World of Warships – Is new Grozovoi rly a good DD???

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Since I was doing all my DDs, Grozovois turn came.
Is it a good DD? Yes it is, because the new heal gives you way more utility.
It is a lot easier to go and do anything when you know that all you have to do is survive and you’ll heal most of it back, even very dangerous situations.
Enjoy and have fun watching 😉


  1. 2nd🤩

  2. Radar mino

  3. John Chucky Tomlinson

    GG Flambass, for you to be Croatian, your English is impeccable.. It sounds like it got a hint of Jewish in it, but their is no accent at all….🚢

  4. That mino probably had radar equipped instead of the smoke generator would be my guess?

  5. south east spawn goes AB (mostly). Like it. Doesn’t happen often ppl know how to play this map.

  6. Skjördur Svarturskikkjan

    “Real man unbind the ‘S’ key.” (King Leonidas of Sparta)

  7. “nunununuuu broken engine. NOT LIKE DIS!” *boom*

  8. Same thing happened to me in my gorzovoi last night doing clan battles. Turned a corner of an island and was greeted by a broadside Moskva so I took proceeded to citadel him 4 times then torped him for the kill


  10. that neptune should never have come this far considering how long he was spotted. so next time he is on that map, he will try this again

  11. great vid as always..finally caught u on live on twitch so i could give you my twitch prime sub..u will get it in the futer . in game name is rimer106..

  12. _Titty_The_Animal_

    Hans for Captain
    Attempt #4

  13. Dip-Dip Potato Chip

    Russian DDs aren’t DDs tho. They are citadel-less CLs

  14. Gensui: Yamamoto

    heal + speed boot + AA def + smoke at same time… while having very good torp and gun. WG really shit on IJN

  15. Very glad they didnt give it radar

  16. Teamspeak? DansGame

  17. That was not Minotaur Hydro… that’s radar notification icon.

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