World of Warships- Ishizuchi- My First Premium (118k Damage | 7 Kills)

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here with a great game in the , the very first that I bought when I started playing the game. This replay is a nice carry against lower tier competition; I hope you enjoy!

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  1. Don't Bother Dead Account

    Oh wow

  2. Lol i also will never be able to forget the ishizuchi coz it was the first i dev struck while i was in my new york

  3. HE all day on this thing, can’t stand all the over-pens. Couldn’t tell you how many PERFECT AP shots I’ve taken in this thing…annnnd…nothing O_o

  4. This thing looks like a 12 inch-gunned Amagi, though in terms of design progression it would be more accurate to call the Amagi design a 16-inch-gunned upgrade of Ishizuchi.

    Also – definitely want to see more low-mid tier (III-V) game play, and a lesson on how to juggle repairs and heals would be most appreciated.

    • BIA World of Warships

      jsm666 it’s definitely a Kongo class design; you can tell by the outline of the ship and the bow for instance

  5. Love my Zucchini! The main issue is the frequency of carriers at those low tiers. You simply just get wrecked if they focus you.

  6. Terry Hollenbaugh

    I love the low tier games, so much can go wrong or right. Every one running around with there heads cut off screaming and hollering. Then you have cool hand SneakySnake, showing you how it’s done, GOOD GAME!!!

  7. Nice job Sneaky, gg and a hell of a video to boot! Great job analyzing and explaining your gameplay. That ability is so key to good YT WOWS content creation – being able to clearly tell the viewer what it is you are doing and why, and how the other players affect the game and your moves. i.e. the detection and the CV moves at the end game, your ammo choices and shot selection with the Yubaris, etc. Keep up the great work! – see ya on the high seas (beatty_10)

  8. OMG a super unicom seal clubbing and being an asshole shooting HE. BORING

  9. Great game. I sold mine after WG support told me there were no plans to fix the broken mid gun that is constantly blocked by the poorly placed life boats. Sure would like to see more of the lower tier games. They are much more exciting, especially since there are almost always aircraft carriers. Thanks.

  10. Love the 5-7 bracket. Some fun premiums in there.

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