World of Warships- Is It Worth Playing This Game In 2023?

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Hey guys, today we tackle the question that’s been asked more and more recently: Is It Still worth playing this game in 2023? Enjoy!

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  1. Considering the other forms of entertainment in 202, even current WoWs was probably worth playing

    • Why are people talking about 202? Is everyone trying to refer to 2023 and coming up a digit short?

    • @Chris Austin when the video was released there was a typo in the title that said 202 instead of the now corrected 2023. So naturally us early watchers had to make jokes about it.

  2. Well if you like submarines, players that won’t support you on your flank then I think you should play the game in 202

  3. Don’t think i will be alive in 202 years

  4. I have shifted into playing subs since CV’s have made the game absolutely unenjoyable in any surface vessel. My big thing is that CVs can spam critically damaging attacks so fast, and unlike actual naval combat, they have very little refit or travel time (ie flying hundreds of miles to attack in one huge swarm, then head back to rearm and then fly back again..which takes a lot of time). CVs imo have ruined the surface combat aspect of the game, which is why Ive become very proficient in subs (see my channel for a couple small battles) as it is the only effective counter to the air attack problem. AA on most boats is worthless and AA on ALL boats against tier X and up CV’s is absolutely worthless. I play much less now and most of the time if MM is giving me CV after CV encounters ill switch to sub and be the most hated player on the team, while getting the job done. Just my $0.02

  5. I was a daily player for 5 years (I did miss a day or two here and there), three weeks ago I realized that I wasn’t really having fun anymore so I stopped playing. I thought that I may jump on once in a while but so far I don’t miss it. Maybe someday I’ll play again or maybe I won’t.

    • There’s precious little fun in the game apart from the operations. The rest is 90% gargabe. True, CV’s have been in the game since the start, but those were the RTS CV’s until January 2019. No subs, obviously, because the game mechanics do not allow the subs to fit in. This game was good from about 2015 till early 2019, and has been going downhill ever since with more and more predatory monetizing in the shape of time gated events and loot boxing everything including the layered tokens and currencies.

  6. I started this game about a year and a half ago and it took me a few months to realize that I needed ships T5 and up to knock out daily missions, and all I had at the time was the Omaha and the Dalas.

    So, to get more T5 ships I did the probably very unwise choice and grind out every factions DD, CL/CA, and BB’s to T5 (CV’s and subs have taken much longer). A full year later of slowly grinding them I have gotten every ship class to at least T7 and most T8, minus the subs still at T6.

    The grind is long but by doing all the different ship types from every factions tech tree it always keeps the game feeling fresh and from getting stale.

    • Oliver Alexander Lau

      I think its a wise choice I plan to stay low tier for a while
      I came along dome YouTube video advices to do the same you did.

    • Adam Marcinkowski

      Buddy I play wows 5 years I have grinded all but Spanish lines , and I have all T5-T10 = T10 – 76 , T8/9 – 108 , T7/6/5 – 166 + T11 – 13 in total 382 ships , I dont write that to brag but to state , that was lost of my time , I have grind T10 to get SC that granted great rewords , but they have rework those , and when 12.8 hit airship escort will be a random battle mode , for me that is just end of that game , so yeah I advise you to dont loose time on all lines , in my opinion there are few worth it :
      DD – Shima , Haru , Gdansk
      CA – Jinan , Petro , Des
      BB – Schlieffie , Yamato , Republique ,
      … but before you choose with T10 lines you want to grind to T10 , install PTS , there you can use resurcess to unlock lines for free and see if you will like T10 , as I have 76 T10 , and most 432 Battles I have on Republique as that was my first T10 so I grinded free xp on her to get Musashi , but I dont play here , T10 I play most are Shikishima , Ohio, GK , Yoshino , Salem , Colbert , Smolensk , Vampire II , and none of those ships is line ship , I advise to not collect crappy lines you will not play them and WG do what ever they can to nerf economy !

  7. the great year of 202, no but seriously great work man, keep it up <3

  8. I played the Delaware in that game, been putting off grinding that line for ages… same as for the CV lines. With the anniversary snowflake event coming up, I guess I need to start grinding those lines for max reward returns. I’m really glad I can grind the CV and Sub lines in Consealed Maneuvers, and not in randoms, hehe! Cheers for the vid, Mountbatten. Keep them coming!

