World of Warships – Is Izumo as good as premium version?

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After playing Bajie, the premium version of Izumo, I decided to play the original version, the Izumo itself. Just to compare the two, I though it would be the best idea to play them right after each other. In my personal opinion premium version has that extra reliability which makes it good, where regular Izumo is just okey-ish.

Enjoy and have fun watching 😉

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  1. Σφυροδρεπανος Καρχαριας

    Bajie: Better range (25,41-21,68) , worse reload (28-26) and traverse (44-39) . Better sigma (2,1-2,0) worse dispertion (249-225). On paper the differences seem minor. In reality for now lets see what Flambass and the other CCs have to say.

    • best is all the CC say its bad, so wargaming dont nerf it

    • Thanks for the nice sum-up
      Σφυροδρεπανος Καρχαριας!

    • The worse dispersion may also be due to the additional range though as it’s dispersion at max range from what I remember.

    • Dispersion looks to be either the same or maybe even slightly better. That figure is dispersion at max range

    • Worse dispersion? No, no, you miscalculated. They have the exact same horizontal dispersion formula (7.2R + 84); what you’re seeing differently is that Bajie has a bigger range, so the horizontal dispersion, following the formula, gets bigger too. So all in all, Bajie has straight up better *consistency* because of the 2.10 sigma.

  2. Premium is better than regular… Welp WoWs is becoming WoT

    • That is how pay to win works.

    • Wow, you’re really behind the times.

      Yubari – Kuma
      Minekaze – Fujin / Kamikaze
      Any T7 CV – Saipan

      Minsk – Lenningrad
      Moskva – Stalingrad

      Fiji – Belfast
      Pensacola – Indianapolis

      New Mexico – Arizona

      Any T3 BB – Koenig Albert

      Any T4 BB – Imperator Nikolai
      Any T5 BB – Giulio Cesare
      Izumo – Musashi

      Iowa – Missouri

      And the list just keeps going…

    • @Doodledibob Mb Sorry, I stopped playing when there wasn’t any russian/german tech tree. Just thought to come back…

    • @DROP Don’t. The game has been in a downwward spiral for years at this point. From P2W to powercreep, just about every change WG has made has been to the detriment of their game.

    • well, at least WoWp isn’t like them…

      *_wait, oops_*

  3. Flambass misses broadside donkey 10km away: “God! Only Izumo can have such moments.”

    Enemy Iowa’s commander: “Hold my beer.” *misses salvo 3.9kms away from Flambass*

    count your blessings FlambDaddy!!!

    • Meanwhile I, in a Massachusetts, shoot 9 cannons at a broadside cruiser at 5km and miss every shot 🙂

      Ohh well, atleast the secondaries would hit

    • *Laughs in Kremlin*

    • I played Iron Duke a few days ago. Had a Kongo give me flat broadside at 4.5 km. I aimed below the front turrets and got 2 ricochets, 1 overpen and 6 hits in torpedo protection , for about 1k damage total – twice in a row.

    • @luuk341 oh dear. Well, to be fair, i completely missed a broadside kaiser 1.9kms away on my mikasa 2 weeks ago. However, it’s a mikasa. I don’t think it can hit anything it aims at.

    • _Izumo_ has good accuracy. It’s just not quite as good as _Yamato,_ but that’s like saying a ship is small when compared to the Currywurst.

  4. I don’t know if it’s skill or Flambass has some mad luck. Whenever I use Izumo, I hardly get a good hit.

  5. To this day that back turret still pisses me off, like come on WG why???

  6. I can’t help but notice those poor back turrets. Every time that turns almost 3/4th the distance to where flambass aims, he just turns the ship, and the poor thing has to do the entire 180 all over again. So throughout the game it actually ends up pointing at the ship’s bridge than at the enemy ships’. Amusing.

    • That’s why Nelsons layout for an all forward battery layout makes much more sense to me. Switch from port to starboard doesn’t need any 180 or 270 degree turret rotations.

