World of Warships – It Ain’t Gonna Grind Itself

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Sit back and enjoy some of the best bits.


System Specs: Core i7 4.3Ghz CPU, 32GB DDR4 RAM, nVidia GTX1080 8GB GDDR5 GPU, running at 1920×1080 resolution

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  1. christopher tucker

    Boom jingles!!!

  2. An hour of jingels? Is this heaven?

  3. I like your hat

  4. Used to be a normal video length for jingles XD lol…..I miss it 🙁

  5. An hour long Jingles video?

    An hour free from the Gulags, Kamerades!

  6. Liking the hat !

  7. What a nice officer cap!

  8. America got their Steven Seagal.
    Japan got their Isoroku Yamamoto.

    Mr. Bean Captain for the Royal Navy

  9. It takes me 3months to make 160k XP, takes you one session! What bruh

    • 5-10k free exp in a round, only on a special events(+200% exp on the first win)… or just convert the exp from all your premium ships, like Jingles did.

    • Yet Jingles in this very video had multiple such scores.
      He also only converted 10k exp at the end.

    • Yep, but if you watch the previous video and the othre streams… he allways covert the exp from his ships. Not all of the 750k was “grinded”. There is nothing wrong in that, if you’re willing to spend the 80-100 euro, for the gold.
      For me personally – It’s not worth it. The move with the pulling the ship away its kind of a money-grab from WG. But thats just me 🙂

    • well yeah, thats fair. But with 5k exp a game you only need 150 games for a monty. Assuming you can get enough flags and play ace every game tho. But personally i prefer premiums to be free exp based to combat new players in Tirpitzes

    • You see how one dont need to even set foot in PvP(random battles) and grind that xp(btw the 5k free xp is done with a lot of verry rare/expensive flags) and then enter your T9-10 random battle, with that PvE experience dont grant him the skills to be usefull in PvP, and he will be worst then the Derpitzes. If you play DDs at T7-10 you should know that a lot of the Missouri captains forget to use, or that they have radar, or dont know how to use it at all. Free xp premiums will not fix those problems… it will only make the ships more expensive.

  10. NaWennDasDerPapasieht

    Man Jingles, you made my day 🙂 I just love listening to you 😀 So Humble, kinda reminds me of my grandpa ^^ Thank you 😉 Greets from germany !

  11. It was an honour to provide you with air support over the last four games Jingles! 🙂
    Ive watching your vids since the beginning of war thunder. Stay as you are and I hope I get the opportunity to join you again in the future.
    Greetings Eurobeat94 / ResurrectedEagle

  12. That moment Jingles hat changes colour halfway down the film XD

  13. Jingles, I like you hat. It’s you it’s really you.

  14. As a BB player (albeit one with WASD Hax) whenever you cheekily mock BB players vs torps, I shall smile and raise an eyebrow and remember this vid. Great content as always Jingles.

  15. can we all agree fellow salt mine workers, that jingles looks totally bitchin’ in his new hat?

  16. How do people get so much gold 🙁 I have like 350k free exp sitting on ships but I can’t afford to convert

    • All comes down to how much money you want to spend on a game really as Joe public. 2 things you need to remember when you look at a streamer or Youtuber’s in game gold/dabloons in these kinds of games. 1. Making videos on the game is one of their sources of income. So it is good practice to spend some of that money helping you to unlock good vehicles and free xp past crap ones, to continue making good content. 2. Alot of them get gifted gold, premium time and premium vehicles by subscribers and sometimes straight from WG. The reason the ships are so much free xp to get is because you would have to have some reasonable sized ships and some experience of the game stopping any sane new player getting them. Also because they don’t want 1000’s of Mo’s in the matchmaking cue. Don’t let it get you down, just pay what you can afford and enjoy what you get out of the game. If you pay nothing to play such a game focus on the fact that you do have fun and enjoy it sometimes and have paid 0 for the pleasure.

    • you said it, when I got the Missouri I bought the near as damn it £85 doubloon bundle assuming it would unlock the Missouri and have some left for another ship (I should have checked but I didn’t), completely on auto pilot I went back into the game clicked convert xp, typed 750,000 in the xp (I use my earned free xp all the time unlocking low tier ships on other lines so literally had a couple hundred), anyway, like I said… auto pilot…. didn’t even look how many doubloons, got back into the game to see I had 500 doubloons left, I nearly screamed…. I SPENT ABOUT £80 ON A DAMN DIGITAL SHIP????? I love the game and the ships but that is a STUPID price for some pixels…. note to self…. don’t be so stupid again lol.

    • True, I just plugged in 70k doubloons into the premium store (Canada, so currency difference), it was a little over $400.. Lol I felt bad buying a Scharnhorst and Hood back in the day

    • yea, I thought the Atlanta etc I got years ago were expensive lol…… just wait for musashi, around 950,000 free xp I heard lol, basically would cost me near as makes no difference £100!!! I have the yamato so I might just make do lol, if id known how much in real money Missouri was going to work out (had I stopped and thought for 1 second) I probably would have re-bought the iowa (sold it to get my monty), I do like it though, monster for AA… shame theres not many CVs these days.

    • So Free XP isn’t free…Wargaming you so silly.

  17. @TheMightyJingles Always a pleasure to play with u dear sir!

  18. *The alarm siren blares* “general quarters, general quarters, all hands man your battlestations” You rush down the corridors to the engine room but it’s already too late. “Brace for impact” water floods your corridor you try to go back through the door you’ve just sealed but it’s already pitch black and chest deep. Another impact rocks the ship You can feel the handle, you pull with all your strength and it finally budges, and you open the door. To your terror the entire ship is breaking in half you stand upon the precipice a gap of 6m or less, you can see a lifeboat hanging off the other side less than 8m higher than you. You jump. You catch onto a steam pipe and climb towards the life boat. You’re almost there you grab into the boat, but right then the cable snaps. You try to hang on but the boat knocks you down. You fall towards the water, with all your energy spent you go deeper and deeper watching your once mighty ship sink before your eyes. You see a light, you swim towards its. You hear a voice is this the voice of God? Of my ancestors? The voice speaks to you “Is this thing on? Can you hear me OK?”

  19. 75000 doubloons? Jeeeez.

  20. Congrats on getting the Mighty Mo Jingles! I’m sure it will become your flagship, as the Alabama has become mine! 🙂

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