World of Warships- Is Tier X Too Popular?

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Hey guys! Today we take a look at some changes to the economy and what might be the reasoning for it. Do remind, its just a theory, enjoy!

Ross Rowley:

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  1. Bernaccia Emanuele

    Players: *play the game and unlock tier 10 ships*
    WG: so according to our spreadsheet tier 10 is the most popular tier by far, so we decided to nerf all tier 10 ships

    • The landedkiller show

      It sure seems that way and it sucks that they are messing with the game balance. They just want more players at the lower tiers. We shouldn’t be forced to play the lower tiers just because Wargaming wants us too.

    • @The landedkiller show I posted my own idea based on other grindy games. I want to know your thoughts.

      Once per day, after earning 3,000 base xp in a tier 5 ship, you unlock the ability to exchange 100,000 credits for 400 coal and 20 steel. You can repeat the process with tier 6, 7, 8, and 9 ships.

    • @The landedkiller show same thought. If I genuinly only like TX battles cuz AA actually exist then I shouldn’t be forced to go back to T6 where CVs dominate the entire game match :p

    • The landedkiller show

      @Eric Martin I like that idea a lot actually ,good idea Eric

  2. It’s not that Tier X is too popular….it’s that being against ships that are a higher tier than you is just not fun.

    I really like playing Fiji, but hate being up-tiered as it can barely hurt tier 9 cruisers or BBs. I’d love an option where I could choose to wait longer in the game queue and have a better chance of playing against same tier ships, or at most 1 tier difference. Currently the matchmaker seems to be optimised for starting the game as fast as possible, and it’s often the case that I’ll have 4 games in a row where I’m down two tiers…..which is when I quit playing for the evening.

  3. IT’s fair in that you can’t get up tiered like 6,7 & 8 getting slaughtered.

  4. Maybe try no up-tier of 8 and 9s. If not enough to matchmake after some minutes, maybe have asymmetrical fight where tier 8 outnumber the tier X.

  5. The solution is simple: Only allow ONE Tier of Difference in a Match, not two. Especially make it IMPOSSIBLE to be matched vs T9 in a T7. If the Matchmaking wasn’t complete shit for mid-tiers, people would actually play it.

    • Actually, what u mentioned is only part of the problem. Just limit 1 CV and 1 sub per game. You will see much better gaming experience.

    • @Steven Wiederholt Just fill the vacant slots with bots. Problem solved. WG should incentivise people to play tier 7 and lower if they want diversity of tiers.

    • @Alex hell yeah, that would help a lot too. but it is only apart of the problem i am convinced.

    • More Game-Modes for Tier IV-VIII could be nice…i love Rated Games with Tier VI and VII…Konvoi was pretty funny, even in it’s first appearance…with some more polishing, it could be a wild n diverting Alternative to the Long-Dong-Default-Matches or the sometimes a bit stressy (because competitive) Rated Matches. WG should give some more love to lower Tier 🥰

    • Sorry, WG are to stupid and thick headed to see the obvious in this suggestion.

  6. They’re just trying to suck back credits that’s all. Of course all of this their own doing by giving players all the tools to get up tiers fast and credit bonuses on flags and camo everywhere. And considering you’re now able to buy yourself up the tech tree to at least tier 9….not much attempt to keep players at lower tiers is it?

  7. How to solve tier 10 being too popular? WG:

    – Make MM fair and fun for all tiers. 😣

    – Make tier 10 stupidly expensive to play! 🤗

  8. Unless you are free to play, you are generally investing money in playing the game, whether you have premium time, premium ships or buy camos etc. My view is that if you have any ship with premium camouflage and pay for premium time you should not be be paying to play at all, even in co-op. Unless you don’t participate you should always finish a game with credits in your account, not taken away.

  9. FOR THE SAKE OF ALL THAT IS HOLY, players stay at T10 because all other tiers are miserable. FIX the in-match reasons that nobody wants to play mid-tiers, OR give incentives to other tiers.

    How do other games do this? In other grind-y games, each day you could pay 100,000 [credits] to get 400 [coal] or 20 [steel], but you only unlock this purchase after earning roughly 3,000 base XP in a tier 5, 6, 7, 8, or 9 ship. One daily purchase is unlocked per tier.

    Boost other economies or fix the gameplay. None of this credit-sink bullshittery with Tier 11 or auctions or signal flag inflation.

  10. Y’know. Real fleets sailed with ships of all different “tiers” as long as those ships were still effective on the front lines. Yes, some ships are better than their predecessors, but not every new class completely invalidated the use of the older ones.

    But this is an arcade game with lots of made-up bullshit such as arbitrary damage/penetration modifiers/angles/fire rates and real ships fight fake ships that they genuinely were not designed to be able to fight and therefore don’t feel fun to play.

    90% of people will just wanna play T10 because “why should I play worse ships?”. There is no solution except to impose limits on the players’ choice of ships in different situations or accept lower tiers getting screwed.

    Some would argue that if you bring ships more in-line than the current “stairway” system of performance, then why bother grinding new ships. Well at least not every uptier would feel like getting bullied on the playground while still seeing minor and *sometimes* significant performance increases.

