World of Warships- Is The Game In Trouble? (War Thunder New Power)

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Hey guys, today we discuss some interesting news, not from WarGaming, but from Gaijin. Enjoy!

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  1. This is amazing, if Gaijin competes with WG it will force more customer satisfaction to make their game more popular, this means that WG will have to listen more.

    • @Jay Werner really? I never once thought that the grind on war thunder was super extreme, definitely harder though. Biggest problem imo is the balance of top tiers in wt.

    • @Ju-87 Stuka Well it didnt help i kept getting my ass kicked, it does feels that way, and people keep talking about ways to cut down the grind for some things. Its actully kinda funny how complex war thunder is getting at top tier, i mean we got choppers, guided missles, radar AA, thermal vision, A FAR CRY from the ww2 shooter i remember it being.

    • @Jay Werner i feel like the grind is worth it because its alot more satisfying to research new vehicles in war thunder than in wows. thats just my opinion tho.

    • @Ju-87 Stuka I agree with that opinion but it can take a while. One think i WISH they would change though is stop making us buy BASIC game mechanics (spare parts, fire exingishier, crew replacement eccetera) i can live with unlocking AMMO cus most of the time you can make it work, but nothing more annoying then getting shit broken and cant fix it without a cap circle….WHY CANT WE REPAIR OUR TANKS IN SPAWN????

    • @Jay Werner oh yeah, totally agree with you. FPE and basic parts shouldn’t be a grind

  2. One thing wows certainly does better is the grind. The grind in WT Naval is worse than that of wows

    • @Jay Werner I think you stopped playing right when the American line becomes near OP , from the first Jumbo to the M46 its near unstoppable. I stopped playing the game since last year and hopped on a match a few days ago and wreaked havoc on the enemy team in the 75mm Sherman Jumbo, to be fair I still remember most weakspots and where to shoot so the peashooter on the Jumbo didn’t bother me much but I was still basically fresh to the game after leaving it for so long.

      WoWs is still a far better game though with the really easygoing grind and relative balance when compared to the stock vs maxed vehicles in WT. Even the Smolensk and “Bias Mobile 1000” aka the Stalingrad has nothing on the Jumbo shermans and the OP premiums that Gaijoob just puts on the Gaijin market to get more money like the bomber 262, the KV-1B and the german Sherman.
      If only WoWs had a mode with no names and all ships always visible so that it functions like WT simulator mode, no auto spotting, just the MK1 human flesh ball with a hole in.

    • the grind in wt in general is

    • At least when you die you don’t have to waste half the time waiting for you ship to be out of battle it pisses me off beyond belief having to wait for crew lock

    • @Nate Zimmerman War Thunder kinda has too that too, except its ALL your crews for one nation instead of one ship.

    • @C4 Cole I got to tier 3 in USA ground and Air was working on tier 4, played a little with other nations, I mostly played arcade mode and well, almost constantly ONE shot or i get a kill or 2, it just didnt feel fun or satifying after a while. And ya with how point and shoot War Thunder is the first jumbo can be a MASSIVE OP pain in the ass, unless you get a good side shot at the lower hull where the ammo is (good luck haveing the reflexes to quickly shoot hte MG port, i dont have them).

  3. Andreas Nottelmann

    Nah. You thought Wargaming was scummy? Gaijin 10x worse.

    • @Andrei Cristian I feel ya bro. I still have fun with WoWs but WT I’ve uninstalled it several times but for some reason keep going back maybe I’m a masochist IDK.

    • @C4 Cole something similar happened to me when I tried researching the bearcat. I’m not gonna lie and say that I didn’t like the F4U because it was a fun plane but when Gaijin decided to add a few more versions I just gave up on the US Aircraft
      Ohh and same with the P38

    • Gaijin never used pay-for-gambling random loot boxes with deceptive, secretive mechanics. Both games are fun, but Wargaming as a business are weasels. Gaijin has sales 2x a year (one just started today), time those right and I get more than my $s worth from them, and for less than what I`d pay for AAA titles. Now Gaijin’s events, on the other hand..

    • @whyno713 True loot boxes in WoW are pretty much gambling and that’s why I will never buy one (although I did once earn a lootbox from a mission and got the Anshan XD it was quite a fun ship until the CV rework came). Yes dockyard events in WoW are hell of a lot better than any WT event (with the exception of Puerto Rico, that was just utter madness) where you have to waste all your free time grinding bc in Gaijin’s mind we have nothing else to do but play their game

    • @Andrei Cristian i actually found the object 279 event to be really easy and fun.

