World of Warships- It Is BEYOND Time To Fix This WG!

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Hey guys! Today we once again discuss the wrong doing of WG toward ships like the Siegfried and Shikishima!

Ross Rowley:

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  1. Wargaming really SHOULD add a skill or 2 to the cruiser tree to let you spec into secondary batteries. At the very least give them the “select target for accuracy buff” skill from the battleship tree and give “secondary cruisers” long range secondaries by default. It is so DUMB how many German “cruisers” they have released and how many “secondary cruisers” they released around and after the Commander Rework BUT CRUISERS HAVE NO SECONDARY SKILLS!!!!! throwing the Secondary upgrade on a ship just IS NOT ENOUGH, we need that Accuracy skill at the very least and they can just bump up the Range by default.

    • With the exception of the extra reload skill if a spotted ship is within main gun range skill

    • Not just that but secondaries aren’t even that great, they are “balanced” super hard and you have to spec what like 7-8 points into them plus equipment to even make them kind of “viable”? It’s pretty silly.

    • @Scrom Tinker Depends on how much RANGE you want on your Secondaries. Technically speaking you only need 4 points for “manual secondary targeting”, but if you want as much range as possible then you have to spend 7 points for the secondary range skill and slot in the secondary mod 1.

      Optionally if you really want to go ham, take Secondary mod 2 in slot 6. Its helps both your secondaries (10 or 20% reload i think) and your AA.

  2. Margrave Squid Von Squiddler

    Sadly… wargaming doesn’t give a flying frog what we want, they’re never ever going to fix this.

  3. “Can you imagine if a car company tried to…..oh wait” LOL! I was gonna mention that.

  4. Other ships that got absolutely trashed by the commander rework removng BFT/AFT:

    Graf Zeppelin

    • Stefano Crosazzo

      Smolensk wasn’t thrashed in the slightest. It went from teraOP to gigaOP.

    • @Stefano Crosazzo it went from broken to just decently good (especially with the increased advent of radar, CVs and subs making it harder and harder to camp islands). I would argue that while the other ships became utterly unplayable, Smolensk lost more overall performance, since it was so good before.

    • @Gregory Folsom any good Colbert or Austin players (and there are a lot of them) would tell you Smolensk is still brutal, because it’s way easier to play and more forgiving, with smoke+hydro and retarded armour that makes it impossible to citadel by BBs when broadside.
      Atlanta wasn’t made utterly unplayable, WG buffed her range and reload to match the old BFT+AFT builds. Flint on the other hand WAS killed, I give you that. Bought her for steel 1 month prior commander rework, a lot of good steel completely wasted. And not unique anymore, Chumphon is basically a better Flint and it’s completely free

    • @Stefano Crosazzo smolensk WAS nerfed with the rework. Gun range was 19.2KM. Max range is now 16KM.

  5. Professional AntiChrist Hater

    Wg should give cruisers some secondary and survivability skills.

  6. Jerkov scammers knowingly do this. Nerf a premium ship after you’ve paid for it or ground it out. Then you’ll buy another better ship which will also get nerfed. Repeat ad infinitum. Stop giving WG money!

  7. Shiki has 11.6 km sec range. And yes I play her still with a sec build. But it’s sad she never got a sec buff. Its really more a tool for “keeping” DDs away now days.

    • Silverheart Gaming

      Even the main gun build is whacked

    • If we can even spot the dd or sub inside 6KM of you…

    • shikishima with ifhe on asymetrical battles has been performing decently, not as good as germans, but very comparable to french and US secondary builds. Problem seems like you give up too much accuracy with the main battery. 6 guns that shoot like a shotgun is depressing.

  8. Honestly at this point I just would like to have the 60 mm plate on the bow that the class O cruiser was supposed to have.

  9. They nerf ships that get in close. Yet bring out more camping mechanics all the time. Subs, cv’s and air strikes.

  10. I got the Roma specifically because of Dead Eye. That skill make the Roma very strong. WGing 100% refused to give me a refund, which the track record showed I would 100% spend on another of their product. This company has zero interest in CS. They need to be investigated by the FTC.

  11. Charles Larrivee

    I get the Siegfriend angst. Shikishima? Not so much. The secondaries are nice, sure, but she has Yamato’s armor profile, which means she has the infamous cheek. I’ve seen plenty of cases of Shikishimas pushing and getting punished for it even before the secondary rework.

  12. I came in a couple months before rework, so no experience w this. But, I would NOT get Sig unless I had every other ship. You’d think WG would notice no one is playing these ships.

  13. Siegfried was SO FUN with the manual secondaries

  14. 1) Releasing the Schroder was the biggest ‘stick-in-the-eye’ I can imagine to Sigfried owners. 2) WG has really painted themselves in a corner on releasing some kind of cruiser-secondary skill in the future because then they’d have to re-work Napoli and Schroder as well.

    • honestly i disagree. Napoli wouldn’t be at all overpowered with longer range secondaries imo, they’re not super useful right now anyway since the game is so long-range focused.

    • To 1: Yes it was. It made me mad enough, in combination with the current state of the game and Sevastopol taking Sieg’s last unique feature away, to skip the Schroder dockyard and take a much needed break from the game. To 2: A skill isn’t even needed imo, as there is very few cruisers I’d dare want to build secondaries on if that was possible. I’m in the boat with Sealord, ships that had good secondaries as one of their selling points and got that gutted should be buffed to where that’s a least a useable option again.

  15. geotsa2477 is back

    It took me close to 3 years to get the shikishima with some long breaks (your average Joe), the main selling point was and still is the big guns, but you get harassed like hell from destroyers because as you say they know your secondaries can’t hit for….

  16. I would love to have the long range secondaries on my cruisers again.

  17. I really loved the siegfried my first bureau ship im crazy for the good looking german ships, till my pc literally imploded i grinded like 3 times johan dewith its was easier for me i was quite good on dutch ships

  18. Broccan Mac Ronain

    I hardly ever see the Siegfried in ransoms and that is probably why. The reason they did it was probably because as you stated you guys got together and had a blast

  19. I saved Research Points for 1 year only combat missions and regrind 3 lines to get Siegfried, this is unique ship i wanted from Bureau

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