  9. I remember playing world of warships before the CV rework like 2017 or 2018 idk when was it changed and it was hella fun with the RTS style it was the only reason i installed the game again on 202, literally started less than a week ago and when i got to the CV i found a huge disapointment for the rework and i thought i would just not play it anymore and then i found the DD gameplay was very fun that i already have 100+ battles in the 5 days i’ve been playing and and even if i find submarines a bit annoying as a DD main i still find a lot of fun playing the game, just got to tier 7 japanese destroyers and i found out the grind is real tho but being fair i already playing between tier 5 to 7 as DD

  10. And then you get a losing streak where you always end up with a team where half of the player decide to suicide themselves on the other side of the map. It’s amazing how often I thought that my team gonna win the game (after capping B and A and outnumbering the red team) and then half of the team sunk in less than a minute (often on C cap) and good luck to fix that if you’re a DD player again multiple radar cruiser.

    I recently uninstalled the game because I didn’t enjoy it anymore, the game is now too grindy, those blow out game are way too common,the current HE spamming meta is annoying (and prevent cruiser/BB from pushing), etc…

    WG need to brind Asymmetric battle or add T9-10 ops.

  11. I still play this game. First came into the game December 2020. Sometimes I get bored, sometimes I play a lot. What gets me going are the collabs, which I look forward to.

  12. Logistical Nightmare

    It’s a very different game now. If you loved the game pre CV rework and you do not like the No risk, big reward meta that is the current game. Then No, it is no longer worth it. Newer players that like this current meta will love it. The biggest problem is that us older players knew that subs would substantially change the nature of the game. They even hung Chieftain out to dry by forcing him to issue an apology after he released a video stating under no circumstances will there be no subs in the game… ever.

  13. In the time it took me to grind to tier 8 for 3 nations (main BB lines) without premium time, I’d unlocked 1 tier 4 riverboat in War Thunder with premium and 6 300% boosters exclusively using premium naval/aircraft….entire coastal/bluewater fleet for germany took a little over 700 hours. The grinds really don’t compare.

  14. I started playing in early 2020. I had heard of the game but didn’t play for years because there were no submarines and I’m a big submarines nerd 😂. Started playing because they were being introduced. Overall I still find this game fun after 3 years even when playing as a surface skimmer.

  15. I will say as someone who stopped playing the game a while ago, I still keep tabs on updates to the game. I initially stopped due to the CV rework, burnout, Russian bias etc., but I am always keen to hear what the game is doing and if WG has finally fixed some of the longstanding issues. If AA was fixed, along with meaningful ASW then maybe I could be convinced to come back and find out wtf a Supership actually is 🤣🤣

  16. A friend of mine just started playing. His opinion of the game at t4 is, hes addicted and is having tons of fun. Not sure how he is going to feel when he gets up to t7/8 and up however.

    • That’s pretty promising actually, since T7+ feels like the “real” game to me and I can’t imagine having to start all over from T4 and below.

  17. Hoàng Hmà Nguyễn

    I started playing this game around mid-April this year, so far so good with 1.3k matches at 54%(0 match in a division), even got Mino and Montana. Given the states of other military simulation games(War Thunder with the never-ending abusive devs, or the over-capitalized WoWSB runs by Weegee as well), I’d say that this game is still good as hell, subs, hated by many, are pretty damn easy to counter when they give out their positions imo, pretty much the worst things are MM and facing CVs as a ship with bad AA(something I learned the hard way while grinding the German CA/L line)

  18. Other than the Airship escort type games, and some Operations, I haven’t missed this. Throw in all the expensive premium princesses collecting dust on the docks – the trade-in was a step in the right direction but not the best value (wish I could sell & bank the unused ships for doubloons) – and it’s been hard to come back the couple times I’ve tried this year. War Thunder Naval arcade at 3.0-3.3 has been a blast and fills the gaming need.

  19. Very cool video, hoping all the best to new players wanting to get into it. And don’t spend any money, try to have fun without it

  20. I really enjoy your videos, I have been playing WOW since 2018…I have seen more and more, money 💰💰💰 items..but I have also had some fantastic Santa Boxes! Not last year…but 2021…it was raining top of the line premium ships! Grinding for ships takes time and patience…but it’s worth it…I would suggest trying to build your credits fast I currently have 300,000,000 saving your free XP, is crucial to enjoying the game as well 3,000,000 + budgeting for Dbs! Making Dbs… saving Steel, this has been my favorite thing…a long with competing and learning more and more about the game. It’s my favorite PC game…I just think there was a huge drop in certain areas after they left Russia, not getting political…just noticed the increase in trying to make money. But I still really enjoy playing the game.

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