World Of Warships – Is Bo Turning Japanese?

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After several people tried to convince the path of the Japanese Destroyer is the correct one, I tried it. I like it a lot. Here is a round from the small but deadly Japanese Destroyer: Wakatake.


  1. is the audio weird for anyone else? the game audio, not bo

  2. If only I could do that good in the WalkieTalkie.

  3. let the pewpew begin!!!

  4. Enemy cruiser foundered

  5. ninjajagyr ninjagyr

    BO don’t underestimate tunnel vision of your enemies

  6. Wakatake means “Young Bamboo” + Bo Time Gaming

  7. Hey Bo. c: The Star Wars Battlefront beta was released today, and lasts
    until the 12th. I think you should download it (it’s free, just need an
    EA/Origins account). 11GB download. Would definitely be good content for
    the channel (in my opinion) if you want to do it. ^_^

    By the way, World of Warships is starting to look reeeaally nice…

  8. Maybe Russian DD’s soon?

  9. Squirrel lives matter!

  10. Don’t want to spoil it for you but the DD lines are still very
    disappointing after tier 5. If you like a challenge though then high tier
    DD’s could be your thing

  11. You should try Japanese Cruisers ! They are like big destroyers with guns
    that can do damage !!

  12. HOI!

  13. my buddy is trying to get me into this game. still on the fence about it

  14. I really think so!
    (think so, think so, think so)

  15. Sweet stuff, Bo!

  16. Not to be a dick, The spotting distance of the Wakatake is 5.9 Km and the
    torps have a 7 Km range. You could fire your torps with out being spotted.

  17. 1 more day till beta :D

  18. You always make me laugh and have a good time.. Even the title made me

  19. i have the tirpitz its so good i know the torped is only can go 6km but so
    many dont know its have the so its so fun when other ships like destroyes
    go upp on you and u just shot some torpeds and the are fucked

  20. Bo, why are you firing the second spread of torps in front of the marker? I
    usually fire the first one right at the marker, which (as you know)
    predicts the ship’s course. Should he keep sailing ahead, those will hit.
    But should he turn, he will lose speed – and therefore I fire will fire the
    second spread behind (!) the marker. I only launch in front, when the enemy
    is slow and I expect him to speed up. So far this has worked pretty well
    for me.

  21. Yeah, WoWS just seems to be different. I wonder if that aiming mod is still
    allowed though :/ It makes the game easy mode for those who use it.

  22. “I do like torpedo gameplay”… Bandwagon!!!

  23. 2:10 best part of the video right here. :)

  24. Nice shooting Bo..

  25. What ship is this?

  26. Have you tried the US cruisers yet Bo? The Tier 3 St Louis is incredible
    (so many great guns) and you have the Phoenix and Omaha with torpedoes at
    Tier 4 and 5. Definitely worth having a look at for something in between
    the playstyles of battleships and destroyers.

  27. how did Bo get so much xp from one round?

  28. Anthony Li (Pyromancer)

    “There was some bear trying to take a shit and now it ran off…”

  29. Jap Torpedoes are OP

  30. Please play more World of warships and upload more of this gameplay, it’s

  31. loving this bo

  32. I am currently going down the IJN destroyer line and enjoy it very much.
    The American line not so much.

  33. I didn’t like this game it takes forever to kill anyone

  34. Man Bo… Now i wanna get world of warships!

  35. Squrls

  36. maybe you and squire should combine forces to protect the squirrels, and
    the wellingtons

  37. I really have to play this game more .. Never really got in to it.. only 2
    Ships unlockt for the Japan and 5 US ..


    oh wait


  40. *THIRD*

  41. second… it’s not the same :(


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