World of Warships Iowa – BEST Battleship! Iowa Tier 9 US Battleship

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  1. +Melancholic Ghost thx

  2. Melancholic Ghost

    Hold CTRL and click on a Plane Squad, your AA (assuming you have AA) will
    then prioritize on that squad.

  3. TheWoodstock2009

    +Fusion Coil Production China is more than 4 times the population of the US
    tho,that might give you a slight hint as to why 😉

  4. he sucks

  5. +RaWTrollFace hold alt key

  6. thanks

  7. Nathan Peterson

    +Aaron Laanstra Depends, Mogami (VIII) of the Japanese tech tree and the
    Omaha (V) of the US tree seem to be the best for DPM and torps

  8. xXx_Sp0d3rm4n_xXx

    thank you guys so much

  9. +xXx_Sp0d3rm4n_xXx There’s an option to have it permenantly on in the
    setting menu, go to the controls tab and select the alternative battle
    interface mode.

  10. press and hold alt key

  11. The missouri is an iowa class bb.

  12. Well the tier 9 japan bb please

  13. Nathan Peterson

    +Necra Monium There is a option in the details settings that increases the
    visual effects of AA fire this is just the default.

  14. Kamile The Twisted Tracer

    Les monies fo commie crew

  15. Nathan Peterson

    +Benjamin Bailly There are no British ships in game aside from the Warspite

  16. +joshua brown it has jets

  17. In the gulf war they placed cruise rockets on the back

  18. +Dr Wub iowa’s not under the naval treaty, the long hull is for speed

  19. Jonathan Chesnutt

    +Louis Mayall mainly used as a helipad

  20. +Dr Wub The Montana was a paper ship it was never built it would have been
    a cool ship had it been though.

  21. Ah, fair enough

  22. +Sean Rea been Aborad the USS Missouri my self. (bb-63) Changed my life it
    truly did. <3

  23. +Sean Rea ive been aboard the Iowa and its a beautiful ship!

  24. +El negron di mierda you have a war gaming account ?

  25. El negron di mierda

    +Sean Rea Please someone help me, really, made an account in the game world
    of warships, but when I enter the game, the game itself says that the
    password is wrong and can not enter, since uninstalled the game and
    installed it again, but not enter, the what can I do?

  26. +Sean Jankowski And was the last us battleship do decommissioned.

  27. +El negron di mierda click the forgot password button on the sign in page
    for world of warships, that might help ya maybe

  28. El negron di mierda

    +BaronVonGamez Please someone help me, really, made an account in the game
    world of warships, but when I enter the game, the game itself says that the
    password is wrong and can not enter, since uninstalled the game and
    installed it again, but not enter, the what can I do?

  29. +BaronVonGamez I do not play … when I want to connect will put me:
    “Server error”. Help please

  30. +TheBuzzard1209 that was a pretty good move by that Carrier

  31. +Kill Cam Update DUCK YEH

  32. Kamile The Twisted Tracer


  33. You dont have to be good at a game to start a youtube channel. I reference
    So far i had the impression baron posts games that show an above average
    performance. Sorry a 40k dmg game with Iowa is a fking below average game
    and only total noob would look at the number of hits deflected or number of
    ships sank due to removal of last 5% of its hp.
    Uncritical fanboys will engange in ad hominem attacks.
    +Uncle_Lefty 14 Congrats to that great 120k dmg game. It just prooves my

  34. Then start a YouTube channel if you think you are good enough. Oh I have
    done 120k in my Arkansas, which is the same as the Wyoming, so keep on

  35. DuderMcBroBlaster


  36. So, what. You’re trying to prove what exactly? That you did better than a
    semi-famous youtuber? That you know how to play a game? A youtuber like
    Baron doesn’t need to be good in order to post a video- he posts videos
    because people like him as a person.
    The difference between you and him is that people LIKE him
    He doesn’t post stupid comments trying to show how good he is.
    People asked HIM to play the Iowa- he didn’t need to try and show anyone
    how cool he was.
    The difference is we want him to post videos- the only thing we want from
    you is to go back to jerking your ego, you try hard.

  37. Damn man. Thats pretty dang impressive. Trying to look cooler than the
    famous youtuber.

  38. +Dan Allen
    Could you use smaller words? ;D

  39. +BaronVonGamez
    The new META

  40. +spencer loft
    you seem to be quite upset by nothing cuddly one

  41. Stfu u pleb u are nothing

  42. +Jason Hives not his fault. They heavily nerfed the Iowa

  43. Иосиф Steelin

    Well, it’s logic to not go straight on with your plans directly to the
    enemy ships that are searching you

  44. Very very smart thinking, the last sec he said in J4

  45. Brilliant

  46. +Jayanth Kumar at 19:31 in the side chat he says he was in J4

  47. +. confirmed? XD

  48. +Captain Levi 🙁

  49. Captain Levi (srx10)

    your not. sorry

  50. +Roy Shein really great especially because every other BB still has more
    than 20km of range….Every fucking cruiser has more range than the Fuso now

  51. +LupoMMD great! I hate when I get engaged after 5 seconds when spawning

  52. +Roy Shein fuck the Iowa they lowered the Fuso’s range by 6km!

  53. +Roy Shein How??

  54. Andreas Müller

    +Roy Shein Finally…

  55. +Captain Levi look maymay anime xddd lelelelelel

  56. Captain Levi (srx10)

    wow you did it Keepo

  57. +Plutonsuniverse baron first XD

  58. +BaronVonGamez worked hard for it. I kind of bought my way into tier 6 and
    played a *lot* of time on American battleships. now I can chill

  59. +Roy Shein that’s pretty impressive Roy o7

  60. +BudderAlphasus press account. I also have one without press account


  62. midaway stronk with JETS!

  63. +BaronVonGamez aircraft carrier essex PLZ

  64. +BaronVonGamez Yamato pls

  65. Yamato or kamikaze

  66. Yamato or move to kamikaze

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