World of Warships – Issues in Warships

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I’m very interested in Warships improving on issues that have remained for whatever reason. A couple issues that could be solved fairly easy would be US Carriers, Rank at Tier 7, Teamwork, etc. I’m very tired of seeing changing much more difficult aspects of the game when simple changes in a few areas could really help the game. Hope the discussion is interesting and hope you have a wonderful day!

Tier IX Replay


  1. Radar and smoke only issue you have to address instantly.

  2. The Russian don’t need any more buffs. Thoughts on American fighters get rockets to use on ships.

  3. Or even better: *Just don’t allow people to play ranked with Premium ships*. It will fix these stupid balance problems & I don’t have to play with morons anymore that have 20 Battles on their account & bought a Tier VII Premium ship.

  4. Why don’t take *Defensive Fire on the Udaloi*? Is a 8% Speed Boost really better than Aerial Protection from Planes? And isn’t the Udaloi fast enough with 42 kn?

  5. “I dont recommended this game”
    -Flamu 2017

  6. I want a support Ribbon NOW!

  7. It think it would be interesting to give German DDs magnetic torps that have a proximity detonator that would be unique but they would probably have to sacrifice some damage or speed maybe.

  8. WG has the team-rewarding-mechanic You ask for in World of Tanks, so why not have it in WoWS as well? In WoT You get reward for spotting, damaging, and killing enemies. Much be a very very easy fix to WoWS to add the same here. I agree with You completely. The game feels like a bunch of random people running around and doing their own thing and not care a bit about teamplay… not fun at all.

  9. The belfast is the one ship in the game right now that ruined ranked this season.

  10. nerf the radar range and smoke duration so it will be balanced instantly.

  11. Jacob Nordstroem Hansen

    Radar shouldnt be able to spot objects behind an island.

  12. Jacob Nordstroem Hansen

    Lower the spotting range on jp torpedoes. They had liquid O2 so they left a smaller trial than torpedos with compressed air. Also why did wargaming lower the range on jp torpedos. The famours “long Lance” Jp torpedo feels completely ordinary in this game. I’m not asking for 20 km range.

  13. IJN CVs are better in *every respect* for some inane reason: Better armor, more squads, faster reload, faster speed at low tiers, better concealment, more balanced loadouts, and up to *three* torpedo bomber squads in the air at a time to USN’s 1. I don’t know if any other ship line that comes remotely close to this level of imbalance.

    One thing, though, I never see mentioned is the fact that torpedo bombers can more reliably drop more ordinance onto a ship at a time. Not in the RNG aspect, but in where they drop. TBs just have to deal with long range AA and *sometimes* mid range AA (depending on the target). Whereas dive bombers have to get in much closer before letting go of those bombs, risking much heavier flak. In my opinion, dive bomber bombs should be significantly buffed, starting with the option of having AP bombs instead of just HE ones.

    ADDED: Uhm … they HAVE changed things to reward and encourage aggressive play and team play. If my battleship takes a huge ton of potential damage, I do see a credit and XP reward, although not necessarily a big one. Also, they changed repairs so that they are no longer dependent on damage received, but is a fixed price for the match. So your ship can only make money by dishing out damage or capping, regardless of damage received.

    I find one of the big problems with passive play is how fragile many high tier battleships are. The battleships refuse to push because they might get deleted rapidly (65k in one salvo on my Montana from a BB 20km away I couldn’t even see? Yeah, GG Wargaming). German BBs are better, but even they are sheepish because the cruisers share the same fear. DDs that DO push and cap from the start get rapidly killed because they have no support, so they too are scared to death of advancing. Seriously, being instantly deleted by an unseen enemy is fucking retarded, and when it happens to two or three of your team’s ships right at the start of the game, the odds of you being able to win are slim to none unless the remaining players are all unicums.

    Solution: Make it so that very high damage citadels are significantly harder to land. OR do less damage. So, say, instead of doing 10k damage on a citadel and 3.3k on a regular pen, make it so that citadels do 6,6k damage instead.

  14. If american bombs are stripped of RNG, then they must be also stripped of their superior damage and penetration. Just saying.

  15. The lack of team play oriented rewards is huge issue imho. As you said there is just no benefit to helping out your team.

  16. Premium should be the same as standard but gets xp and credit bonus ( and the captain allocation)

  17. Thinking about different solution regarding various problem.

  18. Manual dive bomber radius is very small and is great against BS. I don’t know what you mean by most of them not hitting.

  19. voice chat.. just allow me to tell another team mate, any team mate at any time something to help him, or ask him to help me.. that would be a huge change in regards to team play.. surprised Notser didn’t mention it..

  20. Damn, my baby girl Myoko never gets any love.

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