AKA 16 IN. of freedom.

  81. The best ship in World of Warships? Oh yea! What ship next?

  82. That will probably be an old Navyfield CV player. They move CV’s around and
    misdirect where their CV is by not having them come on a direct flight path

  83. BouncedFlameGaming

    Do the midway next 

  84. North Carolina for Amurica

  85. Play the Atlanta

  86. TEXAS!!!!!!!!!!

  87. Hello Baron. What kind of enhancement would you recommend for battleships:
    longer aa range or longer main cannons range?

  88. The Punisher please Baron :)

  89. Please do the tier 9 Izumo?

  90. Can you play as a carrier next?

  91. Omaha class cruiser plz

  92. Play the Kongou! Burning love!

  93. The CV was at J4. He said it in chat at the end of the battle. That was a
    brilliant maneuver by him. Well-played!

  94. That sad moment when you wish you had a press account 🙁 great video as
    always though. Could you do a video on the Des Moines, Baron?

  95. Hey baron i love to see u play tanks, id like to see more

  96. Baron Y U NO USE Shift to switch to sniper view?

  97. That Carrier had some gr8 b8 m8. I r8 8/8.

  98. All those ships have way too little AA guns, if you were to charge them
    with a plane, the sky would be filled with AA fire.

    • Nathan Peterson

      +Necra Monium There is a option in the details settings that increases the
      visual effects of AA fire this is just the default.

  99. Des monies for uncle Sam 

  100. I live in Iowa so this caught my eye. Great video.

  101. lauren sherrill

    Do the U.S.S North Carolina next

  102. Des Moines please!!!

  103. It would be cool to see the North Carolina.

  104. Benjamin Bailly

    Could we some British higher tier 4/ early tier 5??

  105. BaronVonGamez can you play the midway carrier please

  106. Anyone else wanna see a Midway?

  107. Range is your best weapon,keep distance with enemy,and iowa also has great
    So don’t just charge into enemy range.

  108. +BaronVonGamez your driving the ship not sailing cause its powered by
    propellers mate

  109. I just wanna say thank you to Baron for showing me this amazing game. Just
    went 24 matches and no death since the Beta was opened and I’m loving every
    minute of it.

  110. Yamato sensei baron

  111. Do the Tier 9 Japanese battleship, the Izumo I think it’s called

  112. Be honorabru and play the mighty tier V IJN Minekaze, For The Emperor!

  113. Some great Murica Gameplay with the new Orleans, sir!

  114. DAMN STRAIGHT IT IS!!! These battleships have been in more wars then
    Foxnews vs MSNBC

  115. The American Tier 10

  116. Feels like that ship should have a fourth turret, what’s all that empty
    space at the back used for?

  117. war thunder t-28? or the su-100y or! the all mighty t-34-100

  118. Can u do the North Carolina next or a Japanese Carrier

  119. Tier 9/10 American cruisers!

  120. Yamato!!

  121. A 100% of democracy…

  122. Atago next 

  123. Some Russians plz

  124. you must play the erie

  125. Love this ship

  126. Baron, I just wanted to say: I do not play this game and i’m not looking to
    play it, but i watched nearly every video you uploaded (about World of
    Keep up the great work :)

  127. Moer

  128. I would like to see the Des Moines :D

  129. i think its called lowa

  130. Yamato PLIS!!!

  131. Nicki “MJ” jakobsen

    how do you get the travel time and distance indicator under your crosshair?

  132. Elizabeth Tiongson

    The best ship in World of Warships? Oh yea! What ship next?

  133. But y u afraid to use the Phoenix?

  134. Nice video 

  135. Dat range I’m stuck in the st Lewis fisting my ass over here 9kms fucking

  136. Shimakaze 15 torps for Honor and gotta go fast 40knots max speed !!!

  137. joshua alejandro

    uss midway

  138. Midway?

  139. You said it yourself, you like brawling, so how about some GEARING?

  140. Uss midway please

  141. the iowa class ships are museum ships in the US now. i have been aboard
    the New Jersey (bb-62)

    • +Sean Rea been Aborad the USS Missouri my self. (bb-63) Changed my life it
      truly did. <3

    • +Sean Rea ive been aboard the Iowa and its a beautiful ship!

    • +El negron di mierda you have a war gaming account ?

    • El negron di mierda

      +Sean Rea Please someone help me, really, made an account in the game world
      of warships, but when I enter the game, the game itself says that the
      password is wrong and can not enter, since uninstalled the game and
      installed it again, but not enter, the what can I do?

