World of Warships – It does not get more intense than this

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I know you saw me rank out but there are some spectacular games that happened on way to rank 1 that I wanted to show you here is 1 of them.

It does not get much more intense than this, trust me.

Enjoy and have fun watching 😉

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  1. fresh clean comments – like stepping on virgin snow

  2. Wow! That was amazing! Well played man.

  3. A production by HANS directed by Michael Bay.

  4. I’m too old for this he says – in his absolute playing prime – how likely is it really that anyone else could pull off a survival under that intensity of fire, let alone a win? Too old indeed!

    • if you have a complete potato carrier going against you in that mode …not very unlikely

    • @The Infidel Went to the supermarket yesterday – if you have a complete potato carrier take it there would you? They had not a single potato in the entire shop!

  5. Zeppo Muty Abound

    Intense, yes that’s the word I’m thinking of, GG Flambass aka Nerves of steel….

  6. Real essence of “well played”

  7. That was amazing. I hope the old man gets a look at this one

  8. Ballz of steel in this match Flambass My heart rate was through the roof just watching you staying clear from the mino and Z52. Exciting

  9. Send it to the old man, his commentary is going to be hilariously random.

  10. playing tag with a Z-fiddytwo or a Mino like that would have gotten me killed in minutes. GG indeed, my dude

  11. When I play an island like that I get bitched at in chat nonstop, doesn’t matter if I hold up a flank or even get kills.

  12. No panic.

    I would have popped smoke and run around like a headless chicken, then fired my torps at the nearest island lol

  13. Hans didn´t lie, this really was intense. This should be sent to ol´ Jingles 🙂

  14. Where’s the HR monitor on that one lol. I would’ve died 10 times easily.

  15. 3,000 in damage upon your spotting, that’s it?…. That means your team did not support their DD(you) at all.

  16. I don’t mind admitting I need help/tutorial improving my DD play. I have Gearing and Daring researched. Username DaddyDare if you want to division

  17. This shows how you play when under pressure perfectly, your free look to all 3 sides towards the end was awesome! Great gane

  18. I want to have this kind of good judgement when it comes to situation like this.

  19. The level of multi tasking in this match is impressive. Most impressive.

  20. * enemy torps from under island*

    1 minute later: K

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