World of Warships is Hard for beginners

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For many of us that have been playing for a long time, I sometimes feel we tend to forget just how hard and overwhelming this game can be for a beginner. Even more so for someone who has very little gaming experience. My wife was kind enough o help me illustrate this point.

New Player Recruit Link:


  1. I have started to stream and plan to stream world of warships and warframe to help out new players firstly i enjoy that sort stuff

  2. I agree, there needs to be a better tutorial at least, something like WoWs Blitz

    • Steven Wiederholt

      If you think WoW is hard try MechWarrior Online!

    • Have u watch wow tutorial how it work?

    • @KD is not 6’9 this game already out for more than 4 years they need in game tutorial not youtube tutorial most of the wows youtuber already make that kind of tutorial, and the fact this game decided to make that video this late is also baffles me.

  3. Well done, Mrs Bazz looked at me and said “Really, are you serious!’ but you make a great point, I do remember my first month of leaning pain.

  4. You didn’t compliment her enough. She hit the target more often than she missed. She also paid attention and tried to follow your instructions. Well done to both of you.

  5. Mrs. NoZoup will ruputure my eardrums with that screaming ?

  6. @NoZoupForYou you gotta make this into a series

  7. I actually let my 11yo daughter play her 1st round on my acct Sunday in a tier 2. The event was pretty much the same as you had with your wife. Chaos and confusion.


    “turn the mouse right” – looks left – “turn it to the RIGHT!” – moves further to the left.

    that was adorable and in her defense you are not the most patient teacher zoup 😉

    In my experience the best thing to prepare you for your first battle is watching several beginner guide videos (nothing against you zoup, but i’d say that ichase has the best content on that subject)

  9. “I just want to go out to sea” Thanks for the Monday morning laffs Zoup!

  10. Zoup, How many hours of training did you prep prior to this Co-Op battle, such as viewing videos? This is like sending WW1 fighter pilots up after 4 hours of training. 04:29 her reaction is priceless. Ms. Zoup voice sounds cute. Bless her, you have a lady that puts up with your hobby. This is why recruitment center is good in helping new players in playing with them in a division.

  11. “I just want to go out to sea” SHES DEFINITELY A BB KINDA GIRL ?

  12. This was great,you should do this more bud indeed there needs to be tutorials for new players.Ps:you’re wife has a sweet voice 🙂

  13. When is your divorce final? ? Next game, should be in a Tirpitz, that would be a hoot!

  14. “You’re in a battle woman”. Sounds like something Bill Burr would come out with!

  15. Sounds like she’s new to gaming, not just WoWS XD

  16. AVW_TorchCad30 NA

    Thank you! Mrs. Zoup for stepping into the plate and trying… Awesome! ??? for the record you did outstanding?✔. The video it’s on point some new players know others don’t they just jump straight up for first time with no idea on what to expect.

  17. It’s like driving lessons…and the instructor is in a constant panic…LOL

  18. This needs to be a series, we can follow her journey to becoming a decent player!

    • I would love this idea. A chance to hear Zoup and maybe see Mrs. Zoup become a decent player, and maybe better then Zoup himself.

  19. Actual conversation with my wife several months ago:
    Me – “Do you want to play Warships”
    Wife – “Can I shoot players on my own team?”
    Me – “No, well yes, but it’s kinda frowned upon.”
    Wife – “What fun is that? I’ll pass.”
    Me – “yeah, that’s probably a good idea.”

  20. Her very first game, and she has already perfected the Notser maneuver! What more could you ask???

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