World of Warships: Iron Duke – Nothing Wrong With HE

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Haven’t played for 2 weeks. Took the Iron Duke out for a stroll. She’s a nice boat.

World of Warships footage of the tier 5 Royal Navy battleship Iron Duke.


  1. I miss your content man

  2. Sir Blythe Gilbert

    *rule britannia plays while the game’s balance is destroyed*

  3. 19 fires. That is obscene given a Khabarovsk or Zao likely won’t easily achieve this.

  4. WG: “We Need more data” Everyone: “We are getting burned alive at the lower tiers and higher tiers, and somewhat at the middle tiers” People who lack skill: “No everything is fine this is their flavor” *Everyone burning* WG: “Seems Fine, time for more Year of the Premium Carriers as they certainly don’t need any help either.”

  5. Those 3 BBs you chased were really noobs. They were able to take down your friendly which leaves you alone and they were still sailing away. They should rush you at that point. With 2 british BBs on their side they would have burned you down in no time.

  6. What was that Nagato doing??

  7. You’re alive. Huzzah!

  8. iron ducky is a shit ship since its slow and guns turn slow but fuck does it light fires

  9. WG went full retard with the RN BB line.
    Why bother playing a CA when you can play these instead?
    Gives you some idea as to how they analyse these things. Seems to me they ask themselves “Is it so good everyone will spend money to rush up the line ASAP? How long can we milk that before we bother to consider balancing them correctly?”.
    WG’s business model clearly on display.

  10. needs more data…

  11. Glad to see you back

  12. SuicidalTendencies

    Yeah HE is great but that was a full broadside and stationary iron duke and a ranger aaaand you have short fuse AP so might just be me but that was a prety good moment to ”delete” a cv and 2 shot a bb. good game non the less

  13. You have been missed. N-not by me of course. I’m just making an observation.

  14. i played conqueror one full evening when i unlocked it  (about 10 games). when we finished i opened warships numbers….80% wtr and 185’000 average damage. now…….this seems a bit too much, even tho yesterday i detonated 3 games in a row in my Conqueror.

  15. Slawomir Chmielewski

    You got 19 fires out of 78 hits, making it 1 in 4, roughly. It’s nothing special. Any BB shooting HE would get the same result at this tier.
    The reason you got so many was you were shooting broadside targets and you were switching them all the time. This allows you to light multiple fires on each target (instead of only bows/sterns) and you didn’t shoot targets already on fire. However, if you used AP instead you’d get even better results. Each of your targets showed you perfect broadside at least once. Colorado and Kongo were there at 90 degree angle for multiple salvos.
    Accounting for health percentages you dealt less than 2 battleships worth of damage (roughly 1.9 accounting for health parties and I disregarded the CV). This is a typical result of a very experienced player playing in T5 game. Nothing unusual at all and you would have a better result in a Konig shooting AP.

  16. 0:01 Will be the speed of the new Russian battleship line

  17. nice i have been waiting for a video for some time, now. and nice video as always 😀

  18. Glad to see you back doing videos for WOWS, Aerroon.

  19. Fault Line – hate it!

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