World of WarShips | Ise | 8 KILLS | 145K Damage – Replay Gameplay 4K 60 fps

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Replay of the game World of War Ships (WOWS Replay) WOWS Ise 8 kills 145408 damage mecawows
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  1. f l a t b o i

  2. LimYi's GamerStation
  3. 1 shoting cruisers like that?
    Man that’s luck

  4. so crazy ship .O.

  5. Nice!!!

  6. I really like this ship😍😍

  7. The ship is very good

  8. Soo cool i love Ise 👍

  9. Валерий Непомню

    Нихера себе корабль. Пора восстанавливать пароль в игре

  10. What is all that bs going on with the stern? Oic planes…. nvm, didnt notice the abilities

  11. You can controll airplanes on a battleship? Ok that’s new to me 😀

  12. que divertido el ISE mitad acorazado y portaaviones

  13. killed 8 ignorant people to say because that ship of yours is big shit !!! whenever I played against ISE I always killed him !!!!

  14. and where is the video when you were killed … always brag .. you record 10 times and the video where you kill that and give.I hate those who brag

    • >and where is the video when you were killed

      You do realize this is not a gameplay from this channel, right? As in this recording is replay this channel records based from the replays that random player submits in Wargaming’s replay archive sites?

    • dunny man i got itI’m not bragging and you, if you have, show you your monkey video.

    • no matter I said mine !!! you all brag about something and you are nobody and nothing

    • @Erika Kurosaka and what now killed 8 enemies and what now? = ???? I don’t care I accidentally came across this video so what

  15. Modern warship is better

  16. POV: you started building a battleship but decided to switch to a aircraft carrier halfway through

  17. ชยากร ศิลาสิทธิ์


  18. so thats y ise is a real threat when i play random battle

  19. This is shameful and ugly decided of WG. ISE is make game unbalance and unfair because this ship can spot enemy, know enemy position and how they move. if your team meet with ISE you have to kill it first.

  20. Hanung Dimas Pangestu

    She is the realThe Battle Of Aircraft Carrier

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