World of Warships – Is this even real? WTF xD

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We continue with “bad” ships Mutsuki has a really reputation + it’s relatively poorly armed, it’s just a fact. So please explain THIS match me xD
I’m shocked at the results I got throughout this match with such a crappy ship.
Enjoy have fun watching 😉


  1. blah blah blah….just ruining someones *first* post 😛

  2. Rumors say that Flambass likes comments because he loves his fans

  3. Mutsuki OP confirmed!

    • No its not, it looks op because flambass is playing it

    • @James Serrano that was the joke bro

    • @James Serrano If you look up quickly, you may see the tail end of the joke as it passes overhead…

    • Eh. I’d argue that Mutsuki with a proper build can fucking infuriating to try and fight if your not in another DD or have hydro. Little bastard is stealthy as all hell and the Torps reload fast enough to make trying to chase or catch it a very un-nerving experience almost on par with having to deal with the OLD Minakaze.

  4. you don’t name it, you send it into Jingles… LOL

    • I have no idea what Jingles would react to this… this… witchcraft.

    • @Joe Overacker- “Howdy folks, and welcome to another World of Warships replay with Rear Admiral Jingles. Once again, we have a classic replay from a favorite contributor. Yes, he has been show cased on this channel many times, because his replays have been consistently good. Today, we have Flambass in the tier five, Imperial Japanese gunboat, the Mutsuki.”

  5. Flambass: I’m gonna show the world how bad this ship is
    RNG: HA! Hold my beer!

  6. So Flambass gets the best possible outcome out of a “bad” ship? [Sarcasm Mode On] Well, color me surprised!

  7. Idk, I did better than this compared to the minekaze.
    The torps are much easier to work with and it’s just more flexible in a lot of ways

  8. Mid-tier IJN destroyer scoring five citadels on heavy cruiser with its two dinky guns. Go home game, you’re drunk.

  9. This may be one of your best videos, esp the gunfight at ~9 min.

  10. Well without CV and Radar IJN DDs still can perform^^ in T5 with a 19pt cpt it’s kind of cheatin, wp you filthy sealclubber 😀

  11. This is a bad ship
    ~enemy team proceeds to swallow *all* the torps

  12. Flambass OP pls nerf

    I want him showing us how “bad” is Mikasa at long range now 😀

  13. It is an excellent torpedo-boat with two excellent guns… but it´s only two of them.
    In my very first round in this ship i detonated a Furutaka 100% > 0% with my very first shot xD

  14. Great players can drive a turd and win. So there you go.

  15. Man i miss this ship in beta. 300k dmg in a game 🙁 my best game i ever played haha. Up there with the game i played in my south carolina and i doged 92 torps. I miss beta

  16. IJN Torpedo DD is to a large extent, RNG based: you can have games, with zero torps landing, despite not doing anything wrong.
    Next game, your first volley gets a dev strike or 2..

  17. I already did the “play all bad ships in the game” thing before it was cool.

    I have the whole german Fleet at T10…

  18. Give Flambass a canoe and a musket and he turns it into an OP “ship”. 😉

  19. Mocks Omaha for sailing in a straight line.
    Runs into map border.
    Story checks out. 😀

  20. How many skill points on the captain of these “bad” ships? That’s a mitigating factor.

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