World of Warships- Is There ACTUAL Russian Bias In Game?

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Hey guys, today we talk about Russian Bias and if theres any actual amount of it in game, enjoy!

Ross Rowley:

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  1. Pertropavlosk, best tier 10 BB

    • @Yhorm The Midget bow citadelling a moskva is impossible in a Petro, Moskva has that string of armor bow that prevents it from being overmatch. Only way to bow citadel a Moskva is overmatching his upper bow and having the shell fall through plunging fire into the citadel… petro against angled cruisers is okeyish, against broadside heavy cruisers you reck their day because they have enough armor to make your ap explode inside (apart from some lucky hindemburg which sometimes gets away showing broadside), against light cruisers you’re really in a disadvantage, i don’t know what you see at petro to advantage it… yes you get some more armor to withstand their he but many light cruisers outdpm you enough by shooting your superstructure and setting you on fire, if they show broadside you have to hope that rng blesses you because short fuse time isn’t enough to make up for extreme levels of pin + flat shell ballistics, so even when shooting broadside Smolensk i get a lot of overpins actually… and your 220 mm guns can’t overmatch light light cruiser bow-stern like Henry-Goliath can. The only good option is to take them when they’re slightly angled (not more than auto-bounce angle) wo the improved ap angle plus high penetration can do it’s job, but still, try hitting the small kiting lightcruiser… Petro is better vs BBs than vs cruisers in my opinion, and dd too you only annoy them

    • @Leon 70 Like I said, his DPM and long range gun performance is not the key. Ofc a kiting light cruiser will outDPM her. They will outDPM everything. She is similar to the Balansgrad, you can more or less play her the same but from a closer range. With the added benefit of normal fire duration. If you get into a good position, you are really hard to kill, while doing pretty nice damage. Your superstructure will saturate, so after the first few salvo, HE wont be that big of a deal. She is consistent, and annoying to face. DDs cant ignore you, you have 12km radar. At that range, you will chunk them hard with both AP and HE. 360 turrets help with that too. I never had problems with light cruisers tho. Her shells are consistent enough to slap the crap out of them, and break turrets if needed.
      About the Moskva, ofc I didnt mean full bow on 0 degree. It happens at around 20-25. Somewhere at that range, it can puch through the upper bow and get into a happerned multiple times against Moskvas island camping bow on. Not consistently tho, and it is pretty hard to test because no one plays Moskva, and I cant put a premium dummy down in training rooms.

    • @Yhorm The Midget well, maybe it’s just me who can’t get along with the hug an island/position and tank/stay there. I like pushing bbs like Tirpitz – Bismack, but because i’m always on the move, i use rudder module on them cause i like to swing my ship around at full speed, not too much bow-tanking. Versus dds you can reset a cap, but without proper team support i usaully couldn’t get more than 6-7k on a dd, without rpf i don’t know where to expect the dd from, som sometimes it takes like half the radar to swing the turrets around. The good thing vs dds is the fast shells which doesn’t leave dds time to manoeuvre, still, i have to improve in it undoubtedly, but i generally like Henry and even Alaska gameplay more

    • @Leon 70 yeah I like kiting and throttle evading gameplay more too but setting up a good corridor can and will win games. That is why petro so strong in ranked and CB. You cant push a Petro out alone, and she will punish every mistake.

    • *best tier 7 BB

  2. Well you can argue about Russian Bias, but you can’t argue about Anti-German bias

    • I’m all on board Anti-German bias.
      SCREW those German fanboiz
      Someone even said German CVs are more real than Russian ships because the have paper of those.

    • @Gpower meanwhile the real ships like Bismarck get butchered my reworks.

    • German paper ships: Good to OP
      German real ships: kekw

    • Hate to ruin the argument guys, but it’s the same story actually. When German tech-tree came out, they all were quite powerful lines. Hindenburg still being a good ship. German DDs with their long range hydro and fast reloading torps sitting very comfortable in the knife fighter area while still being capable of screening flanks with torps and the BBs…wow how great they were, when they came out. As a tech nation in the game, Germans suffered the most from introduction of new lines the hereby inherent powercreep and the change in game meta. last not least the captrain rework made the whole “selling story” for BBs redundant, even though they get the secondary buff, they are nearly as powerful as before.
      The new DD line proofs nothing honestly. If anything it proofs that the new strategy in wargaming seems to be to release lines which are shitty until tier X (american thicc BBs, Italian BB line). However, it’s too early to say that about German DD line. The lines doesn’t sound promising according to ship stats and z-31 really seems to be a “not so good” ship but still, it’s really too early to give a final judgement on the ships.

    • @rantanplan178 German ships are designed to be lonely wolfs but considering WoWS is a team game, they fail miserably

  3. Oh do enlisted next Sunday. It’s worth a try

  4. Can you now do one titled, CV bias? Lol

  5. “Wg is biased for money” I love when people act suprised that a private company needs to generate money to stay alfoat. I mean they are running several fairly sucessful free to play games, and if all permiums were equal or worse than tech tree ships, what would motivate people to buy them? In a way they need to make premiums “scpecial” to make people buy them.

  6. from what I see they seem to make the paper ships the most broken as they makeup how ships would have performed

    • @Will Jolliff There actually lots of real T10 ships – it’s T9 where all the paper resides.

    • @Will Jolliff unless they were sailing around and firing guns they are paper ships half made or just started are still untested and could have sunk in high seas

    • Daring, Des Moines, Vampire, Midway, Alaska, etc are real ships and OP

    • @Danhvn how are those ships op except midway that is all because cos are op

    • @Peter
      DM is OP for DPM, manueverability, utility and concealment, literally she has everything going for her
      Daring is OP for utility and DPM, killing everything
      Vampire is like a super Daring
      Alaska is the strongest tier 9 cruiser, you can just buff her a tiny bit and she can perform well even in tier 10

  7. When you aim for a petro but end up killing an invisible DD :kek:

    • Gk life lol

    • The other day i was playing a Shikishima and there was a broadside Petro next to broadside Mino both parallel to each other i fire my salvo at Petro and sunk the Mino behind the Petro instead

    • @Ainz Ooal Gown lmao, my condolences for that mino player.

    • I was once in a ranked battle about a week ago, I had fired at an Alaska that disappeared into a mess of smoke, but my N. Carol.’s shells found a DD instead, which sunk it. A surprise to be sure, but a welcome one.

    • Had that yesterday while playing my Fubuki, I was targeting an ennemy NC 10 km from me with my torps and their damaged Z-31 ran into them without looking and got sunk by one XD

  8. Of course exists. it is subtle, but exists. RU ships don’t have to be OP. They “must not be” weak. 🙂

  9. Option #3 of ships coming out over-powered: WarGaming stopped letting CCs test and provide feedback…

  10. While one can argue about Russian Bias, there is no arguing against HE bias lol

  11. I think it is more Paper ship bias and Russian ships are mostly paper.

  12. For this Sunday can we see more ultimate admiral dreadnaughts

  13. I recall jingles said the Russians said the game had FRENCH bias.

  14. What I will say is. The only reason Venezia was so popular in season 9 is because of the absence of BBs.

  15. Emerson ADmir Mendoza Navarro


  16. let me save you 17 mins, YES 😉 J/k watch the whole thing

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