    • +Sean Jankowski And was the last us battleship do decommissioned.

  142. Brendon Burgett

    That WH Knight Iowa guy is a dick, played against him when he was playing
    as an Iowa and I was the only other battleship on my team, I only had a
    Warspite too, and he was talkin mad shit then too. Some people dont play
    well with others I guess.

  143. lucky you won gotta remember that !

  144. Fucking Burnt on that real bad intel.

    • +El negron di mierda click the forgot password button on the sign in page
      for world of warships, that might help ya maybe

    • El negron di mierda

      +BaronVonGamez Please someone help me, really, made an account in the game
      world of warships, but when I enter the game, the game itself says that the
      password is wrong and can not enter, since uninstalled the game and
      installed it again, but not enter, the what can I do?

    • +BaronVonGamez I do not play … when I want to connect will put me:
      “Server error”. Help please

    • +TheBuzzard1209 that was a pretty good move by that Carrier

  145. Play whit Ranger please

  146. Japanese or american battleships?

  147. FieldMarshallEspi

    Let’s see the Essex or Midway Class Carriers. 

  148. plz do the japanese YAMATO Baron plz

  149. Kill Cam Update


  150. Essex class FTW

  151. just did 80.000 dmg with TierIV Wyoming 7 ships down – u did half that with
    Tier IX and still post ;)

    • You dont have to be good at a game to start a youtube channel. I reference
      So far i had the impression baron posts games that show an above average
      performance. Sorry a 40k dmg game with Iowa is a fking below average game
      and only total noob would look at the number of hits deflected or number of
      ships sank due to removal of last 5% of its hp.
      Uncritical fanboys will engange in ad hominem attacks.
      +Uncle_Lefty 14 Congrats to that great 120k dmg game. It just prooves my

    • Then start a YouTube channel if you think you are good enough. Oh I have
      done 120k in my Arkansas, which is the same as the Wyoming, so keep on

    • DuderMcBroBlaster


    • So, what. You’re trying to prove what exactly? That you did better than a
      semi-famous youtuber? That you know how to play a game? A youtuber like
      Baron doesn’t need to be good in order to post a video- he posts videos
      because people like him as a person.
      The difference between you and him is that people LIKE him
      He doesn’t post stupid comments trying to show how good he is.
      People asked HIM to play the Iowa- he didn’t need to try and show anyone
      how cool he was.
      The difference is we want him to post videos- the only thing we want from
      you is to go back to jerking your ego, you try hard.

    • Damn man. Thats pretty dang impressive. Trying to look cooler than the
      famous youtuber.

  152. Just want to say thanks for the videos the last few months. I started
    playing the open beta and man having watched you play really helped out my
    gunnery from the start. Lots of fun and keep them coming.

  153. awesome gameplay

  154. What do i put here?

    Baron, play with Speirs again! Please please please!

  155. I applaud that carrier, really nice play by him, but unfortunately their
    team lost.

  156. fastunderbolt the gamer

    yamato baron please

  157. Do the Atlanta next !

  158. Zao please

  159. Antonis Theophanous

    Des Moines plesss

  160. +BaronVonGamez Des Moines! Dpm Machine!

  161. Lousy game tbh – lousy manouvering vs iowa – hardly any damage inflicted –
    no citadels – i guess your commentary saved this vid

  162. the only thing that can compete with the iowa is another iowa lel

  163. Where do you guys think he was? I think he was more near J-7-8 or even

  164. Mile High Sports

    +BaronVonGamez U Make Cool Video’s keep it up!! :-)

  165. The best ship in World of Warships? Oh yea! What ship next?

  166. Does someone no how he do to see the name of your allied/enemy’s? *excuse
    my English I am french)

  167. do Sampson

  168. . “ILLUMINATI”

    cruiser zao

  169. The Iowa is muricas pride

  170. got late and only got here as 115th viewer, been busy reading frankie
    cheating bhopping scandal..

    ps baron always waiting for this episode..

  171. Till Beschorner

    Great vid Baron I still waiting for the deutschen Kriegsmarine

  172. First! Feels good.


  174. they nerfed it! they nerfed the IOWA!

  175. Plutonsuniverse (PlutonsUniverse)


  176. HA FIRST view. but seriously, how do you have tier 9s already?

  177. no views hype

  178. thanks baron! you made my day XD while phlydaily keep playing all those
    American hellcats you play the big boys :)

  179. The best ship in World of Warships? Oh yea! What ship next?

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