  4. WArthunder has an *rxtremely* shit economy though. And Gajin has made it even worse for boats. And it is more boats than ships in WT

  5. Michał Wiśniewski

    Perhaps in wt bb’s will not be smeared in oil to burn permanently.

    • At least WG gives you the damage control without needing to research it first and even if you don’t fires go out eventually. Have fun playing your first few battles in a BB just to get set on fire by one lucky shell and slowly burning down till you die. Losing one functionality after the other in the process.

    • Yes but in war thunder you can get set on fire from AP rounds, and those fires can be lit inside your citadel, which you can imagine how much damage that can do.

    • totally different game style, and I prefer wows much more than WT as it is not as grindy to reach top tier and its arcade nature rather than a rusty simulator.

  6. knowing Gaijin it is gonna be a great shitshow

  7. No, it’s not in trouble at all. WT failed to kill WoT, it has no chance to kill WoWS.
    WoWS will still exist until 2025 at least.

  8. Implications Unpleasant

    Honestly as much shit I give weegee, gaijins on a whole new level. All my interest in WT was thoroughly torpedoed when It took me a 100 hours to get to the tiger h1, and dying to a fire because I didnt grind to the fire extinguishers yet (which could take a good while). Mechanically the game is interesting, I like how ships list when flooding and such but actually being there in game is just frustrating. Congrats you climbed for 5 minutes only to die instantly because your pilot got sniped. You drove around for 10 minutes scanning for tanks only to get sniped by an armored bush/bombed by a plane.

    The game would’ve been a whole lot more fun and accessible if it were a 60$ game but with all the lines unlocked (heck, even one branch in every nation wouldve been enough) but thats a pipe dream in the current video game climate.

    • @dzello
      To be fair, WT does do a better job than WoWs simulation-wise.

    • @LeckMichImArsch exactly

    • @LeckMichImArsch Oh yes, for sure, nobody doubts that. But players don’t get to enjoy it because climbing trees is nigh impossible.

      A similar comparison would be:

      Product A: free, but just okay.
      Product B: costs 5 000 000$, but is good.

      Which is the better product? A because you’ll never get to use B ever.

      War Thunder is reeeeally painful for its users. For example, bombers are nice but the cost of repair is so high you can’t use them. There’s tons of planes but you won’t play them because grinding them all takes years.

    • War thunder is more about planes tanks and helicopters and did you grind to the tiger because of all the documentaries about it being unkillable and then realized it wasn’t and got mar

    • Implications Unpleasant

      @Nate Zimmerman I ground to it because I was told the german ground was the best place to start. I got mad that the brand new exciting thing I unlocked got fucked because I didn’t get unlock a basic game mechanic.

  9. This is like thinking CoD vs Battlefield is a serious thing eventhough those are two entirely different games catering towards entirely different players. Personally I prefer naval combat in WoWs far more than whatever sh*t Warthunder has. Whilst realistic tank gamrplay is fun the boat gameplay is just terrible and not fun.

    • Ministry of Indoctrination

      I don’t even think the COD vs BF is the appropriate comparison but rather COD vs ARMA. They aim to attract totally different audiences 🙂

    • you forgot to mention that WT maps for the ships is WAY to small for the fast ships they are using.

  10. B-17G Flying Fortress

    You need literally months to grind even Kirov-class in War Thunder

  11. I’ll never leave wows for war thunder

  12. If people thought WG carriers are OP wait till they come to WT

  13. WT was always supposed to have all naval ships.
    They later said that is impossible.
    And now they do this.

    To bad WT is super grind :/

  14. War Grinder??…ohhh hell no!!
    I CHOOSE A LIFE! lol

  15. Wows is highly unlikely to be in trouble with the current state of the grind in wt naval.
    However if gaijin does do a radical change to the tech trees and therefore the grind we could see wt naval become a big competitor.

  16. As a WT player going to WoWS, I can say WT naval isn’t gonna threaten WoWS anytime soon.

    The grind is way worse than WoWS. Been playing WT for two years and only got to T4 for five tech tree (cumulative from all nations and all vehicle types).

    I ground JP naval tree for one month and only unlocked the first DD. Recently I started WoWS and got T6 on all JP line in three weeks. I was quite surprised.

    I hope Gaijin improves naval and by doing that WG will have to improve WoWS aswell so it’s a win-win.

