World of Warships – Ishizuchi

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on Strait spawns in the south side of the map and looks to engage enemies as they move to the center of the map. We fire on a enemy , friendly presses on to the enemy base. Throughout the match, we navigate between multiple enemy ships and try our best to eliminate the easiest target first. A pretty crazy engagement occurs with much celebration. Hope you enjoy the game and have a wonderful new year!

Tier IV Battleship Ishizuchi


  1. watching your vids did not improve my skills, cause i a motherfucking

  2. more like ishitzuchi

  3. Hi Notser! I hope you have an awsome new year man.
    Thank you for comenting on the quesion about the huge amouont of xp in the
    Ibuki vid. you made the other day. Also, to bad the 3D work didnt work out
    and I was a bit supriced to hear you also do 3D and texturing. I myself
    used to work as an 3D modeler ate Geurrilla games on Killzone, 1, 2, 3 and
    4 before I became and artdirectior for a small game company called ISOTX in
    the Netherlands. What programs do you work with? (besides Photoshop ofc.)
    I, myself work with Maya and Zbrush a lot. And, do you have a portfoilio so
    I can see what you made? Just curious 🙂

    And yes, I do learn a lot from your videos, more than any other about WoWs,
    Keep up the good work and I cant wait for the next viseo.

    Cheers, Gilles_Schey

  4. Nice vid bud hope this new year things will really take off for you.

  5. Lasse Nipgaard Sørensen

    Keep doing what you do N… Awesome channel, Learned so much from viewing

  6. Great vid as always Notser. I really emjoy youre channel and had done so
    for a while. I would really epriciate if you would do a video off how you
    make youre videos? I think many subscribers wnat to know whicj software you
    use and how you edit youre videos. I really like the beginnings off all
    youre videos where you present youre ship with all the modulesicons and
    stuff up on the screen.

  7. Happy new year Noster

  8. Did those 2 cruisers do anything else then escorting the 2 CV´s? They had
    zero kills between them? While you where engaging 3 ships and 1 CV.

  9. Hey Notser…thank You very much for all your hard work this year, it’s
    very much appreciated! !! I have seen all your videos and indeed you have
    improved…wish you all the best in 2016 and keep up the good work!!!!

  10. Amaterasu no Mikado

    Happy New Year, Notser! Hope 2016 goes smoothly for you and that you’ll
    have your press account from WOW soon. After watching your vid, I decided
    to purchase the Ishizuchi and retrain my Izumo’s captain in it before
    getting the latter’s hull C.

    Keep posting vids, man!

  11. I’ve found this channel a while back and have throughly enjoyed your
    content, especially your play analysis and crtiques. All I have to say is
    great job and keep up the great work! I hope your channel continues to grow
    and I look forward to better and greater things here in 2016!

  12. Notser- L2 use CTRL+X for turret traverse. Can save you some valuable
    seconds. I’m sure you are aware of that command- but the quick checks cost
    you a fortune in BB’s!! And @5:30 mark you could CRTL+Click for secondaries

    TY for the Entertainment tho!!
    And a Happy New Year!!!

    BTW i Really really like my ISOKAZE!!!!! So its a good thing you died to

  13. Happy New Year, Noster

  14. Happy New Year, Notser, and best to you and yours for an even more
    successful 2016 than you had in 2015! I’ll probably envy your gameplay
    success forever, but you certainly *have* improved mine! I am much more
    aware of traps because of you and how to best protect myself. Progress is
    slow, and some sessions are better than others, but overall I have more
    good games than bad ones now. Your videos are always watched before just
    about anyone else’s because the content and quality are first class.

  15. happy new year Noster and thanks for your channel!! Glad its going well for

  16. Happy New Year, can’t wait to see what you offer in the coming year. GJ

  17. If you’re looking for things to add in 2016, one of my favorite vid series
    from World of Tanks was Zeven where he’d watch replays of close losses that
    players sent him and comment live as he watches for the first time on
    things people should and shouldn’t have done and the end result is maybe
    some small tips on how to swing the close ones in your direction instead of
    the enemies direction. It was a great series because too many vids are just
    “watch this awesome player have awesome games!” and sometimes a few small
    things to change in a close loss teach you more than the highlight reel
    does. Look forward to watching more, keep it up. GL on the press account.

  18. I can’t say, that I have improved. At the moment I’m getting worse every
    day. That’s just frustrating, in combination with the ongoing crashes of my
    computer I am somehow demotivated. But it is fun to see your videos and
    even though I know the theory I’m unable to make it work for me.
    Additionally the RNG works against me. Perhaps if I get my new computer,
    hopefully I will get it, it will be a little bit better.
    But please keep going with your videos, I would miss the “Hi this is
    Notser…” 😉
    And I think most people doesn’t like to hear their recorded voice.

