World of Warships – Iowa by Mirrorcle

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Iowa on Trap by Mirrorcle pushes the north with most of his allies. Mirrorcle opens up on enemies that are around 15 km away, some good damaging salvos. Enemy successfully captures C, but are eventually pushed back. Mirrorcle and the team continue to push into the enemies, eventually moving through B. A lot of enemy ships move to fight them at B, the game really heats up for Mirrorcle. Hope you enjoy the game and have a wonderful day!

Tier IX American Battleship Iowa Replay


  1. That gundriver24 guy in chat, has terrible stats -why is it these people
    are always the ones to call hax and call people noobs lol. Everytime

  2. what does the US battleships have over japanese ones ?

  3. while shots at cruisers at 20 km are quite Tricky and also rng sometimes
    says NOPE NOT TODAY i found bbs quite easy to hit even at 20 km.

  4. Hey Notser, ’twas a Fireproof achievement, not Arsonist. Fireproof is much
    better in any case (oh so nice flags).

  5. Omg that kancolle mod. Where can I get it?

  6. He got arsonist with just his secondaries?


    Hell, I never use wide spread even for speculative launches! And in my
    Fujin, I NEVER use ANYTHING but narrow! Same in my Yubari!

  8. 8:50 OH HOHO! I have caught Notser in a conflicting duality!

    “18+km is too far a shot for me to want to take” (paraphrased)

    But then Notser says the Mogami is stronger for Ranked due to range!

    Ahh Notser, yanno I love you (no homo) – but I can kinda see you point on
    both sides, the Mogami has a high RoF so even if it misses, it won’t hurt
    that much, also HE spam works better at extreme ranges as you don’t need
    any large amount of aim to do damage.

    But I would still wager that the Atago is among the strongest of the
    Cruisers in Ranked! Dunno if there are any ranked statistics to show which,
    if either performs better in ranked, but if there are, I would be VERY
    interested in seeing them!

  9. Very well played indeed. Hard to believe he survived the grounding. Shame
    his team wasnt backing him up in B until the very end.

  10. did you like kankore?

  11. Why is the DDs moore off a threat in 0.5.2?!

  12. Hey Notser, I was playing in my Tirpitz yesterday and I was facing 2
    battleships, one to the left and one to the right. I tried to angle against
    both but then I took a citadel and realized that wasn’t going to work so I
    waited for one to fire, then I would angle against him, then angle against
    the other one when he fired. How do you angle against 2 or more ships?

  13. Good carry by Mirrorcle and very good narrated. well done !! Notser

  14. Battleship gameplay of yours tomorrow? and what do you think his 2nd slot
    mod in his Iowa?

  15. Looking forward to your rants and spittle-flecked comments on the upcoming
    WoWs 5.2. I keep hoping they will fix the replay system, for those of us
    who like watching. I did see one of the missing shells replays– it was
    almost incomprehensible.

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