World of Warships- Is The Game Pay To Win?

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Today we discuss a topic that has risen up once again with the Naval Training Center, Research Bureau, Bureau of Research, whatever WG is calling it this week. Is World of Warships, pay to win?

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  1. Maybe not pay-to-win, not exactly…More like pay-to-progress.

    And then theres premium ships…

    P.S: Granted, you CAN play without spending a dime, but preapare for a tedious grind of your life.

    • You got that right, I remember grinding the Alabama and it was the worst grind of my life when I was in the lower tiers.

    • Pay to skip grind is also pay to win, imagine if you and your friend start playing wows at the same time and grind the US BB line, while you have premium account and your friend dont, if you play the same amount of time as your friend, you will get to tier 8 faster than your friend while he/she still in tier maybe 5 or 6. so you already have NC while your friend have New York or New Mexico, if you two have similar skill and fight against another who will have higher chance of winning?

    • @Natsumei That’s not “pay to win” as I understand it. Pay to win is “I can’t compete unless I open my wallet”. Star Wars Battlefront was PtW because loot boxes allowed players who bought enough to be maxed out to be in matches with people who hadn’t, giving an unfair advantage. Having a premium account doesn’t change the matchmaking or the performance of my ship so it is not pay to win in my mind.

    • @Darth MacLeod i think you misunderstood pay to win, there are 3 types of pay to win: 1st pay to actually win/pay to 100% win which is actually rarely exist in today game, especially online games this type of pay2win doesnt exist today. 2nd pay to skip grind which makes you faster to get all the level and good exp so you get higher chance of winning against enemy. 3rd pay for premium stuff aka loot box such as that battlefront 2 example, etc that will give you special thing that makes your chance of winning higher.

  2. As youu I don’t think that this game is pay to win. Sure there is premium stuff, but that is more pay if you what, you want a ship, or premium time, you are free to signs your money on its your choice.
    I would like if they go forward with the consumer idea, if think that’s good.

  3. I’ve been playing games both offline and online since gaming started. So it really annoys me when people quote the term “Pay To Win” to literally mean that. The term never meant part with money to win the game every time, but people have forgotten the true meaning which would be a very long winded way of saying it.

    “Pay to gain a large advantage over other players who are not willing to part with any cash.”

    As you can see that’s a long sentence, so you can tell why gamers who abbreviate everything used a shorter term to express it. But that is what the term “Pay To Win” or PTW originally meant.

  4. Hmmm, sometimes i fell its pay to lose with the teams i get.

  5. Starting to feel like war robots with their mark 2 gimmick

  6. I was in the Alsace. Was great fighting against you!

  7. Well my experience has been pay to lose more than anything

  8. I’ve only been playing since April – and I would have to pay $500 to convert all my surplus ship xp to free xp. There is little incentive to play your older ships

  9. Alatreonmaster6292

    I’ll mostly agree with you on your assessment on your list of “those ships”, but in my honest opinion, New York is far worse than Colorado to get through, and Richilieu was so much fun for me that I earned the Alsace the same day I got the Richilieu, and I didnt even use free xp

  10. Yet another great wows YouTuber ?
    Don’t know what took me so long!

  11. Technically no. Practically, most certainly yes.

  12. I’m from Brazil and I love ur videos. Thanks for the incredible job and of course I recommended u to all my friends who plays Wows

  13. Emeraldking208 Bosshydra Momentore

    Well yeah you have to pay credits to buy Kremlin and that always wins

  14. Great content as always. Was a blast getting to DD for your Izumo over the weekend.

  15. I find quite ironic the part about Giulio Cesare, considering you are driving the REAL OP STALINGRAD.
    Honestly the Giulio Cesare is not really OP. the problem in my opinion is:

    1. this is an old ship. Those who own it started to play long long time ago and have usually much more experience in BB than the average player. GC belong to the time were there was no under water citadel. Learning to angle was essential to survive in any BB.

    2. Its a tier V. That the real problem because at tier V usually the average player has very little knowledge of game mechaninc and of enemy ship potential.
    I drive GC when I want to have fun taking advantage of the average CL player that turn 90° in front of me at 8 km to torp me. Than they get deleated in the leander , furutaka emile bertin etc etc, and complain!

    3 DD do not understand that their advantage is stealth and torps. usually they open up with gun and get severly hit by people like me that prontly load HE and wreck them.

    Bottom line its a matter of understanding the streangh and the weakness of a ship. Just like with Stalingrad. The difference is at tier X chances that people will be able to exploit the ships’s weakness are higher than at tier V were many have really NO CLUE of how they should play their ships according to the class.
    About your video great job as usual. The game cannot be called pay to win. Simply consider how many ships you can simply buy with coal and how good these ships are.
    I got Alaska, Yoshino and Jean Bart all with coal simply playing.

  16. The premiums give me more of a choice on the ships I play, my favourite being the Alabama and that is no pay to win monster , as for the Navel Training Center, Bureau or whatever, that’s going to be lurking around in the shadows for a long time.

  17. YES! The matchmaking is just awful!

  18. CynicallyObnoxious

    *Snuggles my Belfast and steel Im saving for both Stalingrad and Bourgone to buy at the same time. I could regrind but I wont I just dont want too

  19. Colorado is bad? I loved it BEFORE it got buffed. Now its even better. I brawl Bismarcks with it. Great heal, great AP pen.

  20. You can get Georgia or Jean bart from coal grind, both of them is a great ships , and you can grind for them. So yes Wows is not pay to win, more like you need a skill and a good team to Win.

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