  19. hey notser happy new year…you are by far my favorite for WoW content and
    enjoy your videos…let us all know if there is anything we can do to help
    you get that press account…thanks for all the effort

  20. Notser – the Ishizuchi #3 turret reminds me a lot of the New York #3 turret
    – in that there is a very narrow frontal angle from which to fire it. —
    The islands seem to be more OP in this recent patch, Notser. What is your
    opinion? Should they nerf the islands, or just buff our ability to miss
    them? hahaha!! —– and that final bit of fight against the Kuma/Isokaze,
    Air Craft Carrier, and the shot on the Wyoming – BRO!!!
    Thank you for the end commentary, Notser! Your interest in and method of
    helping others has always been obvious to me, and that makes YOUR channel
    THE channel that I support!

  21. kinda funny watching that T1 cruiser turn right into those torps…

    GG Notser you got em!

  22. Wish you all the best for 2016 Noster. Love the content you create and I
    know I’ll enjoy all you provide into the future :)

  23. Are there no Brittish Ships? I mean, it’s brittain. Btw, when will you be
    playing Tirpitz again? :)

  24. Holy crap I just noticed you are pushing 4000 subs….Man you were at 1000
    when I found you.
    Your vids are by far the best learning streams for this game. I recommend
    you often as the best available.

  25. i have a word against the new update where they Nerfed all Russian dds
    i am using the gnevny as my example is reload is 4.5 seconds 300 ÷ 4.5 =
    now if you are a battleship player and your reload is 30 sec
    66.666×30= 2000
    now all battle ship payers lets say a kongo using HE would be giving ships
    200 dmg that is some fucking bullshit i only like to shoot cruisers now
    FUCKING cruisers with ap

  26. Good luck on your Youtube career! I like your vids better than any other
    WOWS out there.
    I think your style can potentially make you the Quickybaby of WOWS!
    Perhaps you can get in contact get something going with WG or other big
    name Utubers(who put out vids on multiple games and don’t care WOWS that
    I think advertising yourself on the forums are also a very good bet.

  27. Great video once again.
    Happy New Year Notser and remember don’t sail while drunk!

  28. great job…Notser… Happy 2016 to you

  29. Thanks for the great vids this year and best wishes for 2016.

  30. Happy new year man :)

  31. Great vids Notster!!! and a Happy New Year as well!!… Been watchin alot
    of your vids and it truly has helped me play the game better( if you
    consider not getting killed as quickly LOL)

  32. Ah the voice in the head. 14:24. I got multiple in my head and try not to
    listen to them 😛 on a serious note, you entertain me, i think you are
    funny (c’mon, if you can’t laugh at Hatsuharuuuww on LAAAAND of fire) and
    show how you can to approach things in this game (which i try out or not).
    Don’t have serious advice other than keep teaching the captains in your
    humorous way. And to the viewers of this channel, nothing wrong with
    iChase, Braincage and Aerroon but lets try to plug Notser on Facebook or
    something next time they post something for a press account. Notser, wish
    you the best of luck in 2016. Happy new year.

  33. Another great video Notser. Ytouched on growing your Youtube channel in
    your video but how did you manage to do this at the beginning? I only ask
    as I am stuck on a low subscriber count and am not sure how to increse
    this? This also means that i’m not sure how to improve my videos as i
    recieve little to no feedback on them?

  34. ahhhh George is back hehe.. Great vid as always Notser, all the best for
    the new year.

  35. Happy new year and thank you for the videos. I love the videos and I think
    you produce the best WoWs videos around. I hope you get more subscribers.

  36. Keep it up Notser! Best WoWs videos out there

  37. Thanks for giving us a little of your backstory bud. Good for you Notser,
    turning things around like you did with your career through YouTube. We all
    go through tough times, not everyone picks themselves up as quick as you
    did. Cheers for a Happy New Year!

  38. Happy New Year! Why am I not surprised that the moron in the tier 1 drove
    straight into a torpedo he had already cleared?

  39. Happy New Years Notser. I look forward to your vids every day. I now check
    your content before Jingles.

  40. Thanks Notser….just wanted to say your videos have inspired me to start
    playing again. I played in closed beta but after it went live I just didn’t
    play. I really love the ships but just wasn’t into it. Anyway, I’m back now
    because of your videos and loving it. Thank you! Happy New Year!

  41. have a happy new year Notser c:

  42. I have it to..Ishizuchi is great BB..Ok it is Tier 4 and nothing
    spectacular on that 🙂 In my opinion only bad thing is Range…I can easily
    kill other Tier 4 BB even Tier 5 if situation is 1.vs.1
    Speed,maneuverability is great and one thing that everyone forgets
    Ishizuchi have only 177 metars dispersion ..ok in reality maybe is not like
    that but when in range that guns are deadly! Tnx for you videos in 2015 all
    best in 2016! Keep it up! Best regards!

  43. Keep going Notser, I’m sure your channel will keep growing.

  44. Hey Notser!
    I am from Germany and i love your vids and commentary!
    I wish you a happy new year 2016!
    Your channel is entertaining to me !!

  45. Happy New Year Notser! Thanks for all your wonderful content last year and
    may it continue well into 2016!

  46. Happy New Year Notser! Keep up the great work!

  47. All the best wishes for the year to come Notser, you can and should be
    proud of the progress you’ve made as a channel and WoWs player!

    I really do hope you get a press account somewhere in the near future. I
    will not name and shame other YouTubers on how incredibly uninformative
    their “reviews” are, but I much prefer hearing YOUR thoughts about a new
    ship for example. As you are someone who plays this game more strategically
    than most and has plenty of knowledge to share and compare the new content.
    I love a good laugh on a suicidal deathcharge video every now and then, but
    those are not ever going to convince me to buy a premium ship based off of
    that kind of gameplay 😛

    Looking forward to your content in 2016, see you next year buddy!

  48. GJ man glad things worked out this year. Keep up the good work in 2016 ;-)

  49. Really glad I found your channel. This is my go to stop to get my World of
    Warships fix.

  50. I like you videos and i agree with you many people do world of warships for
    the clicks haha. well happy new year and may the islands keep on trolling
    you on the next year :P

  51. Love the channel……nice job brah

  52. Happy New Year Notser, and I hope 2016 is very rewarding in every respect.
    Keep the videos coming and take care.

  53. noster?
    i have got a problem. if i press Ctrl to show my mouse, she don’t pops up.
    i reset my controlls in the options but it’s still not working…
    would be nice if you can help me.

    Happy new year from Germany!

  54. i wish you a happy new year notser

  55. Happy new year to you Notser..i am so happy to see your channel grow and
    Now there is always 3 different voice over versions..the one in your
    head..the one you record..and the one your tell your monitor after you up
    load it, but believe me when I say… just be yourself!(and believe in
    yourself)….this is the reason people sub to you (Build it and they will
    I commend you for taking the plunge into utube,and I also thank you for
    also improving my game as I always look forward to your next vid.
    p.s.Have u thought about a patron page?

  56. gg!!! HNY!

  57. Happy New Year Notser and to everyone else too.

    I love the Ishizuchi. It is an awesome ship, once you get into
    firing range.

  58. One point that you have made that really makes it more fun to play is focus
    down the destroyers. Those pesky little annoying ships that always seems to
    find you in an vulnerable situation when your in a BB or CV. When I play
    CV:s in particular when I see destroyers I focus them even though they are
    extremely hard to hit just because I want them out of the game as quickly
    as possible. My hatred for DD:s is real and comes from experience of them
    absolutely owning me in the late game.

  59. In order to get better do you think a strategy of staying on lower tier
    ships until reaching a certain level of proficiency is a good idea (say 50%
    wr) or is it better do move up to more demanding tiers as soon as possible?
    I have been following the former approach but I’m finding that while I’m
    doing well damage wise, low tier team play is, well, non-existent. I would
    be interested in your opinion.

  60. Thanks for all the exciting videos this year! Happy new year Notser and
    happy new year all! :)

  61. Tehmustachedbiscuit

    Awesome year Notser, I bet 2016’ll be even better!

  62. Totally enjoy your video’s. While I’m crap at this game your videos are
    helping me get better. Keep up the good work

  63. Alessandro Filippi

    You videos did indeed improve my skills a whole lot and avoided me a lot of
    frustration. And you are right, what you are doing is not just
    entertainment, is actually full of great insights on strategic decision
    making and useful explanations on how to take advantage of subtle game
    mechanics. Keep it up!

  64. a very nice xmas gift notser lol!

  65. Happy New Year Notser! Here’s to another great year ahead :)

  66. Notser: thanks for your end-commentary. As someone with certain learning
    disabilities, I need & appreciate both explanation and the description of
    thought-processes during a game. Watching some expert do expert things at
    high speed while mumbling to other experts is utterly useless. I
    occasionally have great games, but until I started analyzing them more, and
    copying the moves and tactics of you and other naval youtubers, I had
    virtually no idea of the how & why of what I’d actually done. As for your
    in-head voice versus YouTube voice, we Notserians only know your digital
    sound, so relax.. it’s part of the charm, as it were.

  67. Happy new year notser keep up the awesome work!

    I am a battleship driver and getting to see the tricks of those filthy DDs
    really helps. Didn’t get nuked for a long time :)

  68. You’re the man Notser! Love the vids keep it up :)

  69. Notser Merch: Pic of ship run into an island, motto “Oh yes!! So
    Glorious!!” XD Great game, btw.

  70. Happy New Year Notser!

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