World of warships – Is that a challenge ?

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I have been challenged by my division mate. He said mid is worthless so I thought to myself “you know what, even thought I don’t feel like going there alone I think I’ll actually do it just for fun”. Bare in mind everything you see and hear here is friendly banter.


  1. Always wholesome and funny videos. Thanks Flambass.

  2. On this map, mostly those who spawn north, go BC, south spawn go AB. The team that didn’t follow this tactic, lost, mostly. Southspawn go C is somehow suicide and my team always wins there. Same if Northspawn goes A… Dun ask me why, but it is like that like 90% of my matches.

  3. I love the banter between you and Runner it’s just sooooooo funny and Spechuuuuuul <3

  4. Hence the first rule of Flambass’ Twitch stream – Never listen to or believe anything Runner or Peppa say. 😉

  5. regards
    excellent background music 😀

  6. I need more hanss

  7. Its the best video description i`ve ever seen
    I will enjoy 😀

  8. If a DD is dead and sinking, can your deep water torps go under it?

  9. Runner is right. You are wrong. I think you should stop playing Wows…

  10. Did runner start the day off by drinking some of the water from off the side of the ship? Because he seems very salty.

  11. The 1 dislike is Runner.

  12. lel i was on the other team… i never even noticed he was i my match 🙂

  13. dem torpedros dodges are leet brah

  14. Runner whines like a bitch in chat, has a go at another player for no reason and then hides behind an island most of the game – Sounds like a right wanker to me.

  15. What’s Runner smoking, B is easily the most important cap, if anything is worthless it’s A, so much open water around it it’s impossible to push out of.

  16. Damn i missed another Awsome game

  17. ahhhh runner ……. XD

  18. My God were You absolutely WORTHLESS in that battle Flambass. So bad :'(

  19. LOL  at about 12:25:  “what ya gonna do?”  My rendition of Bad Boys…Bad boys bad boys, whatcha gonna do when they hydro yoooouuuuu?

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