    • Weegee gets a lot of flack for being bad with grind but Gaijin is waaaayy worse with the grind. I joined WT about 3 and a bit years ago now but I stopped playing last year. I got to rank 5 on 2 lines and just gave up once I had to get 200,000 RP for one vehicle and then buy it afterwards and grind 50,000 RP worth of “upgrades”, I got duped into buying the PT boat with the 8 20mms on the back when Naval just got added and its just useless now against that Japanese PT boat with the vulkan on it.

      Friendship ended with War Thunder, World of Warships magically disappears my money now.

  17. In tank battles maybe WG is a little lossing agaist WT for their “more reality” but in the same lane the grind of WT is astronomical hight, you really need to spend money to get lot of help, but in WG games, okey you get some help if you use Premiums but its not the same.
    In conclusion, they are both diferent games, in my point of view iys more like what you want to play.

  18. “Is The Game In Trouble?”
    Did anyone actually play WT Naval? It’s trash and you get killed on a fletcher by a patrol boat.

    • World of Warships probably has two more years before war thunder finally takes over

    • Erm yeah, but, war thunder naval is not around that long yet, and has indeed much more realistic internal damage models, as well as ballistics by a ling shot. The issue with it is that the low tier is comprised of torpedo boats whhich i agree are not a lot of fun. It does get fun around the destroyer tier tho. The issue is the grind as mentioned in the video, and the complexity of the game mode. Its not explained that you have to manually adjust range and direction to accomodate for the enemy ships direction and that stuff, not just leading but also range and direction fine tuning and adjustment, which is basically done automatically in warships. I agree that warships is the much orettier game right now and also the more fleshed out one, but its incredibly arcady which i think is far from fun. The colors are way too vibrant, the movement is very arcady and dont get me started on the way too hugh view dustance (little hint, at 15km distance wont be able to clearly see a target and zoom in so far you can basically nake out the crews nametag. Flags that stop magazine detonation? Wtf? The whole game is an arcady mess hidden behind nice graphics. Wargamings games are dieing because less and less people are interested in arcady bullshit. The only thing war thunder doesnt have are the graphics and the capital ships. Which will both come with the next update. So after that, what does warships have? Shell physics so easy that any retarded monkey could use them, unrealistic healthbars and damage models, no player cinteolled aircraft, no manual cintrol of axillary cannons and AA machine guns and unrealistic torpedoes. Yeah… Totally sounds fun…. War thunder naval might not be as fleshed out, but its on a much better way, and while due to the shitty matchmaming you can barely play DDs in warships they are actually fun and need a lot of skill at the same time in war thunder (obviously if you take a 4.7 destroyer into a 5.7 match with heavy cruisers they get ine shotted, duh. What do you expect when 6 238mm Semi armor piercing shells hit a Destroyer?

    • @luggi lu you said exactly what I was too lazy to type

    • WT is such a hell of a
      grind that to your average joe. No-lifer playing for years, maybe they dont care but everyone else…

      Your argument sure is subjective. An arcade feel and different art style and colouring all comes to taste, and it’s obvious you are die-hard over “muh realism”. Hell, many popular games across the web over the years like Minecraft and Fall Guys has a cartoonish style and isn’t realistic at all, yet its vastly popular. Even in the big shooter games many of them are still arcade-like, such as health bars and lightning fast magazine reloading.

      The reason most games based off realism with a more arcade mechanic is a factor of FUN. Many games have a sort of unrealistic aspect or system to them that helps them be more *FUN*. It makes the game more enjoyable, less, say boring, or infuriating because it isn’t fully realistic. Say a shooter you can sprint the whole time across the map because having stamina would be INFURIATING in a high pace shooting game. Random jamming because it’s “realistic”, being able to survive multiple shots after staying back and “healing”. It’s all to make it more fun while still keeping the “realism” foundation the game was built on.
      You’re being subjective. A game being realistic is more because of your personal tastes, it isn’t factual. What is factual is that majority of people enjoy more arcadey games, they exist so it is more “fun”. Many popular games now aren’t realistic, and WoWS trends show that it’s not dying anytime soon, so please shut up, your measly opinion is meaningful only to yourself and as the rest of the crowd looks away.

  19. 2009’s battlestations pacifics more a threat…

  20. 🧢. WoWs has nothing to worry about. War thunder Naval is a dead game mode for 3/4 player base.

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