  11. Other matches, e.g. brawls can be a lot of fun in lower tier. Perhaps key is to have enough of those to make lower tier as attractive?

  12. Main reason I play tier 10 is not getting up-tiered all the time. If T8 and T9 were guaranteed no up-tier I would play them way more.

  13. Have you guys ever play WoT? This is precisely the reason why I left that game years ago. The grind for credit was horrendous, from T8 and up, u tend to lose more than u make even with premium time, and being forced to grind T5 – 6 for credits while your higher tier tanks just sitting there is no way fun imo. I was very skeptical about WoWs when it first came out that it will be similar to WoT, but thank god it didn’t. I can enjoy a match in T10 ships in WoWs with either premium time or signal flags and not worrying about going bankrupt like WoTs or god forbid, WT.

    • The landedkiller show

      Yes, this precisely why I left world of tanks as well. I even made a video on this today and this is the reason why I started two new YouTube channels was because I have lost confidence in Wargaming.

    • oh boy, I remember that too… things may have changed economy wise in the past… 6-7 years since I last played, but T-8, by my experience, was pretty much the last tier where I could reliably make credits. had to always grind for a while after playing a few games at t-9. managed to get 1 t-10, played it once, and didn’t bother touching it again. Admittedly, it was a soviet arty bus, and those are unpleasant to play… and each shot cost a brand spanking new t-3 tank:P

      Also, in WoT, tier difference could literally prevent you from damaging a tank 2 tiers higher unless you managed to find a way to hit the back… and in some cases, even that was not enough. that was before they implemented the premium ammo though… but from what I see in some of the Mighty Jingles’ videos, that’s still a serious issue. In WoW, I can still do OK at the bottom tier most of the time… not easy, but doable…

      That might be why I don’t feel the matchmaking is as brutal as most people seem to believe. I pay more attention to the ship type composition of said mm than their tiers.

      For reference, I’m about as average as an average joe can be with a win rate of 50 to 53%, 1.2k average xp and a 1.01 to 1.03 kd ratio… with over 5k games under my belt. my favored tiers are 5 to 8… I haven’t liked many t9 so far, besides the Roon, FdG,
      and Tashkent

    • @Yoshi Toranaga yeah, there’s usually no way a T8 medium tanks can ever hope to damage a T9 or 10 medium and heavy tanks frontally. And back in the day when gold ammo were literally gold, lower tier tanks always became fodder for higher tier tanks. In WoWs, my T7 Nagato can reliably damage any T10 ships and survive long enough if I know how to play, and T8 dd killing T10 ships are nothing new. Same can never be said in WoT though.

    • It was also because of economics that I left WoT, everyone spamming premium amos all over the map and starting with tier 8 starting to lose money even on tier 8, it got even worst in time, even using the infamous monster everyone called Defender ( yeah, I had one of those when I pulled out, probably still have with my WoWs account linked to WoT since I never played WoT ever again ) it was already starting for the game to become about money above all else, money I don’t have since I need it somewhere else…

      In some games, the only way to win is to not play as they say,

      Before pulling out of the game consider the money you need, just a sense of priority with your money….

    • Im still losing credits with tier X rip me

  14. As long as we don’t get T XI, it’s the only way not to play uptiered. Maybe if uptiered only by ONE tier, people would play lower tiers more often.

  15. Tier 8 is my favorite tier, but I’ve been practically forced to play T9 or 10 because there’s so many people playing T10 that I keep getting up tiered in my T8 ships

  16. 1 up 1 down would fix this rather then Shitting on the player base and making them slog through lower tiers to earn credits getting up tiered and smashed

  17. Dont think new player grinding the lines for the first time gonna think its alot of fun getting wrecked all the time by seasoned player just grinding for cash with best possible ships

  18. T7 and T8 are just cursed.
    If you’re uptiering others in a t7 or t8 youll still get chonked pretty hard fairly frequently unless you snipe the entire game.

    But if you’re uptiered either as t7 or t8 you will struggle to battle even against cruisers if they are not completely flat broadsided.
    And since rng is such a huge factor you’ll most likely only score overpens or just misses with shells landing infront and behind the enemy ship.

    This is why tier 9 and 10 are the most popular.
    It’s almost fool proof.

  19. I barely play T10 now days, it just isn’t that fun anymore. I love playing T7-T9 and it is mainly because I am a CA main. With the type of mods that is out there and the amount of overmatch at T10 it just feels like a uphill struggle. Now days the only time my T10 see gameplay is when there is the snow flake event or the anniversary event. The lower tears just feel like they are more balanced and tend to lead to games where the end is pretty close. ( just adding the T10 BB model that wargaming is following just sucks, scrap all the 457 and leave the Yamma as the shell and overmatch king, these 457 ships are what is ruining T7-T10 gameplay there is no reason for Goergia or Mushi to be in T9 and if it is so popular why does T8 and T9 ever have to face a T10 ). Match making would be so much better if T10 was on its own, T9 and T8 on its own and 5,6,7 was on their own. This will never happen thou since no one in his right mind will play a T10 cruiser in this format.

  20. I’d like a random mode where you can earn more credits and XP if you let the game decide your ship.

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