World of Warships – Iron, Fire and Water

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replay with the standing firm against the enemies who seek victory. The team comes back from a near loss to one of great success. Hope you enjoy and have a wonderful day!

Tier X Montana Replay


  1. if i got dobloons for every time noster says blappydiblap i could buy the musashi 😀

  2. Children scream yay everytime blappydiblap shoots and miss his target lol. Same goes for Notser lmao

  3. Btw the way u pronounce the “hare” in “harekaze” is like you saying “heart” without pronouncing “rt” and follow that with a ray (as in like a sting ray). U already got the kaze part right

    • Sukacita Yeremia ye should be right, at least for me it is. The way u read huh is not using the “u” sound, u use “a” like like the way u say heart but dont pronounce the “rt”. I think thats a better description, ye like saying heart without the rt.

    • I guess it sounds like the “hairy-wind”, now.

    • Sukacita Yeremia more like (hah-re-kaze)

    • Roger, hairy wind will be her codename from now on

    • Japanese is very simple when it comes to pronounciation. *The sounds of the vowels are always the same.* And I guess you know how to say “Shimakaze”, “Mogami” and “Musashi”. That’s all you need. All syllables with equal length.
      The “ha” in Harekaze is pronounced like the haha Simpson laugh. The “ze” is like send without the “nd”. Same goes for the other “a” and “e” in the name. Exactly the same vowel sound just a different consonant in front of it.

  4. The over-pen is real, I’m seeing it with all my ships, not just the French BBs. Game mechanics have majorly changed.

  5. *anyone with 69 in their name they gotta be good at maneuvering* 😏

  6. Just_Some_Random_Tryhard_Gamer

    Air, Water, Fire, Earth  

    Everything was citadel until German Battleships attacked…

  7. uugh more passive play spends half the game at the very back of the team shame there are not more fire starting ships to make people push but instead people just cry that fire is op

    • Baal More fire starting ships? You mean like the entire American cruiser line(s), Japanese cruiser line, Russian cruiser line, French cruiser line, and British battleship line?

  8. Since when has Notser started to make dirty jokes?

  9. Oh my this scroll zooming…is everyone’s shift-key damaged or something?

  10. Omg! „…burg“ instead of „birg“. If people now start to shorten the BBs to Friedrich and Kurfürst (or Fürst – spoken First) I‘m the happiest german alive. 😀 ;D

  11. This is Blap.

    I got my self in that “sticky situation” on purpose. That was the plan. To act like an idiot, then when the DDs come to farm, they get blapped.

  12. Yeah the games changed, I actually detonated a Cleveland with 2 shells…. 16″ amagi HE shells. Was shooting at a Bismarck, and the Cleveland undetetected was collateral

  13. I think its lame and pathetic when people beg others not to kill enemy ship just to let them to get kraken.

  14. Funny game. Started with a ramand ended with a ram. 😂😂

  15. Flicking between camera angles constantly makes it unwatchable.

  16. When u Sayed blapidipain blapidipain all the Time i thinked u where learning chinese Notser 😂😂😂

  17. I reported that mod to WG as providing an unfair advantage over someone not using mods (part of their criteria for deciding whether to ban a mod) and they have done nothing about it.

  18. Dunno about the value of this vid. 3/4 is just the usual boring “high tier BB drives it’s camping lines waaaay in the back”- stuff. Honestly, it’s nothing special and actually the stuff you do not want to see done by BBs in your team. Monty maybe is kind of an exception to this since she is so darn accurate on long range, but still – very boring play style I ‘d rather not see ingame.

  19. I dont know why did you show this replay.
    Beside great RNG main hero played “very safe”.
    I dont want such mates in my teams…..

  20. Hey Notser,

    got a question unrelated to the video… I took part in that recruiting thing for a chance to win premium ships. I worked my tail off getting recruits and finally got six that attend my college to accept my invite and reach T6. I was pretty confident I’d win the ships, but came up with nothing.

    I did some research into the winners and found something really odd…. most of them only had ONE recruit! One guy didn’t even know why they showed up in his port! I met all the requirements for winning, so why did they get the ships and I didn’t? Does it involve having to be a premium member, because at least 75% of the winners had previously bought premium ships, and I assume premium accounts. If so, why didn’t WG tell me?

    TBH, I’ve lost a lot of faith in WOWS; what else is going to go wrong? I REALY like playing WOWS, but I’m thinking of quitting due to this; it’s just too blatant. I know you know your way around the game a LOT better than I do, so I wanted to ask your opinion. Hopefully you can find this buried in the comments. Is there any way to get the ships without purchasing premium?

    Thanks for your thoughts.

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