    • @aCivilServant irl you don’t bow-in tank like that, generally focus one ship for as long as possible since it takes time and salvos to dial-in range, and generally don’t maneuver if possible so you maintain consistent targeting – overall, it’s not as much of an issue as it is in WoWS
      The whole reason for all-forwards is to save weight, and Izumo-style all-forwards saves more weight than Nelson-style does, since now 2nd and 3rd barbettes can also share an armored wall and the overall length of citadel protection is a yet another bit shorter
      For WoWS though, ofc Nelson-style setup is much better – hence the Vladivostok in WoWS is based off the design with that setup rather than with the Izumo setup cause ruskie bias blyat (or, to be more generous, “less player frustration”)

    • @Blue Rendar bang on. The Nelson design came about as a result of the Washington naval treaty limiting displacement of Battleships.

    • @Blue Rendar Agreed, I was speaking in terms of WoWs play styles and how the Nelson / Vladivostok setup is better, but as you say the Izumo layout also has it’s merits in the real world 😉

    • @MoA-Reload… Yes, and it does so by limiting the amount of protection needed by “bunching up” all the critical components; the Izumo-style setup just does the displacement reduction even better. The design proposals that led to the Nelson also considered this setup, but in the end, the irl one was chosen, I assume because the benefits were too small relative to the trade-off; whether that’s (relatively speaking compared to other major layout changes, e.g. traditional AB-X three turret layout) because the benefits were too small or drawbacks too large, I don’t know – though I imagine there’s many articles written on this subject if you’re interested, and the original design evaluations might even be publically available these days.

  7. If they want a really good Premium Izumo, just move the third turret and decrease the rudder shift time.

  8. i startet in closed Beta back in the day, and went for JPN ofc.. i got to Izumo, “not bought it” then after a long time startet again and saw the russians star destroyers, went that line and have the tier 9 BB for RUS now.. is Yamato even worth going for at this point over the Kremlin? or is that iconic ship “Yamato” just a meme ship now vs all the others ?

    • @boomcat I do recommend her. She is a ship with clear strengths and weakneses. Her guns are very reliable and as mentioned the only ones (beside Musashi of course) which can overmatch hight tier BB bow and stern armor (which means you can citadel many of then just through the nose below 10km). Her Armor is very thick, so she can take HE spamm very well. Also the Torp belt is the best. But dont brawl with her, she is very easy to citadel, when you show broadside or her “Cheeks” which you can see on the armor layout also her turrets urn very slowly. Just stay angled at mid range so you just can use all your guns. Her best palystyle is kinda stationary. You mostly go either slowly forwards or backwards depending on the situation at the cap you re fighting for.

    • @Feanor n super thanks alot.. 🙂
      also you @MoA-Reload…

    • @MoA-Reload… Imho Yamato is most efficient à 15 km range, not as a mere back line camper, you just have to minimize the vulnerabilities of your armorby knowing how to angle a little bit and positioning

    • The long range and accuracy work just like long range torpedoes in that it gives you additional options, but not necessarily optimal performance. Sniping in _Yamato_ is for when you’re low on health, relocating, or there just aren’t any good targets closer by. Otherwise go mid range.

  9. Flambass: *turns to another target 45 degrees to the other side*
    Third turret that haven’t pointed to the initial target: Ah shit. Here we go again”

  10. He talks more to His ship then to his stream chat

  11. Izumo can be a beast but sweet jesus, it took me a ridiculous number of games to knock the snowflake off. Not all down to bad teams either. Izumo just would not hit anything. Broadsiding Neptune 8km, no problem Neptune. You broadside away while I hit you with 4 of the 9 shells I throw at you and they overpen ??

  12. The renaissance man

    When I first got Izumo more then 2 years ago it was a piece of 16 bits Jap steel shit but since it was buffed did tried it again and it is more of a machine still not a BB for all …

  13. 4:45 Izumo be like: “Dont praise me b-b-baka!”

  14. Oh i do not miss grinding through this boat at all. It’s the only ship i had ever experienced getting all turrets destroyed the whole time I played WoWs

  15. try say bai “jair” as in “chair”

  16. ooooh god i hope the DONT waste their time making a premium vertion of this Shit ship… if they do they better prepar to PAY me 20 Euros to Take it…

  17. New Bajie looks like the exact same thing as the Izumo

  18. Happy Christmas ? your cat and your whole family ?

  19. 7:-07 a reverse notser, not something you see often in WoWS

  20. Curious how long it’ll be til Flambino is surrounded by cat towers

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