World of Warships Iowa – Overcoming Team Barriers

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Hey guys. I played the Iowa for the first time in a long time. Right off the bat my team had issues with a few toxic players. Despite this, my division had a plan and we got to work. MM gifted the other team, but despite that, we pulled through.

I myself rekindled my love for the Iowa. 190,000 damage is not too shabby and it was fun to beat up on some other Iowas and a Montana. Can’t forget lighting a Yamato on fire either.

Hope you enjoy.



  1. I’m working on getting my Iowa, think you could make a tutorial video on
    the dos and don’ts of Iowa? =]

  2. After a game I had in my Balti a couple of days ago, I can safely say that
    this was not that toxic of a game

  3. tell your dd to come closer to you if he gets found by the other cv,
    nothing more that he can do. As a cv u have to go dd hunting tho :

  4. you call that hard battle?
    lol, you were leading right from the start till the end.

  5. HAL Ninethousand

    LT_JFK is a known be a very Toxic player.

  6. Well, we know who the 3 dislikes were. lmao Good video Zoup. Or should I
    say Zooouup! I’m surprised Bewbs wasn’t talking more trash tbh. Been in a
    few rounds with him where he goes off just like the rest of the team you
    had and for the same reasons (unknown).

    With regards to Snagabott and Tab Xtra’s comments, a BB should average
    roughly in the mid 20% range, meaning 24-27% varying for a hit ratio due to
    it’s alpha striking capabilities. Zoup had said he didn’t play for awhile
    for one, but also different ships are indeed different. Heck, one of his
    are as high as 30%, it all depends on the ship and how you play it.

    Personally I never follow my rounds either, I simply gauge if I hit the
    target and if I didn’t did I miss in front or behind/in front or over and
    how much damage did I do to it. I make my adjustments from there. Following
    a shot takes time away from maneuvering possible incoming rounds or setting
    up for another, etc. There’s a lot of information to be taken away from the
    information you’re given simply by how your shot lands without following
    the actual rounds.

    Just my 2 cents.

  7. Some nice shots at the end there, but I still think you could work a little
    on your long range gunnery. You had some shots where I felt like your lead
    was off, but you didn’t follow them in or even zoom in to see where they
    landed. I’m not necessarily saying I would have shot better, just that my
    instinct was different from yours. Because you didn’t look where they
    landed, I never got to test my theory (and neither did you, except that you
    didn’t score any hits from your extreme range shots).

  8. The dead man checked WR.. for future videos, may I suggest you kill the
    music completely – it is annoying. Secondly, other than observing the
    toxicity, I personally did not see you guys doing anything to pull the team
    together and kill the toxicity. As well, I hear a bit of toxicity in your
    teams’ voices and attitudes too. Finally I’d say the Iowa missed a whole
    lot of easy shots in the opening rounds. Just mho.

  9. I noticed that NoZoup never seems to watch were his shells land, and adjust
    for the next shot. (ps, not claiming to a expert in wows :)

  10. Completely understand the Sky Cancer rage from your division DD player.
    Being spotted & harassed by bombers the whole match is pretty common, and
    practically eliminates your ability to do anything effective with just one
    squadron of fighters hovering nearby.

  11. Funny ive played with LT Jfk quite a bit actually and he always every game
    goes off on his own despite team telling him not to then blames team saying
    we suck, or he complains if we stick together why arent we killing ships
    when he killed 0 and maybe landed 20 hits. He complains no matter what but
    at least he doesent TK or talk lot fual language… At least from what ive

  12. where did you get the fletcher torp delivery tshirt? looks awesome

  13. That Annoying Troll

    Are you guys really checking win rates while playing? XD

  14. The awesome thing is that the Iowa is even better since the recent patch.
    She’s quickly becoming my favorite ship now.

  15. WaterDogZilla/MuttZilla

    you need to make real genius vid on some of the toxic players that get
    killed or end up costing the team the victory.. lol.. that should be fun..
    lol.. Love your vids, keep em up,, and love the shirt.

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