World of Warships: Iowa vs Minnesota

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Why pick the Minnesota, if you could just have the Iowa? Iowa seems better to me. Minnesota has the armor, but Iowa has everything else.

0:00 Game
15:30 End Screen
16:08 Please Cap
17:50 Commander Skills & Upgrades
22:53 Iowa vs Minnesota Armor

World of Warships footage of the tier 9 US battleship Iowa on the map Sleeping Giant.


  1. Minesota is not super drednaught !
    Queen Elizabeth was super dreadnaught !
    Miniesato should be called super giga mega turbo dreanaught 😀
    Also – There is only two USN BB worth playing in tier 9 – uss missouri and uss georgia

  2. “Minnesota has the armor, but Iowa has everything else”

    You say that like I don’t remember playing it before the citadel buff. Turns out, armor is important. Especially when you need to turn out.

    • @LowTide It literally was… Iowa had such an exposed citadel that another battleship could easily delete it in 1-2 salvos fairly often back then. I even managed to delete a Montana like that… You clearly haven’t seen the old Iowa

    • @LowTide They’re talking about *old* old Iowa, back when it had a massive raised citadel. Back then, a broadside Iowa was about as easy a target as a broadside DM is nowadays: just chuck shells at it and you’re almost guaranteed multiple citadel hits.

    • Minnesota’s armor actually also bad, 32mm around entire ship, easily to burn down in this world of He spammers, especially she lack of speed to run…

    • @James Huo Minnesota has 38mm plating iirc.

    • @Marcus CYL only center deck and torpedo belt.

  3. If you want to pretend that you’re a Minnesota, then play Iowa at 3/4 speed. You’re still faster, but it’s close enough!

  4. Yaye! i was watching older video’s to make up for the lack of aerroon today and going to YT homepage gave me a nice suprise!

  5. Alabama > Iowa

    Better concealment, better turning radius, better torpedo protection and a citadel that sits RIGHT at the waterline. Not to mention great gun angles.

    • Also NC is better than Iowa imo. More accurate guns and everything except torp belt you mentioned from Alabama.
      Its just hilarious how bad the new BBs are…

  6. Watching Aerroon yell at some potato in chat is always funny. It’s like Zeus coming down from Mt. Olympus to yell at some shepherd boy that the sheep are too loud.

  7. 9:35 it’s not supposed to happen, but we’ve all been there

  8. As someone who mains iowa I’m glad that other people get garbage dispersion as well. Great video!

  9. Every time i watch CC videos, i wonder did every CC always get more than 1.5k base xp every play. No offense, but that gives me some boost for me to play the game that not every CC players always do more than 3 kills per game.

    Like your videos Aerroon. I can understand your explanations from every videos easily.

    • Thank you! Obviously you see cherry-picked examples in videos. You pick the best of the best to show off. However, I do average around 1440 base XP across all my games in Randoms.

    • From 2 years of playing this games, i’ve got 4 kills using Lyon, and only 2 kraken when using Sinop and Lyon.
      I like Lyon because i think that ship are like shotgun. How do you think about that ship?

      Sorry if my comments are out of topic

  10. One extra thing to point out about minnesota is that because the torpedo belt goes onto the deck, it can take 0 damage from even thunderor he on parts of the deck and the whole side of the ship since those he shells will be torpedo protection hits. It also likely takes significantly reduced damage from royal navy cl and destroyer caliber ap.

    • Ya thats one thing i dont think people think about too much, ya its big slab of torp armor but if it doesnt pen after that its a torp hit. thus little damage if any. its a quark i suppose.

  11. This really doesnt make me want to play either when almost every russian ship is a citadel printer. WoW…… sigh

  12. More overpens then pens? Basically every BB game for me, I watch the shells go and land exactly on the belt of a fully broadside BB or CA/CL, and somehow get all overpens

  13. Near the end, I have no idea what the Iowa and Izumo were doing taking their sweet time to take out a low HP Alaska. They waited until Alaska sank you to push. It is not like they were low HP to be that cautious.

  14. The renaissance man

    Yeah US BBs have that overpen and ricochet issue especially with IOWA and MONTANA, yesterday with the MONTANA fired almost point blank salvos to enemy BB and cruisers broadsiding to me for 6 matches in a row and the best I got was a 18k dmg with the MONTANA into a SMOLENSK, kept getting a whole lot of ricochet and over pens to even light cruisers.. somewhat frustrating ship to play most of the time, can understand to why most players dislike the MONTANA.. or should I say small HILL.

  15. That Izumo and Iowa just chilling there even though there’s a low HP Alaska to kill is why i uninstalled this game

  16. I think you have penetration and fuse time confused. Having more penetration does not increase your chance for an overpen it’s the fuse time that does. Royal Navy BBs have very short fuse timers which is why its much rarer to get overpens with them. British CLs have a .005 fuse time compared to other nations .033 fuse time which is why they’re able to pen destroyers.

    Wows fitting tool has the fuse times for all ships if you want to look into it more.

  17. Why play Iowa, when you can play Iowa, when you can play Missouri?

  18. im fairly certain that Georgia shares the same armor scheme as the south Dakotas

  19. I’m glad you invented the “oofed” category. Beats blap, paddling, and whateverpotatoe akronyms are out there.

  20. I use the +40% dcp duration on my usn bbs and I’m very happy with the choice. The difference is usually between being set on fire by the next salvo from that Conqueror or not. Nothing else in the first slot is very powerful anyway.

    When you compare the thickness of side, keep in mind that the 38mm torpedo belt most likely won’t arm the shell. In fact, all it might end up doing is removing water that would otherwise protect you from falling shells and replacing it with void (I don’t think any ship have any internal “syrup” or other to simulate internal components).

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