World of Warships- Is The Game Dying?

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Today I talk about a subject that has been pretty popular on YouTube recently. Again this is all 100% my opinion.

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  1. I’m just glad that World of Tanks and Warships are made by two different wargaming studios

  2. If they dont fix the mm it will deff die. 2 tier 6 in complete tier 8 and 2 tier 8 in complete tier 10 games is just bad

    • Sea Lord Mountbatten

      Faiq Khan I remember hearing that they’re working on that now, but I imagine they’re working on the CV reworking mostly rn

    • For me, MM issue is not so much about 3 tier difference games. On the contrary of WOT, any ship can damage any ship. Especially DDs have no issue damaging ships 2 tier above. The problem with MM for me is the fact that in the majority of games, there are more good players on one side than the other which makes the game highly predictable about which team will win. It is also very unfair. And it is not even funny for the people on the winning side. The second thing that might kill the game are the CVs and the rework is not going to improve anything. It will make it worse as CVs will have unlimited planes. It means that even if your ship has good AA, it will only give you a break until the next squadron takes off from the CV.

    • i see it as more of a challenge. ofc it gets frustrating when yamato schoolgirls are laughing at my puny t8 ship, but i can manage.
      and if you actually manage to rock the uh…. boat… and end up 1st place XP wise… oooh baby! way cooler than a t10 carry 🙂

  3. I don’t know if it’s dying but the CV rework is troubling not that there we work in the CV which does make me upset cuz I like the original but the reasoning behind it they’re dumping their old players to get a mythical new player base and the statement they put out says that you can’t control planes and ship because it’s too taxing to the players so that saying that we are stupid and dumb and we are not capable of doing more than one thing at a time that idea is disturbing that they think their player base is dumb now the average age of players in World of Warships is basically in their 40s so if we are all stupid imagine what they’re thinking of this mythical player base that they’re looking for that’s early twenties that’s the disturbing

    • +n n You are right. Imagine if only 10% of customers have tried a product only once…..and now imagine that only 3% of your customers actually like the product. You could not afford to continue to offer the product. Those 3% of current happy CV players like to think that WG does not care about what their players want, when in fact, they are doing the CV rework “because” they have listened to their players.

      Also, most players get bored with a ship that is extremely over-powered because winning with little challenge gets boring after a while and that is what CV’s have been like in the recent past (just like in real life, a good CV player makes all the other ships obsolete).

    • +n n you only support it because you dont play them. Cant wait till they make auto torp only for DD

    • +Jerry Glaze Exactly. Cause I don’t want play RTS game in WOWs.

    • +Gary Anderson II Well said! I’m considering looking into CV’s after the revamp. I don’t understand the fuzz about it.

    • +Jerry Glaze “you only support it because you dont play them. Cant wait till they make auto torp only for DD”
      The difference is that there are currently 3% of the WG customers who actually like the current RTS style CV’s, as they have been.

      Lets not fool ourselves,
      this CV rework is definitely NOT to make the CV play-style better for those who already love them as they are. No. Nearly 100% of current CV players are NOT going to like the change, and may actually become very upset about the change and quit playing them. I’m pretty sure WG already knows that the current CV player base in going to be SALTY.

      > People may ask, “So why would they change it if WG already know the players will be mad?”
      Because the other 97% (or at least 50% depending on how you approach it) are the players that WG is listening to and have already been disappointed. It is these other 97% (or 50%) who have spoken with their wallets that they have no interest in CV’s as they have been to this point and WG is trying to make it more fun…..FOR THESE OTHER 97%.


  4. I can only talk for EU Servers…
    I would say the player base is even increasing (it certainly feels like it is) and it’s certainly not dying at all.
    Not sure how the CV rework will influence the game though and I’m a bit worried about it, but let’s see.

    • It will make your game experience worse as CVs will have unlimited amount of planes.

    • +VuHien2011 I blame the player base that doesn’t know how task intensive CV play is in higher tier matches. People think it’s just left clicking but they don’t understand the mechanics of manual targeting with attack planes and fighter strafing, spotting, and general crowd control a decent CV player will have to think about when playing tier 8 matches and above. Talking about higher tier matches, randoms don’t understand the value of getting decent AA ratings on their ships and the need to provide mutual AA cover.

      A good team will move in groups where mutual AA cover will decimate attack planes. It’s in the mid to late game when modules are break due to HE fire (AA guns) that it makes attack planes deadly. Sure if you can have an AA rating of 99 but if most of your AA guns have been destroyed due to HE spam, you’re going to get damaged more so than when you’re fresh. Sure when you’re fresh, you make take a torp or two or get a couple of AP/HE bombs dropped on you, but the CV player will lose too many planes if you stick together and provide mutual AA cover. If randoms an stick together, eventually the CV player will not have much attacking power as most of their planes have been destroyed. In the CV re-work, they won’t be able to attack as often if they throw away their attack squads really fast, but they have unlimited planes to work with.

  5. WT use to be awesome 2-3 years ago at least on PS4. One shots, and the tracking got changed and it has sucked since. WoT sucks due to premium ammo and terrible community and trailer park kids/crying babies in background. Warships other than your occasional toxic, whiner is much better. Grind is not bad. They do need to release tech lines faster and not go down the reskin route like WoT, plus need +1/-1 MM..

    • Sea Lord Mountbatten

      Byron Bailey I feel that the T8 MM has improved but man if you play during the wrong time, you can get screwed

    • +Sea Lord Mountbatten Early morning games 7-11 est. on NA seem extremely tough for some reason in Random. More higher tiered/battle hardened players. I am not sure if these are die hards before going to school/work or EU/UK bleed over. I don’t understand why the games are so much harder to win.

  6. WoWplanes is DOA. WoTanks is on lifesupport. WoWs is looking a little rough, but might have many more years in her.

    Edit: WoT is listening to streamers, not the players. Hence why nothing will actually get solved. Streamers, by their own words, wants to be able to sit hulldown in the mid of the map and dominate. (Which is why they bitch, moan, and whine so much about artillery)

  7. another Drama Queen jumps aboard the Band Wagon……

  8. Yeah I agree. Even War Thunder has had the same game mode for a very long time. Great video as always and Happy Holidays

  9. I just started playing WOT, and my initial impression is that the new player experience is probably the most brutal I’ve ever seen on any game (and I played Eve Online ffs). I think the single biggest thing they could do to address it would be to follow Warships’ lead and make 6th sense part of the game and not a trainable skill. You’re always gonna face gold-spamming, 4 skill crewed, 50k game seal clubbers in any established game – the frustrating thing with WOT is how fast you can get aced without ever seeing the enemy to shoot back at. If a new player is pulling up behind some rock and getting clicked by arty/TD without even getting to shoot their gun, it’s just a waste of their time. At least give them an idea that they need to keep moving or get behind cover. I could go on about MM (2k games and I’ve been bottom tier 95% of those – not sure how that works) or the fact that in Wows you can do damage in a stock bottom tier ship while in WoT you’re literally just a shell sponge, but then it would turn into a rant and I haven’t had my coffee yet.

  10. You only have two valuable customers with online businesses, repeat customers in this case heavy users and new users, they are the only two groups that are financially productive, those in-between are not loyal enough. World of Warships has a huge issue and that is complexity. Most new people will be put off by the endless consumables such as radar etc that make play really hard for new players. If they keep adding yet more consumables they will slow their new membership to a crawl.

  11. Christopher Jonasson

    Think they have to stop treating their clients (us) like we all are 12 year olds, I have been gaming for 30 years, have plenty of money, have bought loads of premium ships (all of them), containers, cammos etc, but I will leave this game in a day and go to something else if they fuck it it up with their carrier rework or some other update fuckup. Its like a restaurant, I dont care if I pay a lot for good food and service but change the menu and I´ll be eating somewhere else.

  12. WoWs still not so popular because it is more complicated then WoT. Developers seem more keen to listen to advice from customers/players. There are isssue to fix? Yes. Many but still the game seem more balanced then WoT. CV are priority N1, And there should be max 1 CV per side. At low tier 2 CV per side make the game fun only for CV.

  13. It’s not dying and they seem to be aware that it was getting a bit stale so they are adding more bits and pieces to the game to spice it up a bit. I dont like OP premiums in any form either, If they add premium ammo I’m done with it. Premium campaigns are a bad addition, They do it in Armored Warfare and it’s horrible and very contentious there.

  14. matchmaking overhall plus fleshing out tech trees rather than new premium ships, too many premiums in WoT and don’t want WoW to follow suit

  15. Biggest problem with WOWS is the selfish/ignorant player base. It’s hard to start up a battle knowing your experience will be largely if not totally defined by the random chance that your team is going to be mostly guys who have no clue and/or don’t care…

  16. Another thing about Word of Warships is that a higher tier ship isn’t a guaranteed winner. A lower tier ship in the hands of a good player can easily take out a higher tier ship.

    • +Caseyorourke Did you know that in the beginning, you could rush Yamato with Tirpitz then sink her?
      That’s how it WAS in the beginning. Today the difference in Tiers are much much bigger; NO chance in hell that I can take out a Yamato these days with my Tirpitz. I actually also sank a full HP Zao the first time I played my Tirpitz; a near 20km range volley that sank the Ninja.
      But comparing Texas to Scharnhorst is not comparable to Tirpitz vs Yamato/GK

    • +n n But thats often not the case. For example;
      Player #1 has spent money on special flags (from Bismarck creates etc) and high return camo’s to grind his way to the GK as fast as possible and it is his first and only T-10 ship.
      (yes, he has the T-10 GK but with much fewer actual battles/games experienced to achieve it)

      Player #2 has been grinding the long way and has accumulated 8 different T-10 ships, 4 of which are BB’s and no money was spent to speed up his progress.
      (this type of player has far far more actual battles/games under his belt and is far far more skilled than the guy who has only one T-10 ship and used lots of flags and money to get it).

      It is in fact, not uncommon for someone in a lower ship to take out a higher ship.

      >> Needless to say if both players are equal in skill, then the one playing the Higher Tier ship will almost always win….but player skill level “can” make up the difference for the lesser ship.

    • +Gary Anderson II Maybe a drunk one can beat a 2 Tier higher level Battleship.

    • +n n LOL! Fair enough hehe 😉

    • +Gary Anderson II Depends. Can their lower tier BB consistently hit citadel shots or close enough where it does high amounts of damage? Remember a Tirpitz’s armor profile isn’t the best for brawling and even a T7 American cruiser can citadel shot a Tirpitz with AP at certain angles.

      When it comes down to it, it not only player skill but the ship’s armor profile and what type of rounds are used.

    • You are right on target. My evidence is only anecdotal but NO ONE shoots that good at targets behind islands and makes hits with their first and all following salvos.

    • +John Gaither It is not hard if target does not change speed and/or course. And if you are locked on target, your cursor actually follows target by itself

    • +John Gaither Maybe but most cases if you have spotting planes your shots an be accurate if you’re not moving or moving very slowly. Otherwise if you a good shot you an predict where they will be. It’s not that hard once you spot common behaviours and figure out where they will be. Also experience plays a good part. I’m not there yet but after maybe the first 2 salvos, assuming the target doesn’t move much, I can get some good following salvos.

  17. I cringed during the War Thunder segment

  18. 5:30 Excatly why I stopped playing WarThunder. Sitting there in my trusty WW2 era Tiger tank in sim play and suddently from the other side of the map, a 1970s era guided missile burns a hole through the center front of my tiger for a one shot kill. I stopped playing a day later. To bad, it was fun until they started introducing 1960s-1990 hardware to face WW2 tanks

  19. Considering everything that has to have been invested in warships I doubt they are going to let it fail.

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