World of Warships- Is Schlieffen Overpowered?

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Hey guys! Today we take a look at the claim that the Schlieffen is OP and I share my thoughts on it, enjoy!

Ross Rowley:

Outro Music: Stranger Think- C418

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  1. At close range she is a god, at long range she is as good as Fdg with 420 albeit more accurate.

  2. I dont think so. In the current meta, you have to take quite a few risks to get to a distance where your secondaries and torps are effective.
    That’s s a true counter balance to the ship’s capabilities.

  3. Fun ship, very offensive but she does take in a lot of damage and has 1 less heal. Balanced lol

  4. It’s a mid / late-game ship and as such the skill is knowing when to push and when not to – which is what we have with the Scharnhorst at T7. The first 5 mins of this vid were a great example of pushing too early.

  5. This ship is a good example of power creep over the main line in my opinion. The new line has the advantage of being able to fire at a very steep angle while fdg and Kurfurst has to show a full broadside to fire, as good as the turtle back is on the main line, you will still take a lot of damage by exposing yourself to fire the guns.

  6. No its not overpowered, the secondaries are very powerful, but the main battery guns dispersion is awful, its balanced for T10

    • You can easily get your “Butt” handed to you by watching the secondaries working, and not paying attention to your situation…Trust me…

  7. Its seems a bit too strong to me, but i think that will change when i figure out how to counter it.

  8. I do not think she is OP either, it requires skill to put her into a good position and map awareness, if you let her get in close via a flank she punishes the faults of the enemy team which they made before

  9. Dimitris Stefanatos

    A ship that needs brains to play with! Definitely not op but it needs skills to make it shine. Not for the average player or zombie tank style. Don’t be surprised that competitive players love it, cause it’s the kind of ship that encourages active play style. Jesus, once we complain for dead eye now for the opposite??? Well done wg keep it as it is.

  10. Not op. You better not have her nerfed. Brilliant brawler but can’t take much damage especially against enemy battleships.

  11. I’ve been playing Schlieffen a lot since it was released and no, it’s not overpowered. It has really low HP for a battleship, thin armor and short range. It’s a glass cannon that can be easily overwhelmed. It only does a few things well and it’s very easy to screw up and put yourself into a bad position.

    Don’t get me wrong, it’s a really fun ship to play, but certainly not overpowered.

    Also, this is the same thing we all say about most new battleships a few days after they’re released. Remember when Roma felt overpowered in its early days? One could even say that if a battleship doesn’t look somewhat overpowered in the first days after it’s released, it’s a sign it’s shit.

    In the case of this ship, it surely feels overpowered when you get too close and are on the receiving end of its secondaries. I know how fast it can melt an enemy ship’s HP. But consider that’s practically the only thing the ship does well. If it’s not within secondary range, if it’s forced to run away or engage you from a distance, using its main guns, it’s worse than a Tier IX. Just like it can melt ships pretty quickly when they get too close, this ship also dies pretty fast when it’s under sustained enemy fire.

  12. very up front offence focused ship, is it over powered hardly, low hit pool subpar armour(compared to the mainline) and inaccurate guns at long range, its a ship that needs to pick and choose its engagements, something has has been somewhat lacking in a lot of the more recent lines, rather than over powered I’d say this line should be the balance standard to aim for.

  13. Actually on Prinz Ruprecht, having fun but hating the range disadvantage, can hit better at 18 km’s than on FdG at 20. Considering the actual survival expert bug, i will try range mod instead of secondary mod on Schlieffen.

  14. No. She’s just too squishy, and since people are going to build for secondaries rather than tankiness that’ll just make it worse.

  15. i will point out the schlieffen’s detect to secondaries is actually 50 meters, the game rounds up, figured you should know

  16. When the first few minutes of the vid sound more like complaining about the amount of secondaries the ship has along with her Torpedo arcs and the amount of pen said secondaries are capable of it dosent take a genius to see how WG can get the wrong idea and seeing how they care far more about the opinions of YouTubers over the vast majority who still play the game? You really thing a vid with this kind of title and intro WONT lead to negative impacts?

  17. @Barden Jusik Mate, y’all are having quite a knee-jerk reaction. I won’t discount Wargaming being WeeGee. But they will listen to a spreadsheet first, CCs maybe second, and so on. I get that you guys like the ship, that you’re worried the WG will butcher it (Like their track history shows). However, SLM isn’t going to change their mind. If they are going to do it, there are way more factors than SLM posting a video.

  18. I’ve been getting insane kills using IFHE. I place secondaries on the port side while using my main cannons on the starboard side to another enemy.

  19. come to think of it, I kind of like the direction this split is showcasing (though I lack actual experience in them beyond Mackensen): a main line of ships that have their strengths and weaknesses, but are generally playable by everyone, and then another line which is for more experienced players, is more specialized and has a higher skill requirement. Imho this should have been more pronounced in past splits…

  20. @Barden Jusik Wording is important, I agree with you there. But I doubt they’d do any changes just because of this video. But I do see what you are saying. I appreciate this civil conversation.

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