World of Warships – It doesn’t get much closer than this

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It’s ranked, it’s time bleed and sweat to move forward, it’s time to your skills and most of all, test your patience. What better way than with MOTHER RUSSIA.
This is Kremlin and it’s for ranked.
Enjoy and have fun watching 😉


  1. Yes the captain heal plus consumable stack so I save a heal for when it pops at 10% then hit my consumable it helps get a super heal which with the 20% dispersion can help keep you in the fight.

  2. It’s a Russian heal of course they stack

  3. This Captain is op for Russians -.-

  4. 5:34 … um, Flambass? Do you need a minute?

  5. Yes, the captain heal + normal heal stack

  6. The conqueror is clearly not doing it right, conquerors never sink ?

  7. Michael Schindlbeck

    Not a single soul:
    That Bourgogne coming around the corner for some sweet, sweet Flambino cheeks:
    ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡° )

  8. I could hear enemy Haku’s scream from here. Sometimes you can’t carry enough even in an OP CV.

  9. “Come on AA, you gotta be more useful than this”

    Try using the AA priority sector, apart from it increasing the AA firepower in a particular direction, it also speeds up the AA reload. (See Notsers video about Little White Mouse’s analysis of the priority sector)

    • With dive-bombers, they should be going down the ship’s centerline for their attack, meaning that if you set your sector, they can easily come in on the side that got its AA reduced. So setting the sector, especially in a BB, is a gamble.

    • Everything is a gamble in wargaming casino

  10. 5:31 Killgasm lol! Turned the loss into a win..The great Flambino and props to the Haku for some great gameplay.

  11. stefanos perivolaris

    I was very comfortable when i was dodging you as hinden..
    Damn those citadels flambino u wrecked my beloved henry…

  12. I am happy to see that I am not the only one who hates the HIV, I mean Henri IV

    • I got 2 torp hits with Shima to that thing and no flood. When i played as BB, i would hate that thing when kiting and shaking the engine.
      One other CA i hated during ranked is sniping Stalingrad. But still not as annoying as Henry.

  13. what’s your captain skill build flambass?

  14. 5:30 is how i feel in this game and in Clan Battles….F Henri

  15. Had 66 plane kills in a game with Kremlin so far in ranked without an aa build. Love the ship 🙂

  16. love seeing our favorite speshal captain in our favorite op BB

  17. Sector enforced AA can really help out.

    Just sayin’

  18. I got closer to dieing I had I think literally 1 point of health left and almost got sunk but my repair party got done reloading just in time

  19. The Tank Commander

    Flambass why are you in a Russian battleship that has a Japanese captain? LOL ?!!! Keep it up and you’ll never have to work again, my Croatian comrade! -The Tank Commander

  20. Man the AA is so impotent now. Good job.

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