World of Warships – It Ain’t Over ‘Till It’s Over

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In which Eagle_941 makes a decision that almost, *almost* comes back to bite him in his backside…

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System Specs: Core i7 4.3Ghz CPU, 32GB DDR4 RAM, nVidia GTX1080 8GB GDDR5 GPU, running at 1920× resolution

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  1. *57 seconds ago* Damn, I’m early.

  2. TheJonathanpearson

    up early foraging and cant believe im watching this first Keep going Jingles

  3. Hey Jingles do you still play subnatica below zero they continued the story line and it’s very interesting. You can finally turn Alllan into his form

  4. The Tank Commander

    Jingles you chose a Smolensk replay. You’ve betrayed us! Everyone watch out! Jingles has become as broken as an Object 279(e)!!!

  5. Been watching this channel for along time damn. Was 6 now in highschool amazing how fast time flys

  6. “Dont worry, he wont do anything toxic”

    Buying and playing ships like Smolensk IS toxic. Sorry, had to, but those designs and business practices are ruining the game.

  7. Ah the muda muda machine, if citadeled you can hear a small Wrrry

  8. 4:09 name is definitely a reference to Hellsing Ultimate Abridged.

  9. 6:25 That’s a lot of damage!

  10. Is anyone else’s Youtube getting a little odd? The whole recommendations thing off to the side is just GONE.

  11. Sorry Jingles but I can’t like a video that’s of a Smolensk, cancer isn’t something I’m gonna like.

  12. Congrats You found my Channel

    *If you’ve seen one Smolensk reply… you’ve seen them All….*

  13. Smolensk once tried smoking up broadside on in front of my Massa, but I was too close and proximity spotted him. Free devastating strikes are always welcome.

  14. 15 minutes? Damn, last time I was this early Jingles used mostly his own footage instead of replays…..and Warthunder was in the weekly rotation.

  15. ohh, did they nerf kremlin down to 16″ guns /s 😛

  16. Eww, a Smolensk replay…..

  17. 7:40 “The Conqueror over there who’s gotten a little bit enthusiastic”

    Alucard, is that you?

  18. I can’t believe I got featured on my favorite channel on YouTube!
    Thank you Jingles for the feature, as for everyone else:
    1. Sorry for Smolensk toxicity, I chose it after getting burned up by Smolensks for a couple of games in my BBs.
    2. I made very questionable decisions throughout the match, I am not unicum or anything.
    3. I thought that the battle ending was worth sharing my screw-ups during the game anyways.

    • It’s easy for everyone to criticise you for making the decision to keep firing at the end, but really did get where you’re coming from and also I reckon it’s something you’d consider not doing again mainly because this battle was a hell of a learning experience

  19. You know, I much rather see an “average player” battle where he makes mistakes with those mistakes pointed out so I can learn from them, than some super-unicorn curbstomping randoms.

  20. Playing the sweedish dd’s with the amount of CV’s at the moment. Just shows how unbalanced they are.

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