World of Warships – Is it going to be enough? NO??? yes….WHAT????

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I’ll just tell you that ending this match was a rollercoaster emotions.
I hope you enjoy and have fun watching 😉

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  1. i wish there was a way to open the map back up after the stream is over =(

  2. This was actually the first time the loud music at the start bothered me.

  3. Stream snipers.. this is why we can’t have nice things. And be able to watch maps during your games.

  4. Wait, DD Lives matter T? You have a merch store?…you have a merch store 😀 roll on payday 😁

    Ps. That ending 😜

  5. The map not being there loses kinda all the tactics you use and the reasoning for your positioning…I understand why but well it looses most value of the vid in my opinion… srry m8.

    • yeah I understand the need during strams but if there was at least a way to put it back on the youtube videos, I would be happy :D, i can still guess flambass position, but understanding team positioning is impossible

  6. Stop thinking your team will help you and play like you are alone vs 6….

  7. Don’t worry stream snipers are dumb people. They always resort to cheating rather than improving there skills.

  8. Challenge for Flambass, Take any ship you like and get 10 torp hits…but you have announce your torps in chat when you fire and who they’re aimed at! #5

    Heh, I wonder how silly this would get it it were a 3x Shima division that did this…

  9. Your team is only good for sailing back and forth with no particular plan and getting killed quickly because they like broadsiding in view of enemy BBs.

  10. That’s why I haven’t really bothered with Ranked this year, it’s not really worth the time and effort these days. Often it seems your team seem more concerned with not losing a star rather than playing to win…..

  11. Horrible music but great vid as always !

  12. never realized how much I looked at the mini map in replays until you blocked it, its makin’ me crazy

  13. the picture only hides the position of the teammates. the position of flambass is clear for all who have the maps in mind => i think this applies for most of the viewers

    • Unfortunately your assumption is (in at least my case) incorrect. And I’ve been playing since beta… Additionally I want to see the enemies position to see why Flambass’ positions in that way and who he targets at what position at that particular stage of the battle. Hence: no map means losing sight on all the strategic choices he makes. Therefore I have to agree with Powtayow’s concise statement that perfectly sums it all up.

  14. Actively trying to decide what’s better: the video’s gameplay or the background music?

  15. to bad you hide the map, alot of the gameplay and entertainment is lost that way. Can´t you avoid it with stream delay ?

  16. no map=no watch

  17. anyway to reveal the minimal for youtube posting, or no?

  18. That’s what I hate about playing DDs, you scout, you cap and you spot. You end up with muppet teams and little credits because you don’t get much damage. That and have idiots shout CAP NOOB when there is 3 radar cruisers lurking behind the islands lol.

  19. Stream snipers time travel and kill you in a game that’s already complete. They’re a bigger problem than I thought

  20. Only thing wrong with this game at the moment is the time on the radar consumable, They need to extend that an additional min for balance sake. Flammy I know you agree with that right.  Now,We are acquiring signatures to have the current duration increased by pressure from within the gaming community, What we want to know is, Can we count on you?

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