World of Warships – Is this what it takes to win?

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It’s ranked time of the year and ofc WG put it in tier 10 which is beyond broken so the suffering started. I was lucky enough to get a good player in my team but sometimes I wonder, is this even real? Can it srsly be this hard to win and why are some ppl sooo bad xD

Enjoy and have fun watching 😉

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  1. Thought this was gonna be the record breaker.

  2. Flambass predicting two citadels on stalingrad
    RNG: nope
    gets only one pin and a couple of overpins
    Me: u were saying?
    Flambass: RNG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    RNGsama: yes?

  3. 3:53 “… jdsjfod what? What? What? whaaaatttt … HOWWWWWW?…” Funny thing is i’ve said that exact sentence countless times playing this game myself. And each time it happens it still amazes me.

    • litteral all my bb games in amagi or republique XD
      flat broadside less than 8km away montana or stalingrad, shells go into the water or in the superstructure and overpen.
      angled des moines 20 km away 3 broadside, dev strike XD

  4. 습관적 아이러니

    When Stalingrad showing full broadside : overpen
    When Stalingrad angled : fk I’m dead

  5. Ranked is just randoms with better rewards.


    Stalin’s tomb: {cackling}

  7. “I’m not an elitest.”
    Expects everything to go his way always.

  8. 4:00 hahahahaha, wellcUm to the club

  9. Yesterday I was in a Kremlin in ranked, just monty on the enemy team, me and 3 more on mine. I shot the montana while she was full bow in, citadel(don’t ask me, ik montana’s deck is a joke but athwartship is pretty beefy), and then, when she’s at full broadside to me, at 6Km, with me aiming at the water line, all shots miss. Perfect RNG

  10. “I’m gonna try to get on these guys’ broadside” said no-one at all with an FDR in-game.

  11. Four of your teammates outscored all of the opponents, it can’t be all that bad.

    • That is only because of the 1.5 x win multiplier. Take that off and the other team’s top 4 scorers outscored everyone else on the team except Flambass

    • @A T thank you for your explanation, I am only a simple viewer of the game as you probably gathered.

  12. Watching him overpen the broadside Stalingrad made me feel vindicated because that happens quite often for me. I often wonder if I’m doing something wrong by trying to shoot the broadside of a cruiser when I’m in a BB XD

    • Yeah. What he calls impossible seems rather the normal standard to me.
      I barely get more than 1 or 2 penetrations out of even the most inviting, juicy broadsides.

      I was starting to think maybe that is a Japanese BB thing, because I’m grinding that line and I heard that the real Japanese in WW2 were kind of obsessed with “diving shells” the same way Americans were all about developing the heaviest possible shells. “Diving shells” meaning shells that hit the water in front of the target and then dive through the water and penetrate the target under the belt armor and that that is why they had long fuses on their shells, to give them time to do that. Apparently that is represented in the game to some extend and it is recommended to aim a little under the water line when shooting with Japanese BB guns.
      If that is true, it would explain why Japanese BB guns produce so many frustrating overpenetrations when you shoot normally, at the water line.

      But then I see stuff like that and maybe it is really just the game being crap.

  13. Stalin himself was behind the wheels of that Stalingrad :)))

  14. I can’t handle the amount of morons playing ranked.

  15. 3:55 Flambass: HOW?! That‘s impossible!!!!
    Me: yeah almost all my salvos.

  16. The whole no broadside citadel thing…. yeah I can totally relate. Broadside Stalingrad, full Kremlin Salvo…. 1 pen and 2 over pen, then he angles a bit then its 2 citadels and a couple of overpens and hes dead. Broadside Lion… full Roma salvo 3 hits, 2 overpen 1 pen, then later I manage to citadel him through the front using the spotter plane at about 15km (plunging fire) the RNG really in this game is proper annoying

  17. i swear some of the reactions he does… no citadels on a broadside cruiser “That’s impossible!!!” and all i can think is “Is this your first time playing this game???”

  18. How? Russian rng, comrade.

  19. 4:10 is just like me playing NC. Full broadside to a Cleveland at 4km for 3 overpens and a no damage pen. Absolutely lit my fire. So fucking mad.

  20. CARRY PANTS – I imagine them as oversized dungarees with huge cargo pockets on tights 😀 – jeans, beige, black, or digital-camo – would